Japan’s birth rate fell to record low in 2023

Last year, Japan recorded the lowest birth rate ...

Japan , birth rate

Japan said it was subjected to cyberattacks every 14 seconds last year

Cyberattacks on Japan in one form or another ... minutes. According to Ms. Takaichi, Japan’s cyber security needs to ...

Japan , cyberattacks

US, Japan signed agreement on joint development of hypersonic interceptor

... agency reported that representatives of Japan and the United States signed ... . It is also reported that Japan and the United States agreed ...

Japan , US , hypersonic missile

Mount Fujiyama view to be blocked to tourists due to local residents’ complaints

The authorities of one of the Japanese cities are erecting a 2.5m high barrier in an attempt to block a view of Mount Fujiyama and obstruct a photo spot, which attracts many tourists who disturb the locals, Reuters reports photo: www.reuters.com Tourists come to the city of Fuji-Kawaguchiko, located 50km southwest of Tokyo, to capture a view that has become popular on social networks: a convenience store with essential goods against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Fujiyama. “The crowds have ...

Japan , Mount Fujiyana

Honda to invest $11bn in production of electric vehicles in Canada

Japan’s Honda intends to invest ...

Honda , canada , Japan

One more on board? AUKUS nuclear submarine deal to pose greater risk to regional security

... to add new members, with Japan to potentially begin formal negotiations ... by the countries in question. Japan's potential entry would only ...

AUKUS , UK , US , Australia , Japan

Media: Japanese scientists to transplant pig pancreatic cells into human patient

... to perform an operation in Japan in 2025 to transplant hormone ...

Japan , transplant , pigs , pancreatic cells , scientists

Media: Japan, China, S. Korea to hold trilateral summit in late May

... Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper stated that Japan, China, and South Korea plan ...

Japan , China , South Korea , summit

Royal family of Japan debuted on Instagram

... of the royal family of Japan appeared on Instagram for the ...

Japan , Instagram , emperor

5 people died, 100+ hospitalised in Japan due to dietary supplements poisoning

Five people who took Japanese dietary supplements died, and more than 100 were hospitalised as of March 29th, a week after the pharmaceutical company announced a product recall, The Associated Press reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Osaka-based Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. came under fire for not going public immediately about problems with dietary supplements known internally as early as January. The first public statement about this was made only on March 22nd. “On March 27th, the number of ...

Japan , poisoning , dietary supplements

Four people died in Japan after consuming red rice supplements

In Japan, two more deaths of people ...

Japan , dietary supplements

Japan’s birth rate dropped to record low in 2023

... number of children born in Japan fell for the eighth year ... -wedlock births are rare in Japan. “Asked about the latest data ... , Japan’s top government spokesperson said ...

Japan , population , birth rate

Japan’s public debt hits record high $8.6tr

Japan ended 2023 with a record ... account other sources of income, Japan’s budget will have a ... figure has been declining, but Japan’s budget dependence on debt ... remains around 30 percent. Japan’s public debt is now ...

Japan , public debt

In 2023, Japan corporations bought over 200 companies in US for $36bn

In 2023, large Japanese corporations spent about $36bn to acquire companies in the United States – 30 percent more than in 2022, already causing political problems. A total of 222 American companies of various sizes were acquired, TASS reports. photo: www.Pixabay.com Statistics provided by Tokyo-based advisory centre Recof – specialising in mergers and acquisitions – show the dynamics of the market. One of the most significant events in this area was the announcement by the Japanese ...

Japan , US , companies

Japanese scientists bred 1st pig for human organs transplants

... pig on the territory of Japan and its organs can be ...

Japan , transplantation

China displaced Japan from first place in car exports

... Manufacturers shows that China overtook Japan as the world's largest ... show that China has overtaken Japan in this regard, taking the ... first place among car exporters. Japan held the lead since 2017 ...

china , Japan , car , exports

China hopes to start simplifying procedures for bilateral travel with Japan

... willingness to co-operate with Japan to simplify procedures related to ... , China hopes that together with Japan they will strive for co ...

china , Japan , visas

Japan to invest $300bn+ in joint chip project with S. Korea and US

... a project – involving companies from Japan, the US and South Korea ... .r euters.com According to Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade ...

Japan , US , South Korea , semiconductor , investment

Belarus, Japan discussed possible directions of bilateral co-operation

Belarus’ Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeny Shestakov received copies of credentials from the Ambassador of Japan to Belarus, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Belarus’ Foreign Ministry reports Photo by Belarus’ Foreign Ministry "During the meeting, the parties discussed the current state and possible directions for the development of Belarusian-Japanese relations, including in the trade, economic and humanitarian spheres," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Belarus , Japan , foreign ministry

Nearly 55,000 tonnes of water to be released from Fukushima-1 NPP from spring 2024

Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) plans to release 54.6 tonnes of treated water from the damaged Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant into the ocean in fiscal year 2024 (April 1st, 2024 – March 31st, 2025), TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com According to the Kyodo news agency, citing sources, the water will be divided into seven batches. Moreover, TEPCO decided to postpone until October 2024 the start of the extraction of fragments of melted nuclear fuel that are located at the plant. A new ...

Japan , Fukushima

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