Posted: 21.03.2024 14:46:00

Lukashenko: people’s representatives have special responsibility for unity, peace and harmony in society

Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko, at today’s meeting with deputies of the House of Representatives and members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the seventh convocation, particularly focused on the continuity in addressing problems by parliamentarians of the new convocation


The Head of State underlined that most deserving representatives of our people were elected to the National Assembly of the eighth convocation, “There are many people among them who boast vast experience in protecting state interests. They are able to significantly strengthen the role of Parliament in consolidating all patriotic forces in our society. The elected deputies include 70 members of four political parties. This is an opportunity for them to reveal their potential at a qualitatively different level. At the same time, representatives of all political forces must interact constructively in Parliament. It is important that there is someone to ensure continuity and pass on the accumulated legislative and political experience: the new convocation includes 20 deputies of the current convocation.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko views it very important that elected MPs be active so that their voice becomes authoritative, “So that they adequately represent Belarus behind the parliamentary rostrum, in the media, and outside the country, giving a tough rebuff to our opponents and adversaries. Many deputies and senators of the outgoing convocation should set an example for the new composition of the National Assembly. The newly elected parliamentarians will be working during the most important socio-political campaign: the presidential election in 2025. It is already obvious today that we will continue to be tested in these difficult times. It’s important to understand that people’s representatives have a special responsibility for consolidating society and maintaining civil peace and harmony. Parliamentarians whose powers are ending will not remain uninvolved from the common cause. I’m absolutely convinced that there are no former deputies and senators. This is an obvious, immutable truth. You all went through a good school while working in the National Assembly. Your experience, knowledge and willingness to selflessly serve the interests of the Motherland will certainly be in demand by the state. Moreover, you will always find my support in your good endeavours.”