Prisoner of war: UK-trained AFU soldiers surrendered after 20 minutes of first battle

... Ukrainian soldiers trained in the UK surrendered twenty minutes after the ... sent to train in the UK. He spent there three weeks ... said. As previously reported, the UK has already trained ten thousand ...

Ukraine , UK

UK loses $124bn a year due to leaving EU

The UK’s exit from the European ... member of the EU. The UK also lost approximately 370,000 ... EU workers. “Did the UK commit an act of economic ... European Reform reported that the UK’s exit from the EU ... significant negative impact on the [UK] economy,” said Centre’s Deputy ...

UK , economy

Elizabeth II's friend who helped her secretly escape from the palace died

Queen Elizabeth II's friend died at the age of 97. Lady Anne Camilla Evelyn Nevill was known for being the most ‘mischievous’ companion of the monarch who helped her secretly go out in public, reports Photo by Daily Mail Elizabeth and Lady Anne knew each other since childhood, becoming friends in a squad of girl guides on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The Queen affectionately called her friend ‘Micky’. Lady Anne's husband, Lord Rupert Nevill, served as a personal treasurer and ...

Elizabeth II , UK

Teachers in England and Wales to hold strikes in February-March

The majority of teachers – members of the National Educational Union – have voted to take part in strikes in February and March, wishing to demand higher salaries against the background of high inflation and rising living costs, TASS reports Photo: It is informed that seven strikes are planned in England and Wales between February 1st and March 16 th . However, they will be organised in such a way, so that each school’s pause does not exceed four days. Ninety percent of ...

england , wales , strike , uk , teachers

British authorities fail to cope with tasks to improve environment situation

... Agency indicates that the UK government has not come closer ...

UK , ecology

Iranian Foreign Ministry announces retaliatory sanctions against EU and UK

... the European Union and the UK – as stated by Iranian Foreign ... London: the EU and the UK have imposed new sanctions against ...

Iran , EU , UK , sanctions

Locomotive engineers going on strike in the UK

... and 3 rd in the UK with a demand to increase ... on strikes again. In the UK, inflation has reached a record ...

uk , railway , strike

Brits wait more than a month to bury their relatives due to shortage of personnel

... shortage of pathologists in the UK, so the time for an ... has risen, pathologists in the UK are struggling to cope with ...

uk , funeral , pathologists

Britain’s Education Secretary says teenagers old enough to decide gender identity

16-year-olds are old enough to determine their gender identity – as noted by British Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, RIA Novosti reports photo: The British authorities decided to block Scottish bill that makes it easier for people in Scotland to legally change their gender. “No, I don’t really think so. I was working at 16, I was paying tax at 16, I was making decisions for myself at 16,” Gillian Keegan told Sky News when asked if the proposed age was too low. St the same ...

UK , Scotland , teenagers , gender

British Chief of Staff: sending tanks to Kiev will weaken UK army

The supply of Challenger 2 tanks to Kiev will temporarily weaken the British army – as stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the British Armed Forces Patrick Sanders, RIA Novosti reports with reference to The Times Photo: It has recently become known that London intends to transfer 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Kiev in the coming weeks. The exact date of the start of deliveries was not specified. The British commander shared his opinion that sending equipment to Ukraine would ...

UK , Ukraine

Many operations cancelled due to nurses' strike in UK

... about a quarter of all UK hospitals. However, following a decision ... th -7 th . In the UK, inflation has reached a record ...

strike , uk , nurses

British Vodafone planning hundreds layoffs to save money

The British company Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile operators, plans to cut staff by laying off hundreds of employees in order to cut costs – as reported by the Financial Times Photo: It is noted that most of the layoffs will affect the headquarters, which is located in London. According to the publication, these reductions will be the largest for the company in the last five years. It is known that last year was very difficult for Vodafone due to increased energy ...

UK , Vodafone

Media: Chinese tracking sensor found in British government car

... the location. Sources in the UK’s intelligence services believe that ... review the Integrated Review [of UK security, defence, development and foreign ...

UK , China , hidden tracker

Prince Harry admits he killed 25 people in Afghanistan

In his Spare autobiography, a grandson of the British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry, said he had killed twenty-five people during his military service in Afghanistan, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Prince Harry served two terms in Afghanistan. “I could always tell exactly how many enemy combatants I had killed... So my number: twenty-five. It was not something that filled me with satisfaction, but I was not ashamed either," he admitted. His Spare autobiography is expected ...

Celebrities , uk , Afghanistan , Prince Harry

Record number of migrants arrived in UK across English Channel in 2022

... thousand migrants arrived in the UK by small boats, or 60 ... channel, in August 2022, the UK recorded the largest number of ... the country. As reported, the UK spends about 7m Pounds a ...

uk , migrants

Expert: UK oversees and plans all significant operations in Ukraine

... observed there. In turn, the UK oversees and plans all significant ... observed there. In turn, the UK directly oversees and plans all ...

poland , Ukraine , uk , Dzermant , opinion

UK wants to use Russian businessmen’s accounts to restore Ukraine

The UK Foreign Minister, James Cleverly, noted ...

uk , Ukraine , russia

UK is predicted worsening of crisis due to strikes

The UK will face numerous strikes by ... with the strikes in the UK is heating up. “It came ...

UK , crisis , strikes

The Times: General Magowan announced participation of British marines in Ukraine operations

... to Ukraine to support the UK’s diplomatic presence in the ...

Ukraine , UK

Number of homeless Ukrainian refugees increased in UK

... homeless after arriving in the UK as the British refuse to ... are officially homeless in the UK. Housing Secretary Michael Gove is ...

UK , Ukraine , refugees , crisis

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