DPRK expert: US seeking to create nuclear alliance with Japan, S. Korea

... Foreign Ministry’s Institute for Japan Studies, believes the United States ... the DPRK. In her opinion, Japan can also join this document ... part of it. "If Japan continues to constantly try to ...

Japan , usa , south korea , DPRK

Japanese PM predicted protracted nature of the situation around Ukraine

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida shared his opinion that the conflict in Ukraine will drag on, so G7 states should be united in the issue of assistance to Kiev, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters.com In his talk with the NHK TV channel, Mr. Kishida noted, “There are fears that the situation in Ukraine will last for long. I believe that it is in this context that the G7 should unite again and demonstrate strong solidarity in relation to Ukraine." According to the Japanese PM, the West ...


Biden cancelled summit of the US, Australia, India and Japan due to the national debt situation in the country

... the leaders of Australia, India, Japan has been cancelled due to ... Australia, India, the US and Japan will not take place in ...

usa , Australia , india , Japan

Japan to purchase $40m worth of energy equipment for Ukraine

... provided by the Government of Japan. Equipment for transformer substations in ... company has already received from Japan more than 30 generators that ... in case of massive shelling. Japan is also going to invest ...

Japan , Ukraine

30% reduction of Japanese population expected in coming 50 years

... 87m people will live in Japan due to the population decline ... thousand children were born in Japan, and that was the lowest ...

Japan , population

China warned of undermining regional peace in case of NATO expansion in Asia

... open a representative office in Japan, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... open a representative office in Japan next year. It will serve ... through which NATO countries and Japan will be able to consult ...

china , nato , japan , Asia

Japan lifted all COVID border controls on April 29th

Japan dropped all remaining COVID-related ... photo: www.english.kyodonews.net Japan had previously planned to remove ... , will allow tourists to enter Japan more easily. This is expected ...

Japan , coronavirus

DPRK says US-South Korea military drills could lead to nuclear war

... South Korea, the US and Japan have started joint naval drills ...

DPRK , US , Japan , South Korea , drills

Fukushima-1 operator revealed the destruction of first reactor’s concrete base

The operator of the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), for the first time since the accident in March 2011, was able to examine the interior of the first reactor of the plant and identify the destruction of its concrete base, TASS reports photo: www.reuters.com It is specified that the company used an underwater robot equipped with cameras for the survey, enabling to visually establish that the concrete base of the reactor was completely destroyed, exposing the ...

Japan , Fukushima-1

Japan to urge G7 countries to expand sanctions against Russia and continue to provide assistance to Ukraine

... .reuters.com Yoshimasa Hayashi said, “Japan, as G7 chair, will support ...

Japan , G7 , sanctions , Ukraine , Russia

Japan to liaise with G7 to prevent measures to circumvent anti-Russian sanctions

Japan plans to work together with ... session. The source recalled that Japan is chairing the G7 this ...

japan , russia , sanctions

Putin: collective West is building an axis like a bloc of fascist Germany and militaristic Japan

... Russia said that Britain and Japan have signed an agreement on ... in Germany, Italy and militaristic Japan,” the Russian leader said. Vladimir ...

putin , west , germany , Japan

System for diagnosing brain cancer using drops of biofluids created in Japan

... , Associate Professor at Nagoya University (Japan). Yasui and colleagues have developed ...

Japan , science , cancer

Brazil to resume visa requirements for tourists from US, Australia, Canada and Japan

... , Canada, the United States and Japan to visit the country without ... , Canada, the United States and Japan to enter its territory without ...

Brazil , USA , Japan , Australia , canada , visas

Japan wholesale egg prices up by 76%

In Japan, an outbreak of avian flu ... risen to $1.6 in Japan (20 percent higher than in ... outbreak of avian flu in Japan from autumn 2022 to March ...

Japan , avian flu , prices

Cancer immunotherapy using stem cells successfully tested in Japan

Japanese scientists from Kyoto University have successfully carried out an experiment on cancer immunotherapy using induced stem cells (iPS cells), TASS reports PHoto: www.l ive24.ru In the course of the study, experts created immune cells from iPS cells with an enhanced ability to attack cancer-affected tissues. They were then injected into rodents afflicted with cancer. As a result, it was confirmed that the mice showed positive changes in the body, including the suppression of tumour growth ...

Japan , cancer , scientists

Japan to provide $5.5bn in aid to Ukraine

... head of government noted that Japan, as the G7 chair country ... the G7 was taken by Japan. The G7 summit will take ...

Japan , Ukraine

GT writes about US plans to turn Japan into 'Ukraine of Asia' to fight against China and Russia

... US hegemony and contain China’. Japan is seen as the most ... power politics’, the analyst said. “Japan considers itself a Western country ... be used by Washington, and Japan will become the ‘Ukraine of ...

Japan , US , China , Russia , Ukraine

China resumed visa issuing to Japanese

... Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan stopped issuing visas to Japanese ... for Chinese travellers going to Japan. Tokyo obliged them to provide ... Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Japan have resumed issuing regular visas ...

Japan , china , visas

Poll reveals majority in Japan oppose defence tax hikes

Japan’s largest newspaper, Yomiuri, conducted ... of tax hikes to cover Japan’s increased defence budget as ...

Japan , defence budget

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