Taiwan to drastically increase its defence budget

... the island. China – that considers Taiwan part of the country – condemned ...

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China appreciates Russia’s position on US provocations in Taiwan Strait

... the US provocation in the Taiwan Strait – as stated at a ... through the waters of the Taiwan Strip is viewed by Moscow ... of the Russian side. “More than 170 countries in the world ... Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan dealt a political blow to ...

China , Russia , Taiwan , USA

Beijing opposes Washington’s official ties with Taipei

... , commenting on the visit to Taiwan by US Senator Marsha Blackburn ... , “Senator Blackburn’s visit to Taiwan demonstrates that America does not ...

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Chinese Foreign Ministry: US concentrating forces for new crisis in Taiwan Strait

... more serious crisis in the Taiwan Strait – as stated by China ... that ‘pro-independence forces of Taiwan’ may continue to arrange provocations ... of the current situation around Taiwan for their own purposes and ... Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan a political provocation and a ...

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Dangerous games with the dragon

... identification zone in south-western Taiwan. Several Chinese warships are stationed ... -called middle line dividing the Taiwan Strait. Until Saturday, Chinese ... island by the PRC. Taiwan is the semi-monopoly leader ... history of political confrontation, remained Taiwan’s main trading partner, which ... imposing disciplinary measures against the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the ... sanctions, but at the same time, Chinese companies (primarily in the ... helmsman can cost much more than they expected. By Vladimir ...

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China’s Ambassador: US hand is visible in Ukrainian and Taiwan crises

... of crises in Ukraine and Taiwan – as stated by China’s ... to plant gunpowder in the Taiwan Strait area to create another ...

china , usa , taiwan , Ukraine

China cancelled bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 statement on Taiwan issue

... statement on the situation around Taiwan, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ...

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Belarus’ Foreign Ministry concerned about aggravation of Taiwan-related issue

... of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan – as posted by Belarus’ Foreign ... the two sides of the Taiwan Strait on the basis of ... leadership and representatives of the Taiwan administration, despite provocations from outside ...

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