German Armed Forces to undergo reforming

... of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundeswehr) will receive a fourth ...

germany , armed forces

Botswana threatened to send 20,000 elephants to Germany

... send 20,000 elephants to Germany after the German government announced ... to make a gift to Germany’ and added that the intention ... send 20,000 elephants to Germany ‘is not a joke’. Mr ... trophies only exacerbate the problem. Germany is the EU's largest ...

Botswana , Germany , Africa , elephants

Austria introducing additional control at border with Germany due to Berlin's legalisation of cannabis

... to combat drug trafficking from Germany against the background of Berlin ... "Legalisation in Germany also affects neighbouring federal states ... cannabis came into force in Germany on April 1 st , 2024 ... areas during the daytime. In Germany, the plant has been excluded ...

austria , germany , drugs

Kremlin reported on Germany's involvement in Ukrainian conflict

... not change the fact that Germany is heavily involved in the ... what is happening remains unchanged, Germany is already pretty involved in ...

germany , peskov , russia , special military operation

Scholz: German special services, unlike American ones, had no data on plotted terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz claimed that the German special services had no information about the upcoming terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk, assuming that the US intelligence services were aware of it, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM In an interview with the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, answering a journalist's question whether the German special services knew about the preparation of a terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, Olaf Scholz said, “No, but the American intelligence ...

Germany , Scholz , US , Crocus City Hall

Expert commented on introducing ban on strikes in Germany

... in Europe. “Transport workers in Germany are threatening to go on ... . Due to anti-Russian sanctions, Germany was left without cheap energy ... , is strongly opposed to this. Germany, unlike a number of other ... to violate this image of Germany as a state where there ...

Belyaev , Germany , Europe

Lufthansa expects about 1,000 flight cancellations amid cabin crew strike

... be cancelled at Frankfurt airport – Germany’s busiest airport – while 400 ... service employees took place in Germany. Since the beginning of 2024 ...

Germany , Lufthansa , strike

Strikes engulfed German railways and airports amid escalating disputes

On March 7th, Germany faced strikes by train drivers, ... reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Germany has been hit by another ... . In addition, airports in Frankfurt, Germany's busiest air hub, and ... the aviation sector were undermining Germany's reputation as a business ...

Germany , Transport , Strike

Sweden, Germany plan to deepen co-operation in defence

Paul Jonsson and Boris Pistorius, the defence ministers of Sweden and Germany, signed an updated letter of intent on bilateral defence co-operation in Stockholm, TASS reports Photo: According to the Swedish government office, the parties discussed the current political situation in the field of security and issues related to NATO. The topics of further support for Ukraine and Sweden’s conscription system were also raised.

Sweden , germany

About 1,000 flights to be cancelled amid Lufthansa staff strike on March 7th-8th

... representative of the air carrier, Germany’s largest airline plans to ...

Germany , Lufthansa , strike

Scholz confirmed refusal to supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine

... city of Sindelfingen in southwestern Germany, the politician called the discussion ... position by the danger that Germany may be involved in the ...

russia , Ukraine , Germany , scholz

German military discussed possibility of attack on Crimean Bridge using Taurus missiles

High-ranking officers of the Bundeswehr discussed the possibility of striking the Crimean Bridge, including with Taurus missiles, while they allowed the option of transferring 100 such munitions to Ukraine, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM The editor-in-chief of the RT TV channel, Margarita Simonyan, posted the transcript of the conversation on her account on the VKontakte social network. Information about the plans of the German officers became known from the transcript of a conversation ...

Germany , Ukraine , Crimean Bridge

Scholz: Germany will not send soldiers to Ukraine

... NATO’. Mr. Scholz added that Germany would not participate in the ...

russia , Ukraine , germany , Scholz

Media: Macron and Scholz disagreements over aid to Ukraine escalate into open conflict

... with France's lagging behind Germany in allocating funds to support ...

france , germany , ukraine , macron , scholz

Polish President: issue of WWII reparations from Germany not closed

... of Poland receiving reparations from Germany for damage caused during World ... issue of receiving reparations from Germany was closed. “The issue of ...

poland , duda , germany

German political expert explained why Scholz opposes sending troops to Ukraine

... a step would directly involve Germany and Europe in the conflict ... chancellors in the history of Germany – at least understands more,” Mr ...

Scholz , germany , france , Macron , Ukraine , opinion

Polish farmers blocked truck traffic on border with Germany

... highway on the border with Germany, RIA Novosti reports with reference ...

poland , germany , farmers , protests

German expert: Germany lost over €200bn due to conflict in Ukraine

... conflict in Ukraine has cost Germany a sum that has already ... .5 percentage point decline in Germany's economic growth, or €100bn ...

Germany , Ukraine , finance

Germany said negotiations on Ukraine between Russia and the West likely in 2024

Negotiations between Russia and the West on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict may take place as early as this year – as stated by Bundestag deputy Matthias Moosdorf, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Bundestag deputy said that negotiations could take place after the completion of the US presidential elections. Mr. Moosdorf believes that Donald Trump will win them. "The chaos will come to an end, at the latest – after the victory of Donald Trump in America. His victory ...

germany , russia , west , Ukraine

Bloomberg: Germany losing its status as industrial superpower

... increasing number of signs that Germany will soon lose its status ... well as internal turmoil in Germany – such as lack of investment ... oldest factories and enterprises in Germany are closing. German Finance Minister ... Christian Lindner says Germany is no longer competitive. According ... Chancellor Robert Habeck said that Germany’s funds are drying up ...

Germany , economy

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