Due to rising inflation, Argentina to start printing new 10,000 Peso banknotes

... transactions. In March, the annual inflation rate in Argentina reached 287 ...

Argentina , inflation , banknotes

Bainev: Eurostat notes fall in Eurozone’s GDP, leading to decline in living standards and inflation

... ECB rates, as well as inflation and devaluation of the Euro ... in the middle class, food inflation, general high prices for goods ...

West , Europe , inflation , GDP , Eurozone

Annual inflation in Turkiye reached record 64.77% in December

The annual inflation rate in Turkiye accelerated to ... previous year recording the highest inflation rate in the country since ... . However, independent economists from the Inflation Research Group (ENAG) report that ... inflation in Turkiye reached 127.2 ... Bank of Turkiye predicted that inflation in the country at the ...

Turkiye , economy , inflation

Deputy Economy Minister: positive trends prevail in Belarus’ economy

... economic development.” As far as inflation is concerned, according to Andrei ...

Belarus , Economy Minister , inflation , export , growth rates

Germany announced loss of competitiveness of the country’s economy

Chairman of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) Rainer Dulger criticised the ruling coalition in Germany and said that the country has lost the competitiveness of its economy, TASS reports photo: In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Rainer Dulger noted, “We no longer have a competitive production site. In light of the conflict in Ukraine, gas supplies from Russia stopped and for a relatively long time it was unclear whether it would be ...

Germany , economy , competitiveness , inflation

Economy Ministry: Belarus boasts record low inflation

Belarus is experiencing record low inflation – as informed by Deputy Economy ... terms of the rate of inflation reduction, we have not just ... even overtaken the EU, where inflation is around 5 percent,” Mr ... are all prerequisites for the inflation rate to be within the ...

Belarus , Economy Ministry , inflation

Türkiye expects 8.5% inflation in 2026

Over the next three years, inflation in Türkiye may decrease ... , the Vice President stated, “The inflation forecast for the end of ... targets of our plan, the inflation rate for 2026 is set ...

Türkiye , inflation , economy

Expert on the reasons for global economic decline

... the EU already facing record inflation. Doctor of Economic Sciences Valery ...

Bainev , world economy , prices , inflation

Experts: US inflation control law can only temporarily reduce electricity prices

... Institute said that the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) would provide ... media wrote that the US Inflation Reduction Act was a matter ...

US , IRA , Europe , inflation

Belarus has record low inflation and positive outlook for the year

Inflation in late 2023 is planned ... there is a record low inflation. Last month we set a ... historical record, with inflation in annual terms standing at ... Deputy Minister recalled that the inflation target this year will be ... 7-8 percent. “Now inflation is below the target trajectory ...

Belarus , economy , inflation

French finance minister: France to face higher inflation in future

... the country has nearly vanquished inflation crisis of the last year ... we keep the levels of inflation we saw before COVID at ... the end of this inflation crisis? The answer is no ...

France , inflation , prices

Turkish Lira hits fresh record lows

... of the policy, despite skyrocketing inflation.

Türkiye , Lira , economy , inflation

Norway's economy experiencing its biggest decline in 15 months

... an unexpected acceleration in core inflation to a record high in ...

Norway , economy , decline , inflation

Türkiye to pay special attention to inflation struggle

... Yilmazu, has vowed to fight inflation, with this issue to be ... attention to the fight against inflation, which affects the lives of ... Bureau of Statistics reported on inflation results for May 2023: it ... Bank of Türkiye predicts inflation at 22.3 percent by ...

Türkiye , inflation

EDB forecasts annual inflation in Belarus below 4-5%

... to the formation of annual inflation at a level below 4 ... connection with the predicted low inflation rates – decided to reduce the ... of 2023. In February, annual inflation stood at 11.7 percent ...

Belarus , inflation

Prices under control

... one of the lowest inflation rates in Europe Despite the ... not lost control. The same inflation is decelerating steadily, as planned ... measures adopted in Belarus, annual inflation in the country reached 12 ... towards a slowdown in annual inflation in the country continues. Compared ... entire world, with double-digit inflation facing most Eurozone countries. According ... transformed into an unprecedented industrial inflation. And now the old problems ... the IMF forecast, global inflation will decrease in the coming ...

Belarus , Europe , economy , inflation

Golovchenko: Belarus’ economic results demonstrate positive stable trend

... together with the National Bank – inflation in annual terms decreased to ...

economy , inflation , pensions , salaries , golovchenko

WEF: Europe, US to face high inflation in 2023

... high or even very high inflation will affect Europe and the ... to come down, but core inflation has been more stable than ... ) expect high or very high inflation this year.” Moreover, it is ... Economic Forum experts predict high inflation for China.

US , Europe , inflation

IMF raises global inflation forecast

... the same time, the expected inflation rate will be lower than ... to the IMF. “In general, inflation will return to the target ...

IMF , inflation , economy

Inflation in Poland hit record 18.4% year-on-year in February

Inflation in Poland continued to grow ... Statistical Office. In December 2022, inflation stood at 16.6 percent ...

Poland , inflation , price rise

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