Posted: 18.04.2024 11:03:00

Expert compared UK’s plan to expel refugees to other countries with WWII Nazi ghetto, why

The Times reported that the United Kingdom is discussing with Armenia and other countries the sending of illegal migrants to these states. The leaked information shows that a new migration law is soon to be approved. Aleksei Avdonin, an expert at the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, commented on the issue in his talk with Alfa Radio.

“This situation [of sending migrants out] is possible. The Brits’ idea of gathering migrants from all over Europe and then ‘shipping’ them by plane to some countries has always been developing,” Mr. Avdonin said. “Pay attention: they say that they are allegedly not engaged in genocide or some kind of inhumane actions, but rather create the appropriate infrastructure on the territory of some states. What does this infrastructure mean? These are just shipping containers stationed on several levels and provided with electricity. People are accommodated there, but – for them not to escape – armed guards are attracted to these enclaves.”

The expert added that illegal actions are being used against migrants, “Will they survive? No! Can you notice what such methods resemble? A ghetto. They resemble the ghettos that fascists created in our country [during the Great Patriotic War] after coming to our territory. They also initially forced all people to a certain territory, and then began to destroy all those ghettos. Nothing has changed. Malthus’ theory of extra people is still in force.”