CEC Chairman commented on Belarusian People’s Congress formation

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Igor Karpenko, in his talk ... Belarusian People’s Congress,” the CEC head informed. Igor Karpenko noted ...

Belarusian People’s Congress , CEC , Karpenko

CEC Chairman on Belarusian People’s Congress formation

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Igor Karpenko, at the request ... Belarusian People’s Congress The CEC Head noted that the work ... with the quota that the CEC has determined for the regions ...

CEC , Karpenko , Belarusian People’s Congress

Nomination of candidates to Belarusian Council of Republic starts on March 12th

... Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus. The CEC of Belarus checks the ... voting, is considered elected. The CEC of Belarus sets the results ... Council of the Republic. The CEC of Belarus sends a message ...

Council of the Republic , CEC , nomination

CEC to consider elections for part of Belarusian People’s Congress delegates on March 1st

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Igor Karpenko, at a press ... conference at the CEC Information Centre in the Palace ... Voting Day results [at the CEC meeting], we plan to discuss ... Congress,” the Head of the CEC reminded. Furthermore, the Head of ... the CEC noted the necessity of forming ... them from us at the CEC. They are approved, and we ... work,” the Head of the CEC stated.

Karpenko , House of Representatives , CEC , single voting day

Karpenko on Department of State reaction: we’ll figure out without US what we should do and how to hold elections

... a press conference in the CEC Information Centre “I don’t ... their information.” According to the CEC Chairman, the United States has ...

Belarus , CEC , Karpenko , election , US Department of State

CEC updated preliminary data on turnout: it stood at 73.09%

... percent – as reported by the CEC in its Telegram channel According ... to the CEC, the Brest Region registered 75 ...

Belarus , CEC , elections

CEC: voter turnout exceeded 70% as of 6pm

Voter turnout in the elections of deputies to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the eighth convocation and local councils of deputies of the 29th convocation exceeded 70 percent as of 6pm – as reported by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus in its Telegram channel

CEC , elections , Belarus

Early voting for election of deputies starts in Belarus

On February 20th, in Belarus, early voting for the election of deputies kicks off, sb.by reports, citing the press service of the Central Election Commission Polling stations will be open from 12pm to 7pm without a lunch break. Official confirmation of the reasons why a person cannot vote on Single Voting Day is not required. Ballots are issued to voters upon presentation of a passport, an identification card, a biometric passport, a military identification card (for conscripts), an official ...

elections , Belarus , CEC , deputies , early voting

Belarus’ CEC: 1,394 territorial and district election commissions formed

To conduct elections of deputies on a single voting day in Belarus, 1,394 territorial and district election commissions have been formed – as reported by the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus in its Telegram channel They include 9,459 people. “Polling stations will be formed no later than January 10th, 2024, and precinct election commissions will be set up no later than January 25th, 2024,” the CEC added.

Belarus , CEC , elections

CEC approved calendar plan for preparation and conduct of elections of deputies on single voting day

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus in Minsk. The ... their own election funds,” noted CEC Secretary Yelena Baldovskaya during the ... day was approved. During the CEC meeting, resolutions were adopted to ...

Belarus , CEC , single voting day , elections , deputies

CEC official heraldic symbols established

... of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) have been established, with the ... members and employees of the CEC apparatus. The development of symbols ...

Lukashenko , decree , CEC , heraldic symbols

Elections in Belarus will be held in an open and honest manner

... at a meeting with CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko ... to start this work now.” CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko informed the ... be held on February 25th. CEC Chairman told, “Serious work has ...

Lukashenko , Elections , CEC , Karpenko

CEC Head told how much money can be saved by holding single voting day

... voting day. According to the CEC Head, the main item of ...

Karpenko , Belarus , CEC , elections

Lukashenko discussed preparations for 2024 election campaign with CEC Chairman Karpenko

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus, discussed preparations for ... quickly,” the President addressed the CEC Head. “We are already on ... meeting was interaction between the CEC and state bodies. The President ...

Lukashenko , Karpenko , CEC , election campaign

Karpenko: it’s unacceptable to use the electoral system for anti-state purposes

... about this today before the CEC meeting The Head of the ...

Belarus , CEC , karpenko

Karpenko commented on first single voting day and Belarusian People’s Congress

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus, during his talk ... the village council,” said the CEC Chairman. When asked whether there ...

Belarus , karpenko , CEC , election

Karpenko: we’re interested in Russian experience of holding elections

... entering the finish line,” the CEC Chairman said. “After the code ...

Belarus , CEC , election , Karpenko

CEC of Belarus to get acquainted with single voting day procedure in Russia

... Elections and Holding Republican Referenda (CEC), Igor Karpenko, left for Moscow ... visit – as reported in the CEC Telegram channel The delegation will ... and technical means by the CEC of Russia during elections and ...

CEC , Belarus , Russia

CEC of Belarus to share experience with Russian colleagues

... of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Belarus plans to visit ... Russian Federation – as announced by CEC Chairman Igor Karpenko, BelTA reports ... and technical means by the CEC of Russia during elections and ...

CEC , Belarus , Russia , Karpenko

Karpenko: we have to work on amending legislation after referendum

... photo: www.belta.by The CEC Head stressed that the citizens ...


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