Posted: 20.10.2023 14:38:00

Scotland ready to accept refugees from Gaza

Scottish authorities are ready to provide shelter to residents of the Gaza Strip, and they addressed the UK Government to begin work on resettlement of Palestinian refugees into the country, TASS reports

Scotland 's First Minister, Humza Yousaf, said, “Scotland wants to become the first region in the UK to offer safety and shelter to those affected by the horrific attacks. The authorities in London should develop a resettlement scheme for residents of the Gaza Strip who have the desire and opportunity to move to the United Kingdom.”

It is also reported that Mr. Yousaf proposed to the British Government to organise the evacuation of wounded civilians from Gaza. According to him, Scotland is ready to treat wounded men, women and children from there. He called on the international community to commit itself to creating a global asylum programme for Gazans.