Inflation in Sri Lanka exceeded 60%

... recent decades: in July, the inflation rate in the country reached ... informed that, in July, the inflation rate reached 60.8 percent ... : over the year, the food inflation rate made 90.9 percent ...

Sri Lanka , inflation

Poland records highest inflation over 25 years

In June, inflation in Poland reached its peak ... : As noted, inflation peaked since 1997 – to make ...

poland , inflation

Estonia recorded highest annual inflation in Eurozone

The highest level of annual inflation (22 percent) among the Eurozone ... Eurostat’s data, the annual inflation rate in Estonia has reached ... -leaders. Meanwhile, the lowest annual inflation rates were registered in Malta ... to Eurostat, the rate of inflation in the Eurozone increased last ...

Eurozone , inflation , Estonia , crisis

Inflation in Norway reached record level over past 34 years

... 6.3 percent – a record inflation rate for the country since ... Norwegian Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation in June was primarily driven ... $2.97) per litre. Record inflation over the past decade has ...

EU , Norway , inflation

Inflation in Germany set record high since 1974

In May, inflation in Germany reached its peak ... .4 percent in April. “The inflation rate in united Germany shows ... such a high level of inflation in the country was recorded ...

inflation , germany , prices

Fox News: US authorities don’t care about suffering of their citizens

... is going through hard times: inflation has risen to record levels ... are being squeezed between skyrocketing inflation, record high gas prices and ... for oil. This is America. Inflation, the situation of the southern ...

USA , inflation

WB said when global inflation will reach its peak

... World Bank experts assure that inflation is projected to peak around ... average. As far as inflation is concerned, it will ... likely remain above inflation targets in many economies. The ... both weak growth and high inflation, similar to what happened ... the experience gained in fighting inflation since the last decades ... when oil prices surged. Inflation remained high until the 1982 ... . The reports of rising inflation rates to record levels for ... expects a further increase in inflation, and if the situation ...

World Bank , economy , inflation

German pensioners have to work due to lack of money

... for pensioners. The growth of inflation became a reason for this ... reported that, in late April, inflation in Germany broke a historical ...

germany , inflation , pensioners

Inflation in Austria reached record high

In Austria, inflation rates skyrocketed to make 7. ... such a high level of inflation was registered in Austria in ... 1981. Interestingly, in March 2022, inflation rates also broke records in ... . As informed, the increase in inflation in Austria determines the jump ... and, accordingly, food. Actually, increased inflation figures are now observed also ... European countries: i.e. annual inflation reached a 40-year high ...

austria , inflation

UK annual inflation hits 40-year high in April

UK consumer price inflation hit 9 percent in April, ... record since March 1982, when inflation was fixed at 9.1 ... to statistics, the CPIH index – inflation, including owner-occupiers’ housing costs ...

UK , inflation

US inflation accelerated to 8.5% in March

In March 2022, annual inflation in the United States reached ... , analysts believed that the annual inflation rate would be 8.4 ...

USA , inflation

Salary, work, and prices: priorities for the next year

What will the 2022 budget be like, what will happen to salaries and the Belarusian Rouble, how will we respond to the sanctions and what advice did Aleksandr Lukashenko give to foreign diplomats. Priorities for the next year were discussed at the Palace of Independence. Issues around the forecast for socio-economic development, budget and monetary policy for 2022 were tackled at a meeting with the President. Aleksandr Lukashenko outlined the main task, “Whatever the sanctions, no matter how ...

Lukashenko , economics , prices , charges , inflation , sanctions

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