Study: India's population may exceed 2.2bn by mid-21st century

... growth of the country's population to 2.2 billion people ... a graph where the projected population of India by the mid ... real time on the World Population Review portal, 1,438,498 ...

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Japan’s birth rate dropped to record low in 2023

... a further decline in the population, since out-of-wedlock births ...

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Hong Kong’s population rose to 7.5m last year

Hong Kong’s population increased by 0.4 percent ... marking its second year of population growth since the COVID-19 ... restrictions. The government said the population registered an increase for the ...

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Births in Spain drop to lowest level on record

... In 2023, the country’s population stood at 48.6 million ... 2.1 at which existing population levels would be maintained. “Demographers ...

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Immigration will add 6.1m people to UK population by 2036

... million people to the UK population by mid-2036, which raises ... : www.reuters.com The UK population is to grow from 67 ...

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China’s population dropped by 2.08m in 2023

In 2023, China's population decreased by 2.08 million ... to 11.10m. The male population of China reached 720.32 ... percent. In turn, the female population decreased by 0.04 percent ... to the released data, the population of Chinese cities increased by ... . At the same time, the population in rural areas decreased by ... 2022, China faced its first population decline in 60 years: in ...

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Azarov: Ukraine’s population decreased by 4m people in two months

The population of Ukraine has decreased by ... , the politician reported that the population of Ukraine had reached 23 ...

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Japan’s H1 births hit record low in more than 20 years

... H1 2023), leading to a population decline of 426,66. Moreover ... ) was reached in 1947. The population of Japan, according to experts ...

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Media: by 2070, Italy’s population may decrease by a quarter

... Italy, since the country's population may decrease to 47.2m ... is a possibility that the population of Italy will decrease by ... , since a decrease in the population has been registered annually since ... are always the same: the population is aging, and it will ...

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30% reduction of Japanese population expected in coming 50 years

The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research under ... stating that the country’s population will decrease by a third ... in Japan due to the population decline; at the moment, the ...

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India overtakes China in total population

... surpassed China in terms of population by 2.9 million people ... data from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), RIA Novost i ... .reuters.com India’s current population is 1.4286 billion against ... includes 25 percent of the population, in China – 17 percent, the ...

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Destroyers of the future

... individual freedom) and high population density created essentially two different ... hole. The smaller the population, the more difficult it ... will happen to the population of the world According to ... UN forecasts, the main population growth by 2050 will be ... other major regions. The population of sub-Saharan Africa will ... 61 countries where the population is expected to decrease ... , Croatia and Japan, the population will decline by more than ... ensure the reproduction of the population in the long term. ...

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India could surpass China’s population in 2023

... overtake China in terms of population – as follows from the data ... of the World Population Review independent organisation, which deals ... with the population census, RIA Novosti reports Photo ... now estimates that India’s population has reached 1,422,708 ... as the world’s most populous country sometime in 2023, when ... predict that in 2023 the population of India will be about ... it became known that the population of China in 2022 decreased ...

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Reuters: Italy’s population to shrink by over 11 million over next 50 years

Italy’s population has dropped below 59 million ... .com A shrinking and aging population is a major problem for ... to first preliminary data, the population has fallen to 58.983 ... expert, said the country’s population has been shrinking steadily in ... much faster ageing of the population compared to the rest of ... almost a fifth of its population, and possibly fall to 54 ...

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UN: world's population reached 8bn

... to increase the world's population by one billion, and the ... by 2037. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) noted in a ... statement that ‘while the global population will continue to grow to ... percent of the world's population, according to the UNFPA, live ... that, as the world’s population hits 8bn people, the world ...

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Knowledge is power

The literacy rate of the population of Belarus remains one of ... 10,000 people of the population of Belarus. What about the ... than a quarter are the population of sub-Saharan Africa. Two ...

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Human capital is on the rise

... Ten years ago, the world population reached seven billion people, and ... one more thing. Announcing World Population Day, which we all celebrated ... … Belarus can provide for the population of 20 million people. Our ... compatriots is impressive: the 2019 population census shows the 99.87 ... of the country’s adult population currently has a higher education ... ), the employment rate of the population of Belarus amounted to 82 ... solution to the problem of population distribution. So that, relatively speaking ...

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World population to hit 8bn people in November

In November 2022, the population of our planet should exceed ... growth rate of the world population will be around 0.8 ... as the world’s most populous nation next year. Taking into ... , the amount of Earth’s population will not increase until 2100 ... . The population of our planet continues to ... increase due to population growth in developing countries. Scientists ... expect that the highest population growth will be observed in ...

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Figures and facts

... . Focus on an economically active population An important aspect: the basis ... study (its general population) was the economically employed population, that is, people ... orientation is supported by the population. The people do not consider ...

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