Golovchenko: Belarus’ economic results demonstrate positive stable trend

... to the planned increase in pensions in the country. According to ...

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Labour pensions increase by around 5% from May 1st in Belarus

... decree No. 107 On Increasing Pensions on April 17 th , the ... document envisages recalculation of labour pensions from May 1st, as a ... allocated for the payment of pensions in May, of which Br78m ... people who are paid labour pensions in the country.

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France plans to raise retirement age

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said the retirement age is likely to increase from 62 to 65 years in the country, reports with reference to the European media photo: Ms. Borne noted that France's pension system will be finally reformed by 2030. The increase in the retirement age is not appreciated by society: this move is unpopular among most French citizens. 54 percent of them are strongly against the reform.

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Pensions will increase in Belarus from December 1st

... measures to increase support for pensioners and physically challenged children. Labour ... , and added that before that, pensions had already been increased twice ... year. “We will raise pensions for our pensioners by 5-6 percent ... done all over the world, pensioners should not blame us for ... will outrun inflation. You know, pensioners may hear my reasoning today ... everything (appointment and payment of pensions and other allowances , the source ... history and the amount of pensionable salary, so that they know ...

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Lukashenko comments on new mechanisms of social payments

... the assignment and payment of pensions). Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that, firstly ... of predominantly paperless assignment of pensions, based on personalised accounting data ... those who assign and pay pensions, this is also a state ... take away the assignment of pensions from the social protection departments ... transfer the issue of assigning pensions and allowances to the Social ...

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Pensions to increase in Belarus from December 1st

... a decree to slightly raise pensions from December 1st. From ... date, we will increase pensions for our people by 5 ... all over the world, pensioners should not be offended in ... connection (twice we raised pensions) with a small increase ... inflation. Although, you know, pensioners will hear my reasoning today ... once, “I understand that pensioners don’t buy branded items ... commodity items the increase in pensions is lagging behind, “Therefore, ... .” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that pensions in the country are paid ...

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Retirement pensions in Belarus to increase, following Presidential decree

... of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, retirement pensions in the country will increase ... second increase in pensions this year: in March, pensions rose by 7 ...

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Petrishenko: social benefits, salaries are paid in full in Belarus’ public sector

... of GDP. All social benefits, pensions, allowances and salaries are paid ...

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