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... risks of local or regional conflict. UNESCO’s message is clear ... . Another point of potential water conflict is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance ...

Belarus , world , water , shortage , crisis , conflict

Rally in support of peace and against Ukraine conflict held in Amsterdam

... and to stand against the conflict in Ukraine. According to established ...

Netherlands , Amsterdam , Ukraine , conflict , rally , peace

Expert: US looking for options on what to do with Ukraine in future

... conversation about ending the Ukrainian conflict based on Vladimir Putin’s ...

US , Ukraine , Russia , conflict

Seoul warned of possible consequences for Pyongyang if peace violated

If the DPRK decides to commit provocations and undermine peace on the Korean Peninsula, it will face catastrophic consequences – as stated by South Korean Minister of National Defence Shin Won-sik, TASS reports Photo: According to the official, North Korea has only two choices, “Peace or destruction. If North Korea takes reckless actions that undermine peace, only the hell of destruction will await it,” said Shin Won-sik. Before this, Pyongyang threatened to turn Seoul into ‘a ...

South Korea , DPRK , conflict

Opinion: Americans only intensifying escalation of Ukraine conflict with military equipment supplies

The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine is growing, with ... before the start of the conflict, the US and NATO provided ... the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict by supplying military equipment and ...

Chibisov , US , Ukraine , Russia , weapons , conflict

Media reported on turning point for US defence industry

... be supplied to the two conflict zones, a newly formed team ... ready for a new potential conflict, e.g. with China, due ...

US , Ukraine , China , Taiwan , conflict

Kennedy office: US has been provoking Russia into hostile moves since 1990s

... US stops deliberately developing a conflict in Ukraine, the Kennedy office ...

US , Ukraine , Russia , Kennedy , conflict

Opinion: US may use some countries as ‘cannon fodder’ against Russia

... Bulgaria and Romania in a conflict with Moscow cannot be ruled ... coast, the chance of the conflict in Ukraine expanding into our ...

USA , Russia , NATO , conflict

Spanish authorities hope Ukrainian conflict won’t turn into ‘second Afghanistan’

... Spanish government hopes that the conflict in Ukraine will not become ... will not be a chronic conflict and will not be a ... the parties to the Ukrainian conflict, and proposed developing a new ...

Spain , Ukraine , Brazil , conflict

Türkiye expects conflict in Ukraine to escalate in the coming months

... , Türkiye expects that the conflict will escalate in the coming ...

Türkiye , Russia , Ukraine , conflict

Ming: SCO ready to create conditions for resolving Russia-Ukraine conflict

... for the settlement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – as ... the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, the SCO has been paying ... , achieve peace, and resolve the conflict by peaceful political and diplomatic ...

sco , russia , ukraine , conflict

Cuba calls for negotiated solution to Ukrainian conflict

... only way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine is through negotiations ... a diplomatic solution to the conflict that takes into account the ...

Cuba , Russia , Ukraine , West , NATO , conflict

Duda and the bomb

Why Poland needs American nuclear weapons In early October, the idea of transferring American atomic bombs to the territory of our western neighbour passed from the stage of empty talk into a practical plane — President Andrzej Duda announced that his country had already begun negotiations with Washington on the conditions for deploying special munitions as part of the notorious Nuclear Sharing program. True, the State Department denied such plans, but, as you know, there is no smoke without ...

nuclear weapon , bomb , NATO , conflict , confrontation

White House said US wants to end Ukraine conflict

... would like to resolve the conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy as ... noted that Washington wants the conflict, which has been going on ...

USA , Russia , Ukraine , conflict

Expert named parties interested in conflict on Armenian-Azerbaijani border

... CSTO mechanisms to resolve the conflict.

Azerbaijan , Armenia , conflict

Serbian divergent

The historical perspective of the conflict in the Balkans And once ... , nothing is over yet. The conflict was postponed for a month ... happened much worse, because the conflict was not only ethnic, but ... recognised country. And the entire conflict described has not gone away ...

Serbia , conflict

Dangerous games with the dragon

... slide into a direct military conflict in the South China Sea ... diplomatic rhetoric on the Ukrainian conflict will be adjusted in the ...

conflict , USA , china , Taiwan

Bloody lobby

... . After all, the longer this conflict lasts, the more tangible are ... it from escalating a regional conflict in Europe into a global ...

lobby , war , conflict , peace

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