Politico: anti-Russian sanctions failed to change the course of the conflict in Ukraine’s favour

... article also underlines that the West once considered economic sanctions its ...

Politico , Russia , West , Europe , sanctions , Ukraine

MP explained how crime-related problem can be solved in the West

Crime rates will decrease significantly if the authorities of each country solve the internal problems of their own states, and not play geopolitics – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with SB TV Photo: video screenshot There are no fewer mass shootings in the United States, and deaths from gunshot wounds have actually become an integral aspect of American life. Mr. Gaidukevich commented on how this problem should be ...

west , crime , gaidukevich , opinion

Ukraine plans to receive $46bn+ in aid from the West in 2024

... , and Volodymyr Zelenskyy offered the West to cover it completely. However ...

Ukraine , West , zelenskyy

Opinion: Russia and Belarus, rather than Western countries, will restore Ukraine

... already been realised in the West not only by senior government ... of assistance worth $230bn. The West could spend these funds to ...

Belyaev , Ukraine , Russia , Belarus , West

Medvedev: West launched processes that could lead to global digital dictatorship

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that the US and Western countries have launched processes that threaten a global digital dictatorship and are forming an information agenda beneficial to them, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.tass.ru Dmitry Medvedev noted that the United States and Europe decided to take advantage of the fact that all the major IT monopolists and social networks were registered in these countries. According to him, almost everything that is ...

Russia , West , US

Since February 2022, UK allocated over $1.6bn to support Ukraine’s budget

Ukraine has received at least $1.6bn in budget support from the UK since February last year – as noted by Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergii Marchenko at a meeting with new British Ambassador to Kiev Martin Harris, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com In particular, Sergii Marchenko said, “The UK provided more than $1.6bn in direct budget support, aimed at financing priority social spending.” The Ukrainian official also noted ‘Britain’s leadership in supplying the country with modern and ...

Ukraine , UK , West , budget , assistance

Grushevsky raised the issue of illegal Western sanctions against Belarusian journalists at UNESCO

Some Western states practice unilateral coercive measures, the victims of which – as practice shows – are primarily the most vulnerable segments of the population, including in countries not directly affected by such measures – as stated by Deputy Permanent Representative of Belarus to UNESCO Kirill Grushevsky during his speech at the plenary meeting of the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference, in which the delegation of the Republic of Belarus took part. The General Conference is held ...

Belarus , UNESCO , Grushevsky , West , journalists , sanctions

Gaidukevich told how Poland can gain real sovereignty

... the threat comes from the West rather than from the East ... matter what Poland and the West do, our President continues to ... Kaczynski said is true: the West is taking away Poland’s ...

Gaidukevich , Poland , West

Expert: West overestimating its ability to put pressure on Russia

The West mistakenly believes that it can ... been increasingly made in the West that Kiev needs to start ... negotiations with Moscow. “The West overestimates its ability to put ...

Ukraine , russia , West

Expert on the purpose of training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 fighters

The West began training Ukrainian pilots on ...

Russia , Ukraine , F-16 , pilots , West , AFU

Chervyakov: Belarus’ economy showing growth rate above the world average

The growth rate of the Belarusian economy is higher than the world average – as stated by Belarus’ Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov at a joint meeting of the boards of the Economy Ministry of Belarus and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, held in Brest “Over nine months we’ve achieved growth of 103.5 percent. By year end, we intend to reach our planned indicators: 103.8 percent,” Aleksandr Chervyakov cited the figures. “Our leaders are industry, construction, trade, and business. ...

Chervyakov , Belarus , Russia , Union State , sanctions , West , economy

Expert: no prospects for resuming collective security system in Europe

... in the confrontation between the West and Russia and its allies ...

Belyaev , Lithuania , Poland , Belarus , Russia , West , SORT , CFE treaty

Peskov: West will face legal costs when confiscating Russian assets

... of its reserves in the West that will result in judicial ...

Russia , West , Kiev , assets

Expert: present confrontation with the West is guided not by resources, but right to be free

... Cold War, in which the West declared itself the winner, ended ... allies, is fighting against the West not just for some resources ... on the influence of the West and not to follow its ...

west , NATO , opinion , avdonin

Russian Foreign Ministry: collective West trying to restrain transition to multipolarity

The collective West is trying to restrain the ... everyone's liking. The collective West refuses to accept this new ...

foreign ministry , West , multipolarity

Deputy: EU elites not dealing with reasons that led to illegal migration

... being destroyed by the collective West all the time. Where are ...

West , Belarus , Russia , refugees , Latvia , border , Amnesty International

Time to debunk the myths

... of the invincibility of the West Modern society, which considers itself ... this area began in the West. By the middle of the ... that previously depended on the West are liberated, states get the ... , the ruling circles of the West see how the grandiose castle ...

world , politics , West , fall , legends , myths

Opinion: Lukashenko gave shake to two-faced politickers

... sphere of interests of the West with all possible consequences, their ...

President , politics , Belarus , Klishevich , opinion , West

Avdonin: in Ukraine conflict West trying to do the dirty work with someone else’s hands

... geopolitical guidelines. In fact, the West and NATO are now waging ... . “Ukraine was chosen by the West as an object for the ... and ammunition supplied by the West are not given away just ... that was in Afghanistan: the West will simply abandon Ukraine to ...

Avdonin , Ukraine , West

Deputy: West doing everything to preserve a unipolar world, where it can command

The West wants Belarus to degrade and ... decreasing. “What does the collective West want? They want us to ... unipolar world, where the collective West will command,” the deputy added ...

Markevich , West , Belarus , Russia

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