Peace is always much better than war

... President of Belarus in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP ... in the country. During the interview the Head of State answered ... right now, and you would interview other people. And the policy ... investigated. Almost half of the interview was devoted to the situation ...

Lukashenko , AFP , interview

Details of Lukashenko's talk with France-Presse available

... . At the end of the interview, the President commented on whether ...

Lukashenko , interview

Belarus stands for peace

In an interview to the Japanese TV channel ... .” About nuclear weapons During an interview, the President stated that there ...

Lukashenko , interview , TBS , Japan

Details of Lukashenko’s conversation with Soloviev revealed

The details of the interview of the President of Belarus, ... Photo: The interview takes place at the Palace ... channel. Information about the forthcoming interview of the Head of State ...

Soloviev , Lukashenko , interview

Belarus and Japan: projects for the future

... Ruslan Yesin discussed in an interview with SB. Belarus Segodnya. Trends ...

Belarus , Japan , ambassador , Yesin , interview , diplomatic relations , co-operation

Lukashenko's interview with Russian journalist Solovyov being prepared

... are currently underway for an interview of Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko ... a long time. Another interesting interview is coming soon,” Ms. Eismont ...

Lukashenko , eismont , interview

It’s not time to build walls

... topics were discussed in the interview of the President of Belarus ...

Lukashenko , Efendioglu , Turkish TV , interview

Eismont: Head of State will soon be interviewed by Vladimir Solovyov

A series of interviews of the President with foreign journalists will continue – as announced by the Press Secretary of the President of Belarus, Natalya Eismont, at the 8 th Forum of Young Journalists – Traditional and New Media: Challenges and Opportunities “We’ve invited Russian journalist, Vladimir Solovyov, to a big conversation with the Head of State. We share completely identical positions on when this should happen. I am convinced it will be a very interesting talk,” she said. Ms. ...

lukashenko , journalists , interview

Lukashenko: ten attempts to commit terrorist attacks in Belarus made

Answering Turkish TRT journalist Nisa Efendioglu’s question on why the West is putting pressure on Belarus and whether the United States is responsible for the refugee crisis on the border, Aleksandr Lukashenko said that ten attempts have been made by fugitives to commit terrorist attacks in Belarus over this year Photo: “You asked the right question,” the President of Belarus stressed. “The root causes for this pressure are connected with the United States of America.” Aleksandr ...

Lukashenko , interview

Lukashenko: building a wall on Belarusian-Polish border is a stupid idea

In an interview with Turkish TRT, the President ...

Lukashenko , interview

Details of Lukashenko’s interview to Turkish TV channel

... the issues discussed during the interview. The Head of State gave ...

Lukashenko , interview

Lukashenko interviewed by Turkish TRT

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is now being interviewed by Nisa Efendioglu, a journalist and news presenter of Turkey’s TRT Haber TV channel, BelTA reports Photo: The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) was established in 1964 to broadcast on behalf of the Turkish state. Until the 1990s, it was the only one of the kind in Turkey. At present, TRT has an extensive network of TV and radio channels on various topics – broadcasting to Europe, the Middle East ...

Lukashenko , interview

Sincerely and decisively

... President of Belarus gave an interview to Dmitry Kiselyov, General Director ... Segodnya international news agency. This interview, as the well-known Russian ... know, the demand for an interview with the President of Belarus ... in general.” Response plans The interview was full of significant questions ... facto and de jure The interview also touched upon the status ... and Putin.” ACCENT In an interview, Aleksandr Lukashenko also did not ...

Lukashenko , interview

Lukashenko: smuggled weapons sent to refugees in Belarus from Ukraine

Smuggled weapons were sent from Ukraine to migrants staying in Belarus – as informed by President Lukashenko during his talk with Dmitry Kiselyov, the General Director of Rossiya Segodnya international news agency, BelTA reports Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky According to the Head of State, weapons were supposed to be used directly against him, the Russian military base and journalists – including Konstantin Pridybailo, from Russia Today. Aleksandr Lukashenko added that smuggled weapons from ...

Lukashenko , interview

Belarus does not dance to someone else’s tune

... Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko gives an interview to the British media company ... BBC Steven Rosenberg during an interview The conversation lasted for about ... outlets that asked for an interview with the Belarusian Head of ... on its channel?” In an interview, the President also said that ... Palace of Independence, where the interview took place] the summit of ...

Lukashenko , Rosenberg , BBC , interview

Lukashenko on western sanctions: we won’t die, we will live, and we’ll live better and better every day

... to British BBC in an interview, BelTA reports photo: www.belta ...

Lukashenko , interview

Lukashenko interviewed by Natsionalnaya Oborona magazine

... situation in our country. The interview lasted for almost two and ...

President , Lukashenko , interview

Truth versus fakes

... of Belarus said in an interview with CNN and why this ... collective West Aleksandr Lukashenko’s interview with CNN TV Channel was ... for the sanctions Throughout the interview, Matthew Chance tried in every ...

Lukashenko , Chance , Belarus , CNN , interview

‘There is no need to dance to the tune of the politicians who have taken leave of their senses’

... President of Belarus gave an interview to the American television company ... ,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. During the interview, the Head of the Belarusian ...

Lukashenko , CICA , CIS , interview

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