Moldova, Romania, the US, the UK hold joint military exercises

... servicemen from Romania, the UK and the US as part of the ...

uk , usa , moldova , romania , military excercise

Charles III’s state visit to France postponed due to protests over pension reform

The visit of King Charles III of Great Britain to France, which was supposed to take place from March 26th to 29th, has been postponed due to ongoing protests over pension reform in the country, TASS reports photo: The French presidency announced, “Given the announcement of another national day of protests against pension reform on Tuesday March 28th, the visit of Charles III, initially scheduled from 26th-28th March, has been postponed.” It is noted that the decision was made ...

France , UK , Macron , Charles III

Media: Switzerland dismantles Rapier air defence systems that could be sent to Ukraine

... this case, it is the UK which could subsequently send the ...

Switzerland , uk , Ukraine

Britain's defence strategy sees Russia as a threat

... replenish ammunition stocks, modernise the UK’s nuclear arsenal and finance ...

uk , russia

Russian Foreign Ministry explained which countries cannot act as mediators in settlement of Ukrainian issue

... ’. In his opinion, the US, the UK, France and Germany should be ...

russia , Ukraine , france , germany , UK , usa

UK to send depleted uranium shells to Ukraine

The UK has decided to transfer depleted ... . Over the past year, the UK's military assistance to Ukraine ...

uk , Ukraine , uranium

UK to increase its military budget by $6bn in next two years

The British government will increase defence spending by £5bn ($6bn) over two years – as stated by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Office, TASS reports Photo: It is informed that £3bn ($3.6bn) will go to the development of nuclear deterrence forces, while the remaining money will be used to replenish stocks after the transfer of ammunition and weapons to Kiev. The statement added that, in the long term, London intends to increase its military spending to 2.5 percent of GDP ...


Sunak: Paris, London should rely on nuclear facilities in energy sector

In his talk with Le Figaro , British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stressed the importance of using nuclear power plants in the energy sector Photo: Prior to his negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron, the British PM stressed that Paris and London should rely on the operation of nuclear power plants in the energy sector. "We have seen the negative impact of our dependence on fossil fuels and Russia's ability to use gas supplies as pressure. This underlines the ...

sunak , nuclear power plant , france , uk

British Defence Minister complained about UK army’s outdated weapons

... , Mr. Wallace said that the UK’s land forces resemble expensive ... dire need of replacement,” the UK Secretary of State for Defence ... in favour of increasing the UK’s military budget by 20 ...

uk , army

Daily Mail: Britain wants to ban illegal migrants from obtaining citizenship

The UK authorities are planning to impose ... migrants who arrive in the UK by boat across the English ... immigrants to return to the UK after deportation,” he said. Citizens ... illegally entering the UK by boat are planning to ... be banned from entering the UK for a period of 2 ...

UK , Rwanda , refugees

Thousands of UK ambulance workers go on strike

... large-scale strikes in the UK, with strike participants demanding higher ... that no one talks to us,” he pointed out. According to ...

UK , medicine , strike

UK unveils first King Charles III stamps

... remain legal tender in the UK.

UK , Charles III , stamps

Ex-deputy head of British Defence Ministry offered to send NATO military to Ukraine

The West should create a coalition of NATO member countries that would like to send their troops to Ukraine – as stated by the former deputy head of the British military department, Gerald Howarth, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In an interview with Sky News, he noted, “We need a strategic decision now, and I think we should create a coalition of those who want to join the conflict and support Ukraine in order to oust Russia.” Mr. Howarth urged the West to consider the option of ...

nato , Ukraine , UK

Prisoner of war: UK-trained AFU soldiers surrendered after 20 minutes of first battle

... Ukrainian soldiers trained in the UK surrendered twenty minutes after the ... sent to train in the UK. He spent there three weeks ... said. As previously reported, the UK has already trained ten thousand ...

Ukraine , UK

UK loses $124bn a year due to leaving EU

The UK’s exit from the European ... member of the EU. The UK also lost approximately 370,000 ... EU workers. “Did the UK commit an act of economic ... European Reform reported that the UK’s exit from the EU ... significant negative impact on the [UK] economy,” said Centre’s Deputy ...

UK , economy

Elizabeth II's friend who helped her secretly escape from the palace died

Queen Elizabeth II's friend died at the age of 97. Lady Anne Camilla Evelyn Nevill was known for being the most ‘mischievous’ companion of the monarch who helped her secretly go out in public, reports Photo by Daily Mail Elizabeth and Lady Anne knew each other since childhood, becoming friends in a squad of girl guides on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The Queen affectionately called her friend ‘Micky’. Lady Anne's husband, Lord Rupert Nevill, served as a personal treasurer and ...

Elizabeth II , UK

Teachers in England and Wales to hold strikes in February-March

The majority of teachers – members of the National Educational Union – have voted to take part in strikes in February and March, wishing to demand higher salaries against the background of high inflation and rising living costs, TASS reports Photo: It is informed that seven strikes are planned in England and Wales between February 1st and March 16 th . However, they will be organised in such a way, so that each school’s pause does not exceed four days. Ninety percent of ...

england , wales , strike , uk , teachers

British authorities fail to cope with tasks to improve environment situation

... Agency indicates that the UK government has not come closer ...

UK , ecology

Iranian Foreign Ministry announces retaliatory sanctions against EU and UK

... the European Union and the UK – as stated by Iranian Foreign ... London: the EU and the UK have imposed new sanctions against ...

Iran , EU , UK , sanctions

Locomotive engineers going on strike in the UK

... and 3 rd in the UK with a demand to increase ... on strikes again. In the UK, inflation has reached a record ...

uk , railway , strike

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