Healthcare workers across Germany go on strike

... number of striking doctors in Germany is unknown. The strike is ... have already taken place in Germany and other EU states. Yesterday ...

Germany , strike , healthcare

Political expert on main reason for the split between Germany and Poland

... the Wielkopolska idea is implemented, Germany will be cut off from ... this plan is carried out, Germany will be cut off from ... the rest of Europe. Therefore, Germany will try wherever possible to ... that at the same time Germany will be forced to oppose ... and Poland ‘are one thing’. “Germany will try to find its ... to become a partner of Germany, because it itself claims a ...

Germany , Poland

Climate change could cost Germany €900bn by 2050, study finds

... by climate change could cost Germany up to 900bn Euros by ... , drought and floods could cost Germany between 280bn and 900bn Euros ...

germany , climate

Scholz: West won’t make any decisions on Ukraine behind backs of its citizens

... , Scholz once again stated that Germany would support Ukraine for as ...

Germany , Ukraine , west , Scholz

Opinion: Ukraine believes Germany not fully paid its debt following WWII results

... former ambassador of Ukraine to Germany currently serving as Ukraine’s ... Deputy Foreign Minister, said Germany in vain wanted Berlin's ... even more weapons from Germany. “Ukrainian ‘partners’ believe Germany has not fully ... rights to demand something from Germany, which did terrible harm to ... no legal basis to address Germany for paying its debt following ... WWII. “Germany paid all reparations to the ... USSR stopped collecting reparations from Germany before the 1960s, so the ...

germany , Ukraine

Germany’s public debt grew tenfold since 2021

Germany’s public debt has increased ... January the annual inflation in Germany reached 8.7 percent – 0 ...

Germany , public debt

Media: German defence companies to be allowed to deliver 187 Leopard 1 to Ukraine

German Government issued a permit for the supply of 187 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the German media Photo: According to Spiegel sources, some tanks should arrive in Ukraine this summer, but the main deliveries are scheduled for 2024. Earlier, Business Insider reported that the German authorities would issue a permit to its two defence companies to supply Ukraine with 187 Leopard 1 tanks. It was noted that Rheinmetall would deliver 88 ...

germany , Ukraine

Netherlands, Germany plan to merge their land combat units

... NATO allies – the Netherlands and Germany – are joining their military forces ... added that the Netherlands and Germany are also looking into joint ...

NATo , EU , army , Germany , the Netherlands

Number of those retired from military service in 2022 increased almost 5-fold in Germany

In Germany, the number of reports on ... 203,000 by 2025. In Germany, universal military duty was abolished ...

germany , military

Former Bundestag deputy: US wants to destroy EU economy

Europe is becoming more and more dangerous rival for the United States, including in the automotive and chemical industries – as noted by Bundestag ex-deputy Waldemar Herdt during his talk with ONT TV channel Video screenshot According to the expert, the main goal pursued by the ‘overseas regional committee’ is the destruction of the EU economy, “If we build a logical chain of all the requirements of Western politicians (the same refusal from energy carriers), then only such a conclusion ...

Germany , US , opinion , economy

Argentinean President ruled out sending weapons to Ukraine

At a press conference in Buenos Aires after meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Argentinean President Alberto Fernandez stressed that Latin American countries are not considering sending weapons to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Fernandez noted that Argentina and Latin America are not thinking about sending weapons either to Ukraine or any other conflict zone. Moreover, at a press conference, the President of the South American country added that during his meeting ...

Argentine , Ukraine , Germany , weapons

Opinion: Germany suffers from anti-Russian sanctions, but is not ready to lift them yet

... lift sanctions against Russia in Germany are regarded as Russian propaganda ... . “Our party, Alternative for Germany, says that the sanctions primarily ... hit Germany itself. The restrictions have no ... of anti-Russian sanctions in Germany. “When we start to argue ...

Germany , Russia , sanctions

Survey: 60%+ of Germans oppose sending fighter jets to Kiev

About 63 percent of the German residents surveyed expressed the opinion that Berlin should not transfer its fighter jets to Kiev, reports with reference to Spiegel Photo: Twenty-six percent of those questioned provided a ‘rather for’ or ‘definitely for’ answer. Another 11 percent of respondents have not yet decided on their position on this issue. The survey was conducted on January 25 th -26 th among more than 5,000 people, and its statistical error stands at around 2.8 ...

germany , Ukraine

German Finance Minister said West must maintain its presence in Chinese market

... technologies. It is known that Germany is one of China’s ...

Germany , West , China , technology

Scholz: Germany needs foreign labour

... Chancellor Olaf Scholz noted that Germany needs a skilled workforce, including ... .com Mr. Scholz mentioned that Germany is preparing to reform the ... with us is welcome in Germany. This is our message," ...

Scholz , germany

Rally against supply of German tanks to Kiev held in Munich

... Bavaria) in the south of Germany, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... , the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany announced that it would transfer ... -export them. Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev said Berlin's ...

germany , protests , Ukraine , tanks

Germany agreed to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Germany has announced today the delivery ... to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Germany will issue permits to partner ... that, as a first stage, Germany will supply a company with ...

germany , Ukraine , tanks

Opinion: Germany being pushed to war with Russia

Western countries are forcing Germany to provide assistance to Ukraine ... a party to the conflict. “Germany is being pushed to participate ...

germany , russia

German social democrats urge to review relations with Russia

The Social Democratic Party of Germany from the government coalition, of ...

germany , russia

German Vice Chancellor said actions of countries in favour of their interests destroy global world

... Climate Protection, Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck noted that at ...

Germany , global peace

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