Lukashenko: newspapers and magazines should become elite media

... are the niche of print media – as stated by President of ... Aleksandr Lukashenko at today’s Media Community Forum in Mogilev Photo ... and magazines should become elite media, “God grant that this happens ... are the niche of print media. Each edition should have its ...

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Deputy Head of President Administration on growing number of subscribers on national media YouTube channels

... on YouTube channels of national media indicate that people are looking ... and platforms of our national media while our fugitives are given ... President Administration noted, several national media outlets have already surpassed the ... to trusted, classic, and honest media,” Vladimir Pertsov is convinced.

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Information Ministry restricted access to some media resourced of Baltic States in response to their blocking of Belarusian media

Access to a number of media outlets in Latvia, Lithuania and ... to the blocking of Belarusian media, reports with reference ... activities of certain Belarusian mass media on the territory of Latvia ... country’s Foreign Ministry, has made a decision to ban a ...

lithuania , latvia , estonia , media , belarus , ban

Opinion: Belarusian state media overpass opposition resources in quality

... inferior to the Belarusian state media – as stated by Aleksei Belyaev ... of Belarusians in the state media. “[There has been registered] growth ... view of content, the state media now significantly overpass all opposition ...

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Head of Belarus’ Union of Journalists informed on co-operation with Chinese media and prospects for experience exchange

... Association and a Gansu Province media centre opened at the Belarusian ... of major regional agreements between media holdings after the signing ... Journalists’ Association and the media centre of the Gansu Province ... comments. “Our Chinese colleagues made many photos and videos during ... posted on Gansu's New Media resources, social networks, and ... vectors of bilateral media development. A Belarusian media centre began its ... technological approaches. “They have made great progress towards the development ...

Union of Journalists , Belarus , krivosheyev , media , china , journalism

Expert: many Western media openly participate in information war on the side of Ukraine

Some of the Western media and journalists are trying, as ... clear desynchronisation in the Western media: i.e. some call the ... analysing most of the Western media – including mainstream and near-mainstream ... . I am also researching media technologies, and I can assert ... that different media in different countries play a ... the west of Ukraine, these media will still report on the ... newspapers have different tasks: some media are directly involved in the ...

russia , Ukraine , media , korniov , opinion

Expert explained how information agenda is being formed in the West

Western media use various tools that help ... to the expert, the entire media field – which is controlled by ... under total control by key media corporations, “The latter are ... are like dinosaurs of this media space. They receive orders from ... the same time, all these media continue to assert that they ... no independence. The elites of media corporations gather and determine the ... media content for a particular event. ... is clear that there are media meters, which distinctly record the ...

media , west , avdonin , opinion

German politician: US bans European media from writing about Ukrainian Nazis

... White House bans the Western media from reporting on the Nazis ...

US , Ukraine , Europe , media , Germany , nazis

The multipolarity of the world cannot be stopped. Neither in a peaceful nor in a military way

... representatives of foreign and Belarusian media. Journalists from Belarus, Russia, the ... State. These are primarily the media that recently most actively sent ... and confirmed that he really made an offer to Yevgeny Prigozhin ...

President , Lukashenko , meeting , media , Journalists , press conference , conversation

NOC President congratulated the media on World Sports Journalist Day

... Committee, Viktor Lukashenko, congratulated the media on World Sports Journalist Day ... of information coverage distinguish our media representatives. Let me express special ...

noc , media , congratulation

With cordiality and hospitality

A press tour for foreign media dedicated to the 2nd CIS ... 14th. Representatives of foreign mass media, for which the Information Ministry ... only in the capital. Dinamo made an impression on everyone. The ... fight.” After Dinamo Stadium, the media delegation went to Zhodino, where ... inspection of the BelGee was made. What follows is a no ...

press tour , media , 2nd CIS Games , journalists , sport

PACE rapporteur on problems with media freedom in Europe

... (PACE) on Freedom of the Media and Safety of Journalists, noted ... considered a safe haven for media freedom – as reported by the ... .com Jensen stressed that the media freedom situation in Europe needs ... the international level to protect media freedom; it’s time to ... to say that without effective media freedom there can be no ...

Europe , media

Western media on Presidential Address: Lukashenko winning politically

... increased attention of the world media. At the same time, the ... media not only published excerpts from ... about him, but also sometimes made curious analytical and geopolitical conclusions ... diligently ‘ignored’ by the Western media. No wonder: this is an ... . According to him, education must meet the needs of the domestic ...

Lukashenko , media

Lukashenko interviewed by Chinese media

... , has been interviewed by China Media Group and Xinhua News Agency ... programme, Li Tongtong, from China Media Group. Xinhua News Agency, founded ... abroad, including in Minsk. China Media Group is one of the ... largest media corporations in the world. It ...

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Open talk

... representatives of foreign and Belarusian media. The meeting with journalists lasted ... three hours. Representatives of the media were interested in the opinion ... . In addition to Belarusian journalists, media representatives from Austria, Azerbaijan, the ...

Lukashenko , media

Al Jazeera representative about communication with Lukashenko: President answered all main questions in detail

... representatives of foreign and Belarusian media Photo: Belarus 1 TV channel ...

journalists , media , President

Foreign media journalists visited Belarusian-Ukrainian border

... a press tour for foreign media representatives at the site of ... on the border with Ukraine. Media representatives got acquainted with the ...

Belarus , Ukraine , border , media , State Border Committee

Lukashenko to answer questions from foreign and Belarusian media

... of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, will meet today with representatives of foreign ... and Belarusian media, BelTA reports photo: www.belta ... State will be attended by media representatives from Austria, Azerbaijan, Great ...

Lukashenko , media

Ambassador Baravikou discussed media co-operation with Chairman of Vietnamese Association of Journalists

... issues of interaction in the media sphere and plans to expand ...

Vietnam , Belarus , media

Opinion: US carefully hides the truth about Ukraine from its citizens

... expert, there is only one media outlet in the United States ...

usa , ukraine , media

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