Posted: 16.08.2022 16:03:00

Deputy about dead-end policy of some EU states

The policy of the EU countries, which are aimed at isolating themselves from their eastern neighbours, is doomed to a dead end – as stated by the deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Lilia Ananich during her talk with Alfa Radio

Lilia Ananich stressed that it is already clear to everyone that the values promoted by Europe are false.

“I would like to see the germs of processes appear in the countries of the collective West that would lead the world to creation, building a solid future for people,” the deputy said. “It is no longer possible to deceive anyone with some European values. It turns out they don’t exist while the universal values are kindness, good neighbourliness, the fact that we ourselves must take care of our home, family hearth, country ... It’s necessary to think about this instead of trying to rule in someone else’s kitchen. Such an approach [with influence on neighbours from the outside] is now visible in the policies of a number of countries.”

At the same time, the parliamentarian noted that Europe is heterogeneous, citing an example, “While some EU states are thinking today about how to save money, Hungary is stocking up on Russian gas. And it does the right thing! There is probably a greater understanding in this country that winter is coming soon and all the moaning about finding another way [for gas supplies] will very quickly lead to collapse.”

“The policy of countries that are thinking now not how to build new favourable relationships, but how to fence themselves off from each other, is a policy that leads to a dead end,” summed up Lilia Ananich.