Expert explains how the level of trust in society affects country’s well-being

The high level of public trust in government will enable Belarus to continue the efficient development of its economy – as stated by political scientist Vadim Borovik during his talk with ONT TV channel The expert believes that a hypothetical coming to power of a representative of the destructive opposition would cause chaos in Belarus and Ukraine is a bright example of this. “They would wipe their boots on our statehood and sovereignty. There would be tanks of incomprehensible states, and a ...

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A detailed look into the future

... of the maturity of civil society. Dialogue platforms for discussing the ... Board of Znanie (Knowledge) Belarusian Society Republican State Public Association, Vadim ... as of every country, every society in the history of mankind ... see how the attitude in society towards parents with children has ...

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Number one issue

... into account the needs of society, globalisation, risks, challenges and threats ... raise the development of civil society to a fundamentally new level ... curve in order to protect society, preserve and increase what the ...

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