UK annual inflation hits 40-year high in April

UK consumer price inflation hit 9 ...

UK , inflation

Anglo-Saxons to be suppressed under new world order, experts say

... the near future, the US, the UK and their European allies are ... actually the wealth looted from us, the Balkans, and other countries ...

us , uk , opinion

Deputy names those responsible for suspension of Russia-Ukraine talks

The UK is to blame for the ... . Everything is completely under the UK’s control.” According to the ...

ukraine , russia , uk , Gaidukevich , opinion

UK hit by cost of living crisis

... cost of living in the UK has skyrocketed and this is ...

UK , prices , crisis

China accuses Australia, US and UK of fomenting arms race

... in AUKUS partnership with the US and UK. Thus, the Head of ...

China , Australia , US , UK

Millions of Brits may feel cold in winter due to anti-Russian sanctions

... , as a result, millions of UK residents will no longer be ...

uk , prices , sanctions

Johnson says Soviet people’s efforts during war against Nazism were heroic

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes ... about the Ukrainian conflict, the UK Prime Minister noted that the ...

uk , russia , victory day , johnson

Brits advise Poles to engage in coal mining

... without gas and oil. Let us see how they will survive ...

poland , uk

Russian Defence Ministry responded to UK statement provoking Ukraine to strike targets in Russia

... on the statement of the UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey ...

Russia , UK

UK Defence Ministry advises Ukraine to strike at Russia

... Moscow – as stated by the UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State ... -made weapons. In addition, the UK official commented on Russian Foreign ...

ukraine , uk , russia

Millions of Brits forced to choose between food and heating

... the major problem for the UK residents. Some respondents already lack ...


Johnson confirmed training of Ukrainian army by British instructors

... military undergoing training in the UK may increase. Johnson's Office ... . On April 21 st , the UK Prime Minister informed that British ...

uk , johnson , Ukraine

UK refuses to rescue its mercenaries from captivity in Ukraine

... Photo: “The UK leadership rejects its citizens that ...

uk , Ukraine

Expert explained how Anglo-Saxons are destroying European economy with anti-Russian agenda

... some individual bonuses from the UK and the USA. They are ... the expert. “But the UK and the US, due to the economic ...

Avdonin , Europe , UK , USA

Johnson refused to resign

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologised to British Parliament members for not following the measures introduced against COVID-19 during the first waves of the pandemic – but he decided not to resign despite the fine he paid, TASS reports Photo: “On April 12 th , I received a fixed penalty notice relating to an event in Downing Street on June 19 th , 2020. I immediately paid the fine and apologised to the British. I want to apologise to the House of Commons," he ...

uk , johnson , Ukraine

US plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Britain as early as 2023

The US government has decided to place ... weapons in Britain, with the UK added to the list of ... . According to The Guardian, the US government changed its attitude towards ...


West wants to transform Ukraine into Afghanistan-2, expert asserts

... Mariupol. He wondered what the UK soldiers had been doing there ... . “Let us scale the question: what have ... have not really started. Let us take a real look. What ...

ukraine , uk , negotiations , opinion

British mercenary found among captured Ukrainian marines

An interesting situation occurred in Ukraine: there was a Briton among the Ukrainian marines who surrendered in Mariupol – as informed by war correspondent Aleksandr Sladkov in his Telegram channel Photo by Telegram channel The reporter took a picture of the British mercenary who was found as part of a group of Ukrainians. According to Mr. Sladkov, the man named Aiden Eslin is also known as CossackGundi. Mr. Sladkov says Eslin was found and calculated on the night of April 13th, although other ...

ukraine , russia , uk

Brits outraged by Zelenskyy's new demands

... , rather than try to drag us all into WWIII. Ukraine is ... Zelenskyy respond to help the UK, the US or other countries when ...

uk , Ukraine

UK against Russia-Ukraine peace

... government sources – states that the UK does not want a peace ...

UK , russia , Ukraine

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