BSU signed memorandum of understanding with Xi’an International Studies University

Belarusian State University (BSU) and Xi’an International Studies ... portal was reported in the BSU press service The signing ceremony ... online with the participation of BSU Vice Rector for Academic Affairs ... , Russian-Soviet oriental studies,” the BSU press service noted. “According to ... study of Belarus. photos:

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BSU, University of Havana sign co-operation programme and memorandum on postgraduate programme

... of the Belarusian State University (BSU) headed by Rector Andrei Korol ...

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Production of unique antibacterial and antitumor drugs launched in Belarus

... developed by scientists of the BSU’s Institute of Physical and ... Chemical Problems. BSU Rector Andrei Korol commented, “The ...

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BSU, Peking University initiate co-operation in mathematical sciences

The Belarusian State University (BSU) is reaching a new level ... to the visit of the BSU delegation to China, headed by ... Korol – as reported in the BSU press service “During the negotiations ... between the universities since 2019,” BSU press service said. “The parties ... they plan to interact. The BSU press service recalled that Peking ...

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50 videos about Belarusian brands prepared by Chinese undergraduates of BSU

... of the Belarusian State University (BSU) to be presented at the ... , light industry and engineering,” the BSU press service reported. Among them ...

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Study room for comparative learning of Chinese and Belarusian traditional folk cultures opened at BSU

... Huaqiao – as reported in the BSU press service The symbolic ribbon ... was cut by BSU First Vice Rector Dmitry Kurlovich ... of Belarusian Literature of the BSU Philology Faculty. According to the ... of Chinese Philology of the BSU Philology Faculty. The film is ... the two peoples. photos: On the opening day ... the Faculty of Philology of BSU.

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BSU signed six memorandums with universities in Zimbabwe

... by the Belarusian State University (BSU) in Zimbabwe, with the university ... reported by the BSU press service The BSU delegation headed by Rector ... State University were presented with BSU proposals for co-operation. They ... . In total, the BSU initiated over twenty proposals. BSU is currently liaising ... science. The first result for BSU was the signing of six ... other relevant information. Photos:

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BSU scientists develop radiation monitoring system

... at the Belarusian State University (BSU), under the leadership of Director ... plants – as reported in the BSU press service . The system enables ... analogues, the development of the BSU enables to conduct the spectrometry ...

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BSU establishes co-operation with Jordanian institutions

... and – as reported by the BSU press service – establishment of co ... agreed upon As informed, the BSU delegation visited the leading and ... language and culture, internships for BSU teachers and students. “Prospects in ... of adults. To promote the BSU educational services, the Belarusian delegation ... . In addition, a thematic exposition – BSU Open Days – was organised at ... turn, a visit of the BSU delegation to the National Library ... a memorandum of understanding between BSU and NLJ, which is expected ...

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Information about 700+ dead prisoners of Stalag 352 camp found by BSU student team members

... Vladimir Picheta, was established at BSU History Faculty, with its members ... Stalag 352 prisoners Photo: The students were searching ... . Yegor Podolyak, Deputy Head of BSU’s Department for Educational Work ... over 60 materials about the BSU activities in the post-war ... student teams were created at BSU, uniting about a thousand students ...

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Belarusian economy successfully adapted to sanctions pressure

This statement was made by Belarusian State University’s Professor Mikhail Kovalev Photo: “The Belarusian economy is successfully adapting to new conditions – as best evidenced by the results of work in the first four months of the year. The Belarusian Rouble exchange rate is strengthening, while exports also increased significantly – by 5 percent in Q1. At the same time, a record positive balance worth a billion of US Dollars has been registered, and average profitability of sales ...

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BSU moved up 100 positions in QS subject ranking

The Belarusian State University (BSU) improved its results by 100 ... based on the ratings. The BSU has improved its results in ... their areas of interest. The BSU has moved up 100 places ... publications. Significant growth of the BSU is due to improved reputation ... Tartu (451-500). Moreover, the BSU is first ranked in the ... the QS subject ranking, the BSU is represented in the subject ...

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Exhibition of old textbooks opened at BSU

... at the Belarusian State University (BSU) – as reported by the university ... century until 1950,” noted the BSU’s press service. “These are ... . Admission is free. photos:

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BSU Biology Faculty launches new specialty

... Faculty – as reported by the BSU press service Photo: www.autogear ... science, mathematics and statistics,” the BSU explained. The specialty is interdisciplinary ... by the press service, the BSU Biology Faculty now offers training ... in English. As informed, the BSU Geography and Geoinformatics Faculty will ...

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BSU expanding its presence in global academic space

... of the Belarusian State University (BSU), the main achievement of the ... planned figures. Moreover, in 2021, BSU was recognised as the best ... a stable positive image of BSU abroad, the expansion of the ...

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Belarusian-Chinese media centre opened in BSU

... ceremony was attended by the BSU Prorector for Academic Work and ... Yaotian Education Centre – Wang Yaotian, BSU employees and students, as informed ... journalism students and promotion of BSU among Chinese applicants. Since training ... example, already make videos about BSU studies for Instagram, WeChat and ... co-operating with BSU since 2012. By now, BSU’s information ... and education centre in Beijing, BSU’s pre-university education centre ... foreign students as part of BSU’s International Relations Department have ...

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Online congratulations for BSU

... can be posted here by BSU students, employees, lecturers, graduates and ...

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Belarusian State University is 100!

... rankings and Ms. Zdrok explained, “BSU follows trends in the educational ... over 60 states. They choose BSU due to certain advantages. Among ...

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Partisans of Belarus on show at BSU

... the Belarusian State University The BSU Rector, Andrei Korol, addressed all ...

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