China warned of undermining regional peace in case of NATO expansion in Asia

NATO advance into the Asia-Pacific region will certainly lead ... peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. She added that ... Asia should not become an arena ...

china , nato , japan , Asia

Russia, Belarus invited to participate in Asian Games

The Olympic Council of Asia invited Belarus and Russia to ... sports. “The Olympic Council of Asia proposed to provide Russian and ... take part in competitions in Asia, including the Asian Games,” the ... Olympic Council of Asia noted. The next Asian Games ...

Sports , Asia , Belarus , Russia

Expert: West produces violence and inappropriate self-confidence

... relations with the states of Asia, which have a huge number ...

USA , EU , Asia

Industrial production in Asia weakens due to falling demand from West amid economic crisis

Industrial output in Asia fell sharply in September, being ... Institute in Tokyo, adding that Asia is now suffering from slumping ...

Asia , economic production , crisis

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