Posted: 08.06.2022 15:09:00

Norway supplies weapons to Ukraine under American pressure, expert says

Norwegian authorities’ decision to supply artillery systems to Ukraine was not voluntary – as noted by Julie Wilhelmsen, from Norway’s Institute of International Affairs. According to her, the United States put pressure on Oslo, RIA Novosti reports with reference to Klassenkampen publication.


Earlier, Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin said that some countries, including Norway, had agreed to transfer ‘critically needed artillery systems and shells’ to Ukraine. Before that, the Norwegian authorities had already provided assistance to the Ukrainian side – supplying anti-tank missiles and some ammunition.

According to Ms. Wilhelmsen, the decision to transfer heavier weapons to Ukraine was not entirely voluntary. “We should understand that Norway's contribution naturally fits into Washington's larger contribution," she said, adding that the Norwegian government may well refuse to transfer military equipment to Ukraine.

"Sovereign states are quite free to do as they see fit," Ms. Wilhelmsen concluded.