Germany approved sale of 100 howitzers to Ukraine

The German government has agreed to sell 100 howitzers to Ukraine directly from the manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the German media Photo: As informed by Spiegel with reference to a representative of the arms concern, Ukraine requested the opportunity to buy howitzers directly from the KMW concern in April. The concern filed an application for production of 100 Panzerhaubitze2000-type howitzers worth 1.7bn Euros in July, and a few days ...

germany , Ukraine , weapons

Ambassador: Belarusian-German co-operation on memorial issues continues

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Germany, Denis Sidorenko, believes the joint ... , Belarus has many partners in Germany who – despite political difficulties – continue ... relations between peoples. "In Germany, thank God, there is nothing ...

trostinets , memory , germany

German expert predicts collapse of EU gas market

... the Institute for Economics of Germany, Michael Huter, says the EU ... the interests of Europe and Germany, which exchanges gas with all ...

gas , eu , market , Germany , Expert

Global Times: Germany afraid of WWIII because of weapons deliveries to Ukraine

... of stopping Russian gas deliveries, Germany’s economic output would plummet ...

Germany , Ukraine

Media: German government’s course may lead to Scholz’s resignation

... recent years, the image of Germany has deteriorated significantly. “Once admired ... and envied, Germany is now the textbook example ... problems with energy resources in Germany that Scholz is unable to ... since April of this year, Germany began the selection of gas ...

Germany , Scholz

Bundestag called dialogue the only way to settle Ukrainian conflict

... the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Rolf Mützenich, RIA Novosti ...

Russia , Ukraine , Germany

Germany blocks €9bn EU aid package for Ukraine

Germany is slowing down the allocation ... : So far, Germany has approved only the first ... to guarantee gas supplies to Germany.

Germany , Ukraine , aid

Scholz said Germany ready to give security guarantees to Ukraine

Germany is ready to give Ukraine ... .com Mr. Scholz stressed that Germany is not the only country ... ready to give such guarantees. Germany is one of those countries ... , the German Chancellor said that Germany would not return to its ...

Germany , Ukraine

Every second German afraid of freezing in winter due to shortage of Russian gas, media report

According to a survey among German residents, every second German is afraid that big problems with heating will begin in winter because of the restrictions on Russian gas supplies – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the German publication Bild Photo: According to the publication, about 75 percent of respondents consider the embargo on Russian gas a heavy burden. Half of those polled said that their economic situation has deteriorated significantly in recent years. ...

Germany , Russia , gas

Germany to enter lockdown if Russian gas supplies stop

... of Russian gas supplies to Germany will lead to an even ... Association of Municipal Enterprises of Germany, TASS reports He said that ... the Russian Federation are stopped, Germany will face serious problems in ...

Germany , Russia , gas lockdown

Germany secretly contacts Russia on Ukrainian issue, media reports

Germany opposes the ‘humiliation’ of the ... expert, such ‘secret negotiations’ between Germany and Russia speak of the ... secret negotiations with Russia suggest Germany would prefer to disappoint Ukraine ...

russia , ukraine , germany

German, French and Italian leaders’ promises are worthless

... Ukraine’. Moreover, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy offered Zelenskyy ... visit of the leaders of Germany, France and Italy will bring ...

ukraine , EU , france , italy , germany

Inflation in Germany set record high since 1974

In May, inflation in Germany reached its peak since the ... . “The inflation rate in united Germany shows its maximum for the ...

inflation , germany , prices

Ukrainian Ambassador criticised Germany for lack of hospitality towards Ukrainians

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk criticised the German ... prefer not to stay in Germany for a long time. The ... move. “Most Ukrainians return from Germany without seeing proper hospitality,” said ... . Earlier, the Ukrainian Ambassador criticised Germany for indecision on the issue ...

Ukraine , Germany , refugees

German pensioners have to work due to lack of money

... continues to grow rapidly in Germany, and this indicates insufficient monthly ... , in late April, inflation in Germany broke a historical record to ...

germany , inflation , pensioners

German general Vad urged to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine

... . In this regard, he recommended Germany to focus on peace negotiations ...

Germany , Ukraine

Many officials of Third Reich moved to serve NATO, expert asserts

... 9 th , 1945, Hitler's Germany was crushed, but Hitler's ...

germany , nato , shpakovsky , opinion

Germany urges its citizens to get ready for constant rise in prices

... near future – as announced by Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck ...


Scholz names condition for removing anti-Russian sanctions

Sanctions can be lifted only after co-ordination with the Ukrainian side – as stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, TASS reports Photo: According to Mr. Scholz, Russia ‘should reach agreements with Ukraine’. “We intend and we will be able to lift our sanctions only after consultations with Ukraine,” the German Chancellor stressed in his talk with Stern magazine.

germany , russia , Ukraine

German Bundestag demands Ukrainian Ambassador be expelled

... Andriy Melnyk be expelled from Germany after he called German Chancellor ... the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), also stood up for ... of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Melnik needs to respect ...

Germany , Ukraine

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