EAEU inflation stood at 12.9% in 2022

... percent). Against November 2022 figures, inflation in December stood at 1 ...

EAEU , inflation

New peak in inflation expected in France in spring

This year, France is likely to face a strong price increase, and this will most possibly happen in the spring. As reported by RTL radio station, economists predict that some products will rise in price by 40 percent in March. Photo: It is noted that negotiations are currently underway in France between manufacturers and retail chains. “Manufacturers may increase prices on their products by 10-40 percent,” the source said. Prices in French supermarkets are likely to rise ...

france , inflation

Central Bank of South Korea raises key rate to highest level in 15 years

... stability in the country, since inflation remains very high. Moreover, experts ... year. It is known that inflation in the Republic of Korea ...

South Korea , bank , interest rate , inflation

Egypt sees high inflation rates

... the country’s annual headline inflation rose to 21.9 percent ... is noted that in Egypt, inflation has reached a record level ...

Egypt , inflation , prices

Inflation in Netherlands hits 47-year high

In 2022, annual inflation in the Netherlands stood at ... is noted that in 2021, inflation in the Netherlands amounted to ...

Netherlands , inflation , crisis

Die Welt: German citizens gripped by pessimism and fears for their well-being

... save more than before. "Inflation and the associated increase in ...

germany , inflation

In 2022, inflation in Turkiye exceeded 64%

... percent – becoming the minimum monthly inflation rate over the past nine ... and private statistical organisations predicted inflation at around 66-80 percent ... , the Statistical Institute declared possible inflation at the level of 84 ... percent. To a lesser extent, inflation affected ready-made clothes and ...

turkiye , inflation , economy

Expert explains how Turkey expands its economic capacities in working on Russian market

... Starodubtsev Photo: Inflation is one of the most ... the year. “In recent months, inflation in Turkey has been breaking ...

Turkey , economy , inflation

Eurasian Development Bank predicts further slowdown in inflation in Belarus

Inflation is falling back: it has ... office’s weekly macroeconomic review, inflation in Belarus slowed sharply in ... expect a further slowdown in inflation by the end of the ...

inflation , economy , eurasian development bank

Economist said inflation is pushing the UK towards education crisis

... due to a jump in inflation in the country. Rising prices ...

uk , inflation

Economist: US faces structural crisis

... solve, so the growth of inflation will continue despite the measures ... to stop the growth of inflation in the United States – even ... the official data on industrial inflation, it made around 20 percent ... at the entire volume, since inflation rises from below sooner or ...

usa , economy , inflation

Eurozone annual inflation up to 10.7%

... statistics office showed that annual inflation across nineteen European countries accelerated ... . Thus, the preliminary rate of inflation in the Euro area again ... currency bloc. A year earlier, inflation in the Eurozone was only ... the same time, core annual inflation accelerated to 5 percent from ... month earlier. The highest annual inflation in October was recorded in ... three (21 percent). The lowest inflation was observed in France (7 ...

Inflation , Europe , economy

Inflation in Latvia hits record high in 26 years

... named the main cause of inflation: an increase in the cost ... . In August, the average annual inflation in the country stood at ... , it became known that annual inflation in the Eurozone accelerated to ...

Latvia , Eurozone , inflation

Expert named reasons for high inflation across EU

... has launched a flywheel of inflation in Europe. Another reason for ...

EU , inflation , crisis

Germany is predicted mass protests due to rising fuel prices

... in fuel prices and high inflation in the country – as noted ... of energy prices, because of inflation in general, and because of ...

Germany , protests , crisis , inflation

Inflation in Sri Lanka exceeded 60%

... recent decades: in July, the inflation rate in the country reached ... informed that, in July, the inflation rate reached 60.8 percent ... : over the year, the food inflation rate made 90.9 percent ...

Sri Lanka , inflation

Poland records highest inflation over 25 years

In June, inflation in Poland reached its peak ... : As noted, inflation peaked since 1997 – to make ...

poland , inflation

Estonia recorded highest annual inflation in Eurozone

The highest level of annual inflation (22 percent) among the Eurozone ... Eurostat’s data, the annual inflation rate in Estonia has reached ... -leaders. Meanwhile, the lowest annual inflation rates were registered in Malta ... to Eurostat, the rate of inflation in the Eurozone increased last ...

Eurozone , inflation , Estonia , crisis

Inflation in Norway reached record level over past 34 years

... 6.3 percent – a record inflation rate for the country since ... Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation in June was primarily driven ... $2.97) per litre. Record inflation over the past decade has ...

EU , Norway , inflation

Inflation in Germany set record high since 1974

In May, inflation in Germany reached its peak ... .4 percent in April. “The inflation rate in united Germany shows ... such a high level of inflation in the country was recorded ...

inflation , germany , prices

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