Media: Queen of Britain refused to shake hand with Macron's wife

The wife of the British monarch Charles III, Queen Camilla, reacted coldly to the attempt of French President Emmanuel Macron's wife Brigitte to shake her hand at an event on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the D-D Day Landings in Normandy, RIA Novosti reports with reference to The Daily Mail Photo: AP As noted by the source, there was an awkward moment between Camilla and Brigitte Macron: the latter violated royal protocol by trying to take Queen Camilla's hand at the D-Day memorial in ...

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Britain’s Kensington Palace published photo of Prince Louis to mark his 6th birthday

Kensington Palace released a photograph of Prince Louis to celebrate his 6th birthday, the first image of the British royal family to be distributed since news organisations withdrew a photo edited by Kate Middleton due to suspicions of ‘digital manipulation’, The Associated Press reports PHOTO: WWW.APNEWS.COM The palace stated that the photo published on April 23rd was taken by the princess in the last few days. The British media reported that the image, which showed the smiling prince in a ...

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Britain approved bill to phase out smoking

... , pipe tobacco, and vape in Britain. It is also clarified that ...

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Britain claims necessity to move towards political solution to Ukrainian conflict

... Secretary Tariq Ahmad noted that Britain would continue to support Ukraine ...

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UK ex-PM Truss: Biden not coping with his duties

Former British Prime Minister (2022) Liz Truss stated that American President Joe Biden is not coping with his duties, hence, the United States needs a Republican back in the White House, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Liz Truss noted that Joe Biden ‘fell asleep at the wheel of the White House’. She noted that ‘Conservatives are now operating in a hostile environment’. According to Liz Truss, ‘the left is winning on every issue and pushing its agenda even harder, they take everything to ...

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Scotland ready to accept refugees from Gaza

Scottish authorities are ready to provide shelter to residents of the Gaza Strip, and they addressed the UK Government to begin work on resettlement of Palestinian refugees into the country, TASS reports Scotland 's First Minister, Humza Yousaf, said, “Scotland wants to become the first region in the UK to offer safety and shelter to those affected by the horrific attacks. The authorities in London should develop a resettlement scheme for residents of the Gaza Strip who have the desire and ...

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Disastrous for Britain

Liz Truss won’t lead Britain to glory, hegemony and might ... new Prime Minister of Great Britain, only 4 percent are very ...

Britain , Liz Truss

Britain to transfer precision-guided missiles with a range of 70km to Ukraine

... State for Defence, noted that Britain will transfer guided missiles to ...

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