Posted: 22.12.2023 11:50:00

Andreichenko: necessary basis created for holding elections of deputies at all levels and Belarusian People’s Congress

The past year has been productive in terms of legislative activity, with parliamentarians adopting about a hundred bills aimed at ensuring national security priorities, developing the economy, and providing social protection to our citizens, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko told reporters before the start of the tenth session of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus of the seventh convocation

“Of course, the main priority in the deputies’ work was to bring our country’s legislation into compliance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. The Head of State instructed deputies to carry out all the necessary work to adjust our legislation, enabling it to comply with the updated Constitution. As a result of this work, two new bills were developed – On the ABelarusian People’s Congress and On the Foundations of Civil Society – with another 83 bills brought into compliance with the updated Constitution. Today we are also adopting two important bills and thus drawing a line under this large-scale work.”

According to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, today all the necessary bases have been created for holding elections of deputies at all levels, members of the Council of the Republic and holding the Belarusian People’s Congress, “The deputies did a very thorough job. Deliberate and balanced decisions were made, which required a professional and responsible approach. But that doesn’t mean the work ends. It continues. Today, about 20 new bills are being considered in the House of Representatives. Deputies will continue to work in constituencies and will actively participate in the election campaign: some as candidates for deputies, others will work with the population. The main task of parliamentarians will remain to increase work for the development of the country and ensure its security.”