Top priority issues

... to import substitution and technological sovereignty appeared neither in the ... Graham, introduced the term ‘technological sovereignty’ as opposed to the technological ... by ADANI Technological ambitions Technological sovereignty cannot exist without manufacturing means ... must ensure not only technological sovereignty but also national security. ... terms of import substitution, technological sovereignty and exports. It all ... complex. Projects to achieve technological sovereignty should become a driving force ...

economy , import , substitution , technological , sovereignty

Historian: Belarus defended its independence and sovereignty in 2020

... really defended their independence and sovereignty. Sovereignty is the right to determine ...

independence , Sovereignty , Belarus , marzalyuk , opinion

The tradition of popular sovereignty

... all, the traditions of popular sovereignty in the Belarusian land are ... ’s ancient tradition of popular sovereignty lies at the heart of ... an essential element of popular sovereignty. This is one more form ... real direct form of popular sovereignty. I have no examples of ... democracy, we have taken popular sovereignty to another level. In particular ...

single voting day , elections , democracy , sovereignty , Belarusian People’s Congress

Gaidukevich: West’s sanctions only strengthened Belarus’ sovereignty

... European countries – is strengthening its sovereignty, said member of the House ... on Belarus only strengthened its sovereignty: “Germany, e.g., and Europe ... a whole are losing their sovereignty, while Belarus is strengthening it ... pressure, because that’s what sovereignty is. We also built an ... is exactly what Ukraine did. Sovereignty is when decisions on the ... to defend one’s own sovereignty!”

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , West , sanctions , sovereignty

Khrenin: we need to preserve sovereignty and independence of Belarus and Russia

... the need to preserve the sovereignty and independence of Belarus and ... Russia need to preserve the sovereignty and independence of their states ...

Belarus , Russia , Khrenin , sovereignty , Union State , defence ministry

Opinion: Belarus’ National Security Concept aims to prevent military hostilities on the country’s territory

... not give our native land, sovereignty and independence to anyone.”

national security , Belarus , Sovereignty

Crucial conditions for maintaining sovereignty and independence

... outlined the conditions for maintaining sovereignty and independence as the ... Six conditions for maintaining the sovereignty and independence of Belarus • National ... policy • National defence capability On sovereignty and independence • I want ... will not be slaves! • Sovereignty means that only we, citizens ... . • We must simply preserve sovereignty and independence today. That is ... And we will preserve this sovereignty and independence and provide them ... that we will firmly hold sovereignty in our hands and ...

Lukashenko , Address , sovereignty , independence

Sovereignty is based on agriculture development and food autonomy, expert believes

... food autonomy are fundamental for sovereignty. These are followed by energy ...

Sovereignty , agriculture , food , opinion , Dzermant

Preservation of Belarus’ sovereignty and independence is President’s most significant initiative, Belarusians believe

... as follows: Preservation of Belarus’ sovereignty and independence – 43.7% Support ...

Sovereignty , sociology

New starting point for Belarusian statehood

... reminded that our country’s sovereignty and its national interests are ... our sacred duty to preserve sovereignty, a peaceful and creative life ...

national unity day , kochanova , Sovereignty

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