Belarus proposes death penalty for attempted acts of terrorism

Belarusian deputies have adopted today the draft ... , proactive, and preventive," the deputy of the House of Representatives ... from criminal liability," the deputy explained.

parliament , criminal law , deputies , death penalty

Belarusian senators appeal to German Bundestag deputies

... of Belarus has addressed the deputies of German Bundestag The appeal ...

deputies , appeal , germany

Deputies approved inter-parliamentary co-operation plan

... Representatives, and Olga Petrashova, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ...

deputies , Co-operation

Germany destroyed Kurds’ country, Gaidukevich reminds

... was simply destroyed," the deputy said. According to him, that ...

gaidukevich , deputies

Cultural issues discussed at Government

... local authorities. Liliya Kiryak, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ...

culture , values , deputies

Belarus highly appreciates its relations with Azerbaijan

... hear the opinion of Azerbaijani deputies in international organisations.” Mr. Andreichenko ... , Ulvi Bakhshaliyev, thanked the Belarusian deputies for the meeting, “You have ... of liaisons. Lilia Ananich, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ... House of Representatives and the deputy head of the working group ...

belarus-azerbaijan , deputies

Sanctions as an attempt to clear the markets

... talk to Alfa Radio , the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ... ," Ms. Ananich said. The deputy believes the sanctions policy is ... can destroy it," the deputy concluded.

opinion , ananich , sanctions , deputies

Single voting day approved in Belarus

... amendments was expressed in the deputies’ appeal to the Head of ... and, accordingly, the powers of deputies of local councils were extended ...

law , constitution , deputies

Security and economic issues on agenda at autumn parliamentary session

... be built.” In turn, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Commission ... complements this list. In addition, deputies plan to adopt a bill ...

parliament , deputies

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