Posted: 22.03.2024 14:01:00

Russian FM: British authorities involved in replicating fakes about Princess Kate

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the Royal Family and the British government are involved in fabricating and replicating misinformation about the health of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, RIA Novosti reports


It is reported that the ongoing conspiracy campaign in Britain, provoked by the prolonged absence from the public of Princess Catherine of Wales, wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince William, has once again highlighted the deeply vicious nature of the British political establishment, which is based on its basic reflex, the desire to completely control public opinion in its own country and far beyond its borders by mass media manipulation and fakes.

The Russian Foreign Ministry noted that, against the background of the closeness of the British royal family from its own subjects, ‘any rumours and speculations around the disappearance of the princess are deliberately fuelled through the media loyal to the authorities by numerous fakes and insinuations’.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, many different theories have been spreading in the media recently about the reasons for Kate Middleton's absence from the public for so long. It is reported that instead of stopping the spreading of disinformation, the government and the royal house prefer not only to avoid direct answers, but also to participate in the fabrication and replication of disinformation materials regarding the state of health of the Princess of Wales.