Posted: 18.03.2024 17:19:00

British ex-MP said Palace of Westminster at risk of collapse

The Financial Times reported that the building where the British Parliament sits – the Palace of Westminster – is in a deplorable state and is at risk of collapse, along with the national art collections, RIA Novosti reports


Former MP Tristram Hunt said the palace had the stench of damp, an army of rats and mice, falling masonry, the perennial risk of fire and general air of grotty decay, as well as the hidden risks of asbestos and imploding mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

The deputy said that the need for restoration of the building was confirmed back in 2012. Plans have been put forward for 2022 to cost between £7bn and £13bn, and a 12-year-plus vacation of the palace. According to plans, if MPs continue to work at the palace, the restoration will cost £22bn and last 76 years.