System for diagnosing brain cancer using drops of biofluids created in Japan

... , Associate Professor at Nagoya University (Japan). Yasui and colleagues have developed ...

Japan , science , cancer

Brazil to resume visa requirements for tourists from US, Australia, Canada and Japan

... , Canada, the United States and Japan to visit the country without ... , Canada, the United States and Japan to enter its territory without ...

Brazil , USA , Japan , Australia , canada , visas

Japan wholesale egg prices up by 76%

In Japan, an outbreak of avian flu ... risen to $1.6 in Japan (20 percent higher than in ... outbreak of avian flu in Japan from autumn 2022 to March ...

Japan , avian flu , prices

Cancer immunotherapy using stem cells successfully tested in Japan

Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have successfully carried out an experiment on cancer immunotherapy using induced stem cells (iPS cells), TASS reports PHoto: www.l ive24.ru In the course of the study, experts created immune cells from iPS cells with an enhanced ability to attack cancer-affected tissues. They were then injected into rodents afflicted with cancer. As a result, it was confirmed that the mice showed positive changes in the body, including the suppression of tumour growth ...

Japan , cancer , scientists

Japan to provide $5.5bn in aid to Ukraine

... head of government noted that Japan, as the G7 chair country ... the G7 was taken by Japan. The G7 summit will take ...

Japan , Ukraine

GT writes about US plans to turn Japan into 'Ukraine of Asia' to fight against China and Russia

... US hegemony and contain China’. Japan is seen as the most ... power politics’, the analyst said. “Japan considers itself a Western country ... be used by Washington, and Japan will become the ‘Ukraine of ...

Japan , US , China , Russia , Ukraine

China resumed visa issuing to Japanese

... Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan stopped issuing visas to Japanese ... for Chinese travellers going to Japan. Tokyo obliged them to provide ... Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan have resumed issuing regular visas ...

Japan , china , visas

Poll reveals majority in Japan oppose defence tax hikes

Japan’s largest newspaper, Yomiuri, conducted ... of tax hikes to cover Japan’s increased defence budget as ...

Japan , defence budget

New car sales fell to lowest level in 45 years in Japan

... Dealers Association and the Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle ... It is noted that, in Japan, new car sales figures have ... mini-vehicles were sold in Japan, and total sales amounted to ...

japan , cars

212kg tuna sold for $271,000 at Japan’s auction

A bluefin tuna weighing 212kg was sold for $271,000 at Tokyo’s first auction in 2023, though not setting a record, TASS reports Photo: www.bloomberg.com It turned out that, this year, the price for the lot sold – a tuna brought from the port of Oma in northern Aomori Prefecture – was too low. The absolute record was set in 2019: a tuna weighing 278kg was then sold for more than $3m. Actually, representatives of the restaurant industry believe the first auctions at the beginning of a year are ...

japan , auction , tuna

Japanese minister outlined one of G7 agenda items for 2023

Japanese Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, during a working trip to the United States, noted that one of the topics of the G7 summit to be held in Hiroshima in spring will be issues of effective measures and countering economic pressure and coercion, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com According to Nishimura, economic coercion is now a real danger. Therefore, effective counteraction to this will be one of the topics of the upcoming G7 summit in Hiroshima. He also underlined the need ...

Japan , G7

Japan to deploy air defence system on remote island near Taiwan

... of a plan to strengthen Japan's remote southern borders in ...

Japan , Taiwan , air defence

Japan plans to allocate $318bn for defence until 2027

... the funds would radically strengthen Japan's defence potential within five ...

japan , kishida

Japan to introduce energy saving mode in winter

... . The energy saving mode in Japan in the winter will be ...


Media: Japan, US conduct military drills using HIMARS systems

The Japan Ground Self-Defence Force and ... of the manoeuvres conducted by Japan and the United States from ...

Japan , USA , drills , HIMARS

Abe's state funeral accompanied by protests in Tokyo

... gathered in the capital of Japan to protest against the state ...


Japan relaxed entry rules for foreigners

... : www.pixabay.com According to Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida ... of the vaccine recognised by Japan will no longer need to ...

japan , tourism

China cancelled bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 statement on Taiwan issue

... of its Foreign Minister with Japan’s counterpart in Phnom Penh ... the Chinese Foreign Ministry. "Japan joined the G7 countries and ...

china , japan , taiwan

Ambassador urged Japanese politicians not to put sanctions poison on Belarusians

... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Japan, Ruslan Yesin, met with Hiromichi ... the House of Representatives of Japan’s Parliament and the head ... of the Japan–Belarus interparliamentary friendship group – as ...

japan , Belarus

Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe died after assassination attempt

... . The former Prime Minister of Japan was hospitalised, his condition was ...

Japan , incident

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