World's first gold ATM launched in India

An ATM selling gold coins for money from credit ... an innovative technology for selling gold. The ATM holds 5kg of ... 24-carat gold coins and makes it possible ... . Interestingly, the screen displays the gold value which is updated in ... device helps customers invest into gold without a risk of losses ...

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Opinion: gold prices to grow in 2023 due to financial instability

The gold market is always directly interconnected ... of payment is growing, and gold prices are also skyrocketing. Aleksei ... the reason for this trend. “Gold is a natural equivalent of ... last five years. Since 2017, gold has been growing in price ... led to a new growth: gold prices now stand at around ... bought a record volume of gold in the past 55 years ...

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Belarus' gold and foreign currency reserves reach $8.5bn

... .by As reported, in October, gold and foreign currency reserves increased ... in the cost of monetary gold. At the same time, in ...

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Belarus’ gold and foreign currency reserves stand at $8.5bn

... In September 2021, gold and foreign currency reserves decreased ... as the reduction of monetary gold price. The inflow of foreign ... to maintaining the level of gold and foreign currency reserves last ...

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