Belarus Segodnya Publishing House journalists awarded Gratitude of House of Representatives' Chairman

... the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House journalists. The Deputy Editor of the ...

Belarus Segodnya Publishing House , house of representatives , Andreichenko , journalists , gratitude

Russian Union of Journalists announced readiness to make Tucker Carlson its member

The Union of Journalists of Russia is ready to ... the charter of the Russian journalistic ethics, TASS reports Photo: www ... of the Russian Union of Journalists, Vladimir Soloviev, noted, “We will ...

usa , journalists , Tucker Carlson , russia

Grushevsky raised the issue of illegal Western sanctions against Belarusian journalists at UNESCO

Some Western states practice unilateral coercive measures, the victims of which – as practice shows – are primarily the most vulnerable segments of the population, including in countries not directly affected by such measures – as stated by Deputy Permanent Representative of Belarus to UNESCO Kirill Grushevsky during his speech at the plenary meeting of the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference, in which the delegation of the Republic of Belarus took part. The General Conference is held ...

Belarus , UNESCO , Grushevsky , West , journalists , sanctions

Chop wood and speak plainly

... second wood chopping challenge among journalists was held in Belarus ... The video became popular, and journalists suggested that the Head of ... and memorable. And last weekend, journalists, cameramen, photographers, editors, media ... The firewood chopping challenge among journalists is not only a ... of the competition, foreign journalists admit that they are very ... “This year, talking with fellow journalists, we decided that we also ... everything was more complicated, “We journalists, if necessary, are able ...

Belarus , Lukashenko , competition , wood , chopping challenge , journalists

Firewood chopping championship among journalists kicked off in Belarus

... Republican Firewood Chopping Championship among journalists has started in the Minsk ...

Firewood chopping championship , mass media , journalists

The President of Belarus: ‘The country must be preserved, and we must mobilise in this regard’

... University during a conversation with journalists after the event. He stressed ... Head of State also asked journalists to share their opinion on ... overgrown with speculation and fakes. Journalists, predictably, could not ignore this ...

Lukashenko , Belarusian State University , BSU , meeting , journalists

The multipolarity of the world cannot be stopped. Neither in a peaceful nor in a military way

... of foreign and Belarusian media. Journalists from Belarus, Russia, the USA ... deployment of Wagner group French journalists asked about the situation with ... Another hot topic for Western journalists is the placement of tactical ... .” Answering the questions of Western journalists about the placement of tactical ...

President , Lukashenko , meeting , media , Journalists , press conference , conversation

With cordiality and hospitality

... of a rock climber. The journalists also managed to assess the ... BELAZ was prepared for the journalists, and then a visit to ...

press tour , media , 2nd CIS Games , journalists , sport

Al Jazeera representative about communication with Lukashenko: President answered all main questions in detail

... – as always. “It was what journalists like to get. There were ...

journalists , media , President

Lukashenko spoke of main weapon during information warfare

During his conversation with journalists today, the President of Belarus ... ; the Belarusian leader addressed the journalists. “The power is rooted in ...

Lukashenko , journalists

People who glorify Belarus

... , creative teams, teachers, doctors, and journalists. Those who demonstrate an example ...

Lukashenko , prize , awards , spiritual revival , journalists , athletes

Awards for patriots

... of January 14th, athletes and journalists, civil servants, public figures and ... first of all turned to journalists. “You, dear friends, especially now ... that all the restrictions that journalists experienced there in terms of ... contribution is appreciated Our fellow journalists are constantly at the forefront ...

Lukashenko , awards , gratitude , medals , orders , journalists , athletes

Eismont told how CNN journalist sought an interview with Lukashenko

... does not exclude that western journalists are also mastering acting skills ... one of the most prepared journalists in his entire presidential career ... prepared not only from the journalistic point of view. However, this ... perfectly well that hundreds of journalists are from the Belarusian side ...

Lukashenko , Eismont , journalists

Eismont about formation of civil society in Belarus

The past year and a half gave a start to the formation of a real civil society in Belarus, the Press Secretary of the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, told Belarus 1 TV channel – as reported by BelTA Natalya Eismont noted that in the second half of 2020 and in 2021 a powerful patriotic movement was formed in the country, a new face of Belarusian journalism appeared, as well as bright young domestic bloggers. “My personal opinion is that for the first time in the sovereign history of our ...

Eismont , journalists , Belarus

Eismont: Head of State will soon be interviewed by Vladimir Solovyov

... of the President with foreign journalists will continue – as announced by ... 8 th Forum of Young Journalists – Traditional and New Media: Challenges ... Belarusian President with young talented journalists is planned in the near ...

lukashenko , journalists , interview

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