MP urged international human rights organisations to save children, and not to engage in LGBT propaganda

... by destroying religious and family values,” he stressed.

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Expert: Belarus, Russia share the same values

... and Russia share the same values: the friendship of peoples, the ... a completely different idea of values. At the same time, the ... of dividing the world into value blocks. We have made our ... Russia, including those of a value and ideological character.

Petrovsky , Belarus , Russia , values

Lukashenko: example of Belarus is real challenge to the project of global unification under trendy values

... global unification under ultra-fashionable values and the so-called trends ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , values

Lukashenko: national statehood was born and has been developing on the values created by Belarusian people

... all the tangible and intangible values created by the Belarusian people ...

Lukashenko , values , Belarus

Original cultural values returning to Belarus

... and cultural circulation of cultural values that are currently kept outside ... with the return of cultural values of Belarusian origin. According to ... two years, 24 original cultural values, 1,414 electronic copies and ...

Culture Ministry , values

Deputy about dead-end policy of some EU states

... clear to everyone that the values promoted by Europe are false ... deceive anyone with some European values. It turns out they don ... ’t exist while the universal values are kindness, good neighbourliness, the ...

Ananich , Europe , values

Historian dwells on who is responsible for destruction of European values

... – they are fighting for traditional values and defending their religion. In ... some Italians, understand that these values should not be given away ... . The historian added that traditional values in Belarus and Russia are ... outpost and bastion of European values. I think 19 th century ...

europe , values , traditions

Cultural issues discussed at Government

... cultural heritage, exports of cultural values, operation of libraries and museums ... Minsk executive committees. If these values do not represent our historical ... protection of historical and cultural values and wonder whether the expansion ... loss of historical and cultural values of regional significance. We’ll ...

culture , values , deputies

Family above all

... studies show that Belarusians highly value their families: over 88 percent ... a round table discussion – Family Values in Belarus’ Information Space: Experience ... Social Protection, believes these family values are much influenced not only ... very important to preserve traditional values of the Belarusian family. Among ...

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