Lukashenko: decision on second nuclear power plant construction not yet been made, calculations are needed

... the construction of the second nuclear power plant has not yet been made ... construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant could become the source of ...

Lukashenko , nuclear power plant

Hungarian FM announced start of construction of sixth power unit of Paks NPP

... unit of the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant, RIA Novosti reports with reference ... the expansion of the Paks nuclear power plant. Excavation work has begun for ...

Hungary , nuclear power plant

Rosatom to build nuclear power plants in Siberia and Far East

As part of the development of nuclear generation in Russia, Rosatom will build new nuclear power plants in Siberia and the Far East – as announced by its CEO Aleksei Likhachev, RIA Novosti reports Photo: As informed by Mr. Likhachev, the Chelyabinsk Region and the Khabarovsk Krai favour the development of nuclear competencies. “In general, the governors understand that this is an impetus for the development of their regions – both during construction and, most importantly, during ...

russia , Rosatom , nuclear power plant , Siberia , Far East

Priority option for handling spent nuclear fuel in Belarus is its export to Russia for processing

... on the construction of a nuclear power plant on the territory of Belarus ... direction, specialists of the Belarusian nuclear power plant have joined scientists of the ...

nuclear power plant , Belarus

German expert comments on risks after closure of nuclear power plants in the country

Due to the closure of the last nuclear power plants, the German economy may face intolerable difficulties by the end of this year – as noted by political scientist and independent German journalist Gregor Spitzen in his talk with the Soloviev Live TV channel photo: Earlier, Der Spiegel magazine reported that the German government will permanently close the last three nuclear power plants in the country, despite the opinion of residents. Germany’s Vice Chancellor, Minister of ...

Germany , nuclear power plant , power engineering

Russia plans to participate in nuclear power plant construction in Vietnam

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said that Russia is ready to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants of various capacities in Vietnam if the Vietnamese side requests it, TASS reports Photo: Dmitry Chernyshenko said, “Russia is ready to participate and help Vietnam if a decision is made to build nuclear power plants, both large and small capacity.” He believes that nuclear power could play an important role in ensuring Vietnam’s energy sovereignty. ...

Russia , Vietnam , nuclear power plant

Energy Ministry: Belarus’ nuclear power plant meets highest safety requirements

... greatest demand. “Last year, five nuclear power plant units (out of seven under ... latest technologies at the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

Energy Ministry , nuclear power plant , safety

Opinion: all projects of Belarus’ Head of State are far-sighted and long-playing

... meeting focusing on the Belarusian nuclear power plant development. As he noted, the ... economic issues, and the Belarusian nuclear power plant is nothing but our economy ... that the issue of Belarus’ nuclear power plant construction is actively discussed – especially ... NPP.” Ms. Shpilevskaya believes a nuclear power plant is very profitable from the ... an example. Here, the Ignalina nuclear power plant was closed for the sake ... , but it had its own nuclear power plant that gave electricity to neighbouring ...

Shpilevskaya , opinion , President , nuclear power plant

Sunak: Paris, London should rely on nuclear facilities in energy sector

In his talk with Le Figaro , British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed the importance of using nuclear power plants in the energy sector Photo: Prior to his negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron, the British PM stressed that Paris and London should rely on the operation of nuclear power plants in the energy sector. "We have seen the negative impact of our dependence on fossil fuels and Russia's ability to use gas supplies as pressure. This underlines the ...

sunak , nuclear power plant , france , uk

France purchased 153 tonnes of enriched uranium from Russia for its nuclear power plants in 2022

The French energy corporation EDF has purchased 153 tonnes of enriched uranium from Russian contractors in 2022, Le Point reports Photo: In total, EDF has bought 7,000 tonnes of uranium ore from different countries – including Russia, Kazakhstan, Canada, Niger and Uzbekistan – this year. The French send part of this ore to Russia for enrichment, then the enriched uranium returns to France and turns into fuel for nuclear power plants. It is known that the Russian Federation ...

france , nuclear power plant , russia

Belarus fully informs Lithuania on nuclear power plant operation

... volumes of information on the nuclear power plant – as stated by Olga Lugovskaya ...

nuclear power plant , lithuania , Belarus

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