Golovchenko: Belarus’ economic results demonstrate positive stable trend

... 2 percent, and the average salary in Q1 made Br1,731 ...

economy , inflation , pensions , salaries , golovchenko

Lukashenko signed decree on measures to ensure timely payment of salaries

... to Ensure Timely Payment of Salaries – as reported in the Belarusian ... arrears in the payment of salaries has also been determined. At ...

Lukashenko , decree , salaries

Seliverstov on public sector salaries: we’re moving in two directions – increasing salaries and raising allowances

... expected regarding the increase of salaries for civil servants and military ... the President’s meeting on salaries and monetary allowances of ... time on the growth of salaries for educators of preschool institutions ... course, required an increase in salary expenditures.” Yuri Seliverstov also recalled ... about 38 percent going to salaries and pensions (including pensions for ... of the Government to increase salaries from January 1st were ... feel underestimated in terms of salaries. Instructions were given to once ...

President , Seliverstov , 2023 budget , salaries , state employees

Pinevich: hostilities are around, but wages are rising in Belarus’ healthcare system

Belarus continues to raise doctors’ salaries – as informed by Healthcare Minister ... return. Meanwhile, we have raised salaries for all categories of medical ...

pinevich , doctors , salaries , healthcare

Petrishenko: social benefits, salaries are paid in full in Belarus’ public sector

... social benefits, pensions, allowances and salaries are paid on time and ... a 15 percent increase in salaries. We plan to consider the ... issue of another salary increase in the public sector ...

petrsihenko , social benefits , pensions , allowances , salaries

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