Posted: 16.04.2024 09:38:00

MP: collective West occupies Lithuania and wants to involve it in military conflict, though Lithuanians fail to notice this

Lithuanians look right through the fact that the collective West and NATO, pursuing their own selfish goals, are trying to drag their country into a military conflict – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with SB TV

Commenting on the Lithuanian Defence Minister’s statement that the first group of Bundeswehr soldiers was arriving to the country, Mr. Gaidukevich recalled that German troops had already been stationed in Lithuania, “That happened more than once. Do Lithuanians remember history? Wake up! Where is your sovereignty? A great power that asserts that it will decide everything on its own, but is actually being occupied on a daily basis. No one will ask you for your opinion: if a command is given, a provocation is carried out at the border, then you will be dragged into a conflict – either Ukrainian, or Belarusian, or any other.”   

The MP stressed that NATO is completely destroying the sovereignty of the countries that its troops belong to, “It is true even for Slovakia, where the parliamentary and presidential elections were won by forces that oppose war, sanctions, and want normal relations. This country is nevertheless is shackled by NATO agreements and cannot pursue a full-fledged independent policy.”

Mr. Gaidukevich explained the purpose for which the situation on Belarus’ border is escalating, “Firstly, they want to prolong the war in Ukraine, and for this there is a plan to involve other countries in this conflict, they dream of involving Belarus. Secondly, they need to calm their citizens, because Europe is virtually boiling: there are strikes every day and a lot of problems. Previously, Europeans were intimidated with COVID, and now they are scared of war and Russia – and this will last endlessly. In addition, it is an informational preparation for their own provocations.”