Belarus has become object of disinformation organised by structures from abroad

... Polish authorities did not let media representatives into the border zone ... against representatives of the Belarusian media. This is absurd, but even ... carried out in Western countries. Media resources – that oppose the Western ...

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Lukashenko urged the West to take a step towards ‘bad’ Putin

The President of Belarus underlines the need to stop the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible, and then to discuss the positions of the parties. This was stated by the Belarusian Head of State in his talk with The Associated Press, BelTA reports. Photo: “I declare right now to you: this conflict must be stopped, no one needs it. People are dying. This must be stopped. I perfectly know the position of Russia. I assume the position of the West. Interests have already clashed here ...

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Belarusian Union of Journalists and All-China Journalists Association sign co-operative agreement

... expanding communication channels between the media of the two countries, improving ... tours and interviews, participation in media forums and seminars, as well ... implement the best practices in media development. On behalf of the ...

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Lukashenko signed decree on media development

... Decree No. 131 On Mass Media Development on March 31 st ... state of the national mass media, and production of high-quality ... directed to support the state media. In addition, the VAT rate ... issues of advertising in mass media was discussed recently at the ... with heads of Belarus’ major media. Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the ... . Recently, a domestic system of media measurements has been put into ...

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Belarus will survive in the information warfare

... supported in the media field? How will the media advertising market develop ... issues of advertising in the media, which was submitted for consideration ... Belarus President Administration. A domestic media measurement system has recently been ... on propaganda activities of mass media at a meeting. The ... editorial offices of the regional media and to set up regional ... efficient, manageable system of regional media. The work is already underway ... . “Mass media outlets must fulfil the main ...

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Shpakovsky: media interest in Belarus explained by Lukashenko being most experienced politician in modern Europe

... the desire of many foreign media to interview the President of ... Belarus “Foreign media have a very serious interest ... international relations diverge in the media environment, inspiring more and more ... new media outlets to arrange an interview ...

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Fiery talk!

It was these emotions that the famous Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev shared after an interview with the President of Belarus “This has not happened before! Sharp questions, unexpected answers, and exclusive statements,” the journalist of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, a well-known radio and TV presenter, left a comment on his telegram channel. What is Fatherland from Minsk to Vladivostok? Comparison with the creator of the Singapore ‘economic miracle’ Lee ...

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Journalists of state media to defend Belarus’ information field with a pen

... the Belarusians trust the state media “According to the results of ... authorities, and hence – the state media. The fact is that Belarusians ... all journalists of the state media will defend the information field ... , and not only in the media, but to communicate with them ...

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Eismont about Lukashenko’s communication with foreign media

... interest in interviews from foreign media has increased many times. This ...

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Media performance around the border: directors and producers

... the largest European and US media have taken a predominantly ... world community, blocking access to media, representatives of charitable and ... the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian media). Responsibility for what is ... refugee crisis in the Ukrainian media field. Pershiy Nezalezhniy (First ... are mixed. There are media outlets promoting exclusively anti-Belarusian ... . Against this background, the media fields of Bulgaria, Hungary and ... Belarusian, Russian and western media are done in approximately equal ...


70 percent of young Belarusians use social networks and messengers as main source of information

... Mr. Pertsov, the structure of media consumption among young people has ... the tasks for the youth media. “The search and work with ... the editorial offices of youth media that could become a platform ... train journalists for central state media,” Mr. Pertsov explained.

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Pandemic related information must be truthful

... , Andrei Kuntsevich, during the Mass Media Against COVID-19 webinar organised ... by all the world's media online. Belarus is no exception ... panic. In my opinion, the media should now cover this topic ...

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