Posted: 29.10.2023 11:15:00

Firewood chopping championship among journalists kicked off in Belarus

The Republican Firewood Chopping Championship among journalists has started in the Minsk Region at Lake Vyacha

This year, 35 teams with more than 240 participants registered to participate in the competition. A judging panel of 105 people is involved. The championship – held in Belarus for the second time – has expanded both the number of teams and their geography. Teams from the countrywide are represented, alongside even foreign participants. This year, the team from the Xinhua news agency (China) decided to try their hand. Squads that actively interact with the media also took the initiative to enter the event: the press service of the Emergencies Ministry, the Prof-Press Publishing House, and the National School of Beauty.

The main exercises included: chopping wood among men and women, chopping logs among men, chopping wood in a Presidential style. Moreover, a relay race has been added: a team competition in which each participant can take part.