Inspection under Vienna Document – first in four years – taking place in Belarus’ Armed Forces

Representatives of Serbia are currently on a visit ...

Belarus , Serbia , Defence Ministry

Belarus, Serbia confirmed mutual readiness to continue political and inter-sectoral dialogue

Belarus’ Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik has had a telephone conversation with his Serbian counterpart Marko Djuric, reports with reference to the Foreign Ministry’s press service Photo: A number of topical issues were discussed in the spirit of traditionally constructive bilateral relations. “Mutual readiness to strengthen co-operation, continue political and inter-sectoral dialogue was confirmed. The prospects of contacts for the current year were outlined," the ...

foreign ministry , Aleinik , Serbia

Former Serbian Ambassador to Russia: Lukashenko is true friend of Serbia and its people

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is a true friend of the Serbian people and the country – as stated by the former Serbian Ambassador to Russia, diplomat, historian Slavenko Terzić, reports with reference to the Belarus 1 TV channel PHOTO: BELARUS 1 TV SCREENSHOT On March 24th, 1999, the bombing of Yugoslavia began, which lasted 78 days. In fact, the North Atlantic Alliance demanded Yugoslavia that it give up its sovereignty and let troops in. The division of the country was ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Serbia , Yugoslavia , NATO

Serbian Colonel: we are very proud that Aleksandr Lukashenko was with us in difficult moments

... Republic of Yugoslavia decided on Serbia's accession to the Union ...

Belarus , President , Serbia

Vucic: Serbia will face tough challenges in near future

Serbia will face a threat to ... vital national interests of both Serbia and Republika Srpska.” Aleksandar Vucic ... ever. We will fight, and Serbia will win,” the Serbian President ...

Serbia , Vucic

Belarus, Serbia agreed to intensify bilateral dialogue

... Belarus to the Republic of Serbia, Sergei Malinovsky, negotiated with the ... -operation of Foreign Affairs of Serbia, Tamara Rastovac Siamashvili, ... co-operation between Belarus and Serbia in the main areas of ...

foreign ministry , Belarus , Serbia

Lukashenko congratulated Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Statehood Day

... Photo: "Serbia and the Serbian people, as ... prosperity to the people of Serbia.

Lukashenko , President , congratulation , Serbia

Ivana Zigon: Slavic values defended by Belarus’ President will form the basis of new world

... added that the whole of Serbia rejoiced at her award. “My ...

Belarus , Serbia , Lukashenko , Ivana Zigon

Vucic: Serbia to continue developing political and economic relations with US

... Ambassador Christopher Hill, said that Serbia will continue to work to ... discussed the international situation of Serbia, the situation in Kosovo and ... friendship and co-operation between Serbia and the United States,” Vucic ...

Serbia , US , Vucic

Serbian PM thanked Russian special services for warning about riots in Belgrade

... important to stand up for Serbia and thank the Russian intelligence ... said yesterday. Supporters of the Serbia against Violence opposition bloc, who ...

serbia , protests , russia , special service

Lukashenko congratulated Vucic on his coalition’s victory in parliamentary elections in Serbia

... of the coalition Aleksandar Vucic – Serbia Must Not Stop in the ... Government of the Republic of Serbia to deepen friendly interstate relations ...

Lukashenko , Vucic , Serbia , parliamentary elections

President of Republika Srpska: every Orthodox country faces external threats

... of the Orthodox world, including Serbia, Belarus, Russia and Republika Srpska ... in the Orthodox world – including Serbia, Belarus, Russia, and Republika Srpska ... Montenegro, the well-known anti-Serb hysteria has been going on ...

Serbia , dodik

President of Republika Srpska: Lukashenko's peacekeeping efforts are the only thing that could save Ukraine

... Kumanovo agreements, which say that Serbia will one day return its ...

Serbia , Lukashenko , Belarus

Vucic expressed hope for President Lukashenko's visit to Serbia in spring 2024

... Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko to Serbia in the spring of 2024 ...

Serbia , CSTO , Belarus , Lukashenko , vucic

Vucic shed light on topics of his talk with Lukashenko on Dubai summit side-lines

... , the leaders of Belarus and Serbia held a short meeting ‘on ... to organise his visit to Serbia next year. We are having ... new ambassador of Belarus to Serbia in November. Speaking about the ... to understand the policy that Serbia pursues and wants to pursue ... in trade-economic terms. If Serbia wants to wag its tail ...

vucic , Lukashenko , COP28 , Belarus , Serbia

Ambassador: Belarus, Serbia should use common interests for benefit of bilateral relations

Belarus supports Serbia on issues of fundamental importance ... and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Serbia and concurrently to Northern Macedonia ... Malinovsky Photo: “Serbia is a historically close partner ... always supported and still supports Serbia on issues of fundamental importance ... on the European continent. However, Serbia has in many ways an ...

Serbia , Belarus

Expert: Serbia was deprived of historical territories

... ), part of the territory of Serbia which Washington and Brussels recognised ... new round of confrontation between Serbia and Kosovo. “Serbs and Albanians ... Serbs are now landlocked. Later, Serbia was de facto deprived of ... continue to put pressure on Serbia because of its position towards ...

Serbia , Kosovo , petrovsky , opinion

Vucic said Serbia won’t be subject to external pressure regarding anti-Russian sanctions

... Vucic recalled that Serbia is a sovereign country and ...

Vucic , Serbia , Russia , sanctions

Serbian President complained about Western hypocrisy, double standards and sanctions pressure

... sanctions against Zeljka Cvijanovic, a Serb member of the Presidency of ...

Serbia , usa , vucic

Hungary, Serbia signed memorandum to build oil pipeline that will connect with Druzhba

... signed by the authorities of Serbia and Hungary – as reported by ...

Serbia , Hungary , Druzhba , oil pipeline

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