Borrell: EU will not recognise Taiwan despite economic relations with the island

... is not going to recognise Taiwan, although it intends to develop ... to recognise the statehood of Taiwan. It is one single China ... economic and cultural relations with Taiwan without recognising its statehood. The ... to reduce tensions in the Taiwan area. He called on the ...

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Taiwan’s TSMC granted $6.6bn to expand chip production in Arizona

... Arizona, so for the first time, the most advanced chips will ...

TSMC , Taiwan , US , chip production

Taiwan's Han Kuang military drills will be longest in 40 years

... Kuang-40 military exercises in Taiwan will be the longest in ... -26th, 2024, three days longer than usual. At a hearing in ... Minister of National Defence of Taiwan, Chiu Kuo-Cheng, noted that ... the National Defence University of Taiwan, Liu Chih-Pin. The Chief ... of the General Staff of Taiwan, Mei Chia-Shu, will command ... the largest military drills in Taiwan and have been held every ... 's armed forces participate in them. The practical part of the ...

Taiwan , military , drills

China to take decisive action regarding US weapons supply to Taiwan

... weapons to the island of Taiwan, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS ... by the United States to Taiwan. It is reported that the ... Chinese side considers the Taiwan issue a red line in ... to major manipulations related to Taiwan’ through weapon deliveries and by ...

China , Taiwan , US

Japan views Taiwan as important partner and friend

... Hayashi, said that Japan considers Taiwan an important partner and friend ... co-operation and exchanges with Taiwan, based on its position on ... island, Yoshimasa Hayashi noted that Taiwan is an important partner and ... humanitarian exchanges. On January 13th, Taiwan held elections for the head ... the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan, Lai Ching-te, will take ...

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China to continue promoting process of peaceful settlement of relations with Taiwan

... process of peaceful reunification with Taiwan – as stated by spokesperson for ... China’s State Council Taiwan Affairs Office Chen Binhua during ... to the 1992 Consensus, oppose Taiwan’s independence, promote the peaceful ... expressed hope that compatriots in Taiwan ‘will stand on the right ... committed to peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but will never promise to ...

China , Taiwan

China warned it will take all measures to destroy plans for Taiwan's independence

... destroy any plans to achieve Taiwan's independence – as stated by ... defeat any plans to achieve Taiwan's independence and secession, as ...

china , Taiwan

Media: potential military conflict over Taiwan could lead to 10% reduction in global GDP

... escalation of the conflict over Taiwan, global gross domestic product could ... economy from possible developments around Taiwan is estimated at approximately $10 ... due to the fact that Taiwan plays a leading role ... 20 customers of chip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is around ... $7.4 trillion. Moreover, the Taiwan Strait is an important trade ... scenario with the US participation, Taiwan’s GDP will fall by ... event of a blockade of Taiwan by the People’s ... Republic of China, Taiwan’s GDP would be down ...

Taiwan , economy , GDP

China says it will never compromise on Taiwan

China will never compromise on Taiwan and demands that the United ... will never compromise on the Taiwan issue and demands that the ... fulfil related obligations, stop arming Taiwan and oppose the ‘independence’ of ...

china , usa , Taiwan

China urged United States to stop supplying weapons to Taiwan

... the US should stop arming Taiwan and interfering in China's ... According to Mao Ning, the Taiwan issue has always been the ... the US should stop arming Taiwan and also stop interfering in ... Americans really do not support Taiwan's independence. Earlier it was ... to continue supplying weapons to Taiwan for self-defence.

china , Taiwan , usa

Biden administration said arms supplies to Taiwan would continue

... independence of the island of Taiwan, it will continue to supply ... peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” But in accordance with ... the Taiwan Relations Act, we will continue ... to supply defence capabilities to Taiwan.” The supply of American weapons ... to Taiwan provokes protest from Beijing. Reuters ... November 15th, said that the Taiwan issue is the biggest and ...

US , China , Taiwan , arms supply

Media reported on turning point for US defence industry

... ‘there has not been a time in the past 30 years ... conflicts happening at the same time with a potential third one ... the publication, he refers to Taiwan, for which the United States ... conflict zones, a newly formed team inside the Pentagon ‘has been ...

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US Secretary of the Air Force: American authorities should prepare for possible war with China

... to deter Chinese aggression against Taiwan. In 1979, the United States ... severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and established them with China. Recognising the ... ’ policy, Washington at the same time continues to maintain contacts with ...

china , usa , Taiwan

Chinese embassy in Washington opposes US military supplies to Taiwan

... against US military supplies to Taiwan as it urges Washington not ... to provoke tensions in the Taiwan Strait, TASS reports photo: www ... between the United States and Taiwan and weapons supplies. This is ... and stop sending weapons to Taiwan or create new pretexts that ... may escalate tensions in the Taiwan Strait and stop posing risks ... peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.” Earlier it became known ... of $80m for supplies to Taiwan under the Foreign Military Financing ...

China , US , Taiwan

Taiwan announced its withdrawal from Central American Parliament

... , TASS reports with reference to Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Photo: www ...

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Volodin: Washington is preparing Taiwan for the fate of Ukraine

Washington is preparing Taiwan for the fate of Ukraine – ... noted that the conflict over Taiwan is needed by US President ... plans to buy weapons for Taiwan are a mistake. In addition ...

volodin , russia , usa , Taiwan , Ukraine

Military expert said US developed a strategic panic

... , or to redirect funds to Taiwan – as stated by military expert ... money intended for Ukraine to Taiwan. “Transferring money from one pocket ... is more important: Ukraine or Taiwan. On the one hand, Ukraine ... yet. But as far as Taiwan is concerned, the situation is ...

US , Ukraine , Taiwan

Chinese MFA says US plans to supply arms to Taiwan damage China’s sovereignty

... to provide military assistance to Taiwan that no one should underestimate ... peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.” It’s reported that ... decision to supply weapons to Taiwan. The Foreign Ministry also urged ... stop ‘creating tensions in the Taiwan Strait’. Earlier it was reported ... the supply of weapons to Taiwan in order to increase the ...

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Media report Taiwanese don’t want to serve in the army and sacrifice themselves in conflict with China

... consider it a waste of time to serve in the army ... service is a waste of time, “It doesn’t matter to ... of Beijing. The situation around Taiwan deteriorated significantly after a visit ... in early August 2022 by then-Speaker of the US House ...

Taiwan , China , US

Orientalist says US preparing Taiwan for military action

... America is pumping weapons into Taiwan to prepare it for hostilities ... $440m ammunition and equipment to Taiwan in two requests. The mission ... follow everything that happens around Taiwan. A new package of arms ...

China , US , Taiwan

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