Scotland announces new independence referendum

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has proposed holding a referendum on October 19 th , 2023, on Scotland’s secession from the United Kingdom. With such an idea, the Head of the Scottish National Party spoke in the regional parliament in Edinburgh, TASS reports. She considers it necessary to resolve the issue of independence in a democratic way. “In a letter to [British PM Boris Johnson] I will make clear that I am ready and willing to negotiate the terms of Section 30 [of the Scottish ...

Scotland , UK , independence , referendum

Johnson: illegal Ukrainian refugees could be sent to Rwanda

... sent to Rwanda, and the UK will finance their deportation, TASS ... safe and legal routes the UK has. Mr. Johnson added that ... . It is noted that the UK plans to finance the flight ...

uk , ukraine , johnson

Australia, UK, Japan, New Zealand, and US form new alliance

... unites 21 countries, including the UK, EU, India, China, USA and ...

Australia , UK , Japan , New Zealand , US , Pacific

US mercenary says British special forces participate in Ukrainian hostilities

UK Special Air Service’s soldiers ... forces – as noted by a US mercenary who is also involved ...

ukraine , uk , mercenary

Up to 500,000 enterprises in UK may go bankrupt because of record price increases

About half a million small and medium-sized businesses in Britain are at risk of becoming bankrupt due to soaring prices – as announced by the National Chair of the British Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Martin McTague, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Referring to data provided by the National Statistics Office, McTague said that 40 percent of small businesses in Britain will be able to function normally for less than three months, after which they will run out of funds. At ...

UK , prices , record inflation

Bank of England Governor announced catastrophic forecasts of rising food prices

... will affect not only the UK, but also other countries – especially ...

uk , opinion , prices

Britons not ready to put up with price increases because of Ukraine conflict

... number of goods in the UK have already jumped against the ...

UK , Ukraine , price rise

Expert believes US and Great Britain are behind Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO

Finland and Sweden’s joining NATO is beneficial primarily to the United States and Great Britain, which seek to further expand their sphere of influence and arms markets – as stated by political scientist Aleksei Dzermant during his talk with STV TV channel Photo: video screenshot The political analyst stressed that discussions in the West are still ongoing on how to respond to Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. “[Western] politicians are doing their best, generating ideas about how to do ...

Sweden , Finland , NATO , USA , UK

UK annual inflation hits 40-year high in April

UK consumer price inflation hit 9 ...

UK , inflation

Anglo-Saxons to be suppressed under new world order, experts say

... the near future, the US, the UK and their European allies are ... actually the wealth looted from us, the Balkans, and other countries ...

us , uk , opinion

Deputy names those responsible for suspension of Russia-Ukraine talks

The UK is to blame for the ... . Everything is completely under the UK’s control.” According to the ...

ukraine , russia , uk , Gaidukevich , opinion

UK hit by cost of living crisis

... cost of living in the UK has skyrocketed and this is ...

UK , prices , crisis

China accuses Australia, US and UK of fomenting arms race

... in AUKUS partnership with the US and UK. Thus, the Head of ...

China , Australia , US , UK

Millions of Brits may feel cold in winter due to anti-Russian sanctions

... , as a result, millions of UK residents will no longer be ...

uk , prices , sanctions

Johnson says Soviet people’s efforts during war against Nazism were heroic

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes ... about the Ukrainian conflict, the UK Prime Minister noted that the ...

uk , russia , victory day , johnson

Brits advise Poles to engage in coal mining

... without gas and oil. Let us see how they will survive ...

poland , uk

Russian Defence Ministry responded to UK statement provoking Ukraine to strike targets in Russia

... on the statement of the UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey ...

Russia , UK

UK Defence Ministry advises Ukraine to strike at Russia

... Moscow – as stated by the UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State ... -made weapons. In addition, the UK official commented on Russian Foreign ...

ukraine , uk , russia

Millions of Brits forced to choose between food and heating

... the major problem for the UK residents. Some respondents already lack ...


Johnson confirmed training of Ukrainian army by British instructors

... military undergoing training in the UK may increase. Johnson's Office ... . On April 21 st , the UK Prime Minister informed that British ...

uk , johnson , Ukraine

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