Posted: 21.03.2024 13:42:00

Lukashenko highly appreciated Parliament’s contribution to strengthening national security

In response to the escalating military threat around Belarus, parliamentarians introduced changes to legislation aimed at strengthening the country’s defence potential – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during today’s meeting with deputies of the House of Representatives and members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation


The Head of State noted, “The law on the people’s militia has been adopted. The necessary legal backgrounds have been created for the development of military-technical co-operation as part of the Union State and the CSTO. Certain bills are also your initiatives. Tough proactive measures have been taken to combat terrorism, extremism, illegal migration, and drug trafficking. A number of serious decisions are aimed at ensuring information and cyber security and protecting personal data. The great work done by MPs to uphold historical truth should also be considered in the context of strengthening national security.”

The President drew the attention of parliamentarians to the peculiarities of the time in which they worked, “Your activities coincided with the period of modern history, when the demand was especially high for the formation of self-identity, the preservation of traditional values and the truth about Belarus’ historical past, primarily, about the events of the Great Patriotic War. We have realised more clearly than ever that it is not enough to gain victory. Victory – together with the right to independently determine one’s own destiny – must be defended., including at the legislative level.”

Therefore, according to the Head of State, new landmark laws have been adopted, including the law on preventing the rehabilitation of Nazism, which comprehensively combats this criminal phenomenon. The President also noted a completely new word in domestic legislation: the law on the genocide of the Belarusian people.

“This initiative was a response to attempts to make us forget our history, break the connection between generations and blow up society from the inside. Responsibility has been strengthened for the desire to erase historical memory, to impose alien values on Belarusians, and to betray those who died in the name of the peaceful and calm life of current generations,” underlined the Belarusian leader.