Posted: 18.03.2024 11:42:00

Expert explained who is to blame for ecocide of Ukrainian territory

The European Union has become the first international body to criminalise the most serious cases of environmental damage comparable to the so-called ecocide. An updated EU directive on environmental crimes is now being adopted, and European experts say that this is one of the most ambitious – and even revolutionary – laws in the world. The violator, if his illegal actions have led to severe environmental consequences, or to the death of people or other living beings, may face up to 10 years in prison. In his talk with Alfa Radio, political expert Vadim Borovik speculated on whether the European Union is engaged in the proper issues.

“The planet must be protected, and the first criminal case under this directive should be initiated against those who brought obsolete weapons to Ukraine for the purpose of disposal: in fact, these people carried out an ecocide of the Ukrainian territory. That crime led to the death of people. The EU developed legislation, formulated the corpus delicti and violated it themselves," the expert noted. “They disposed of ammunition in Ukraine, which had the potential to detonate. It is very expensive to get rid of such weapons domestically, so they were sent to the south of Europe – thus polluting the Black Sea and arable land.”

Mr. Borovik explained what the EU's disregard for environmental regulations will lead to, “When countries become economically weaker, they are forced to violate environmental standards, because it is very expensive to comply with them. Europe is economically weaker, and it will not be able to fulfil its own obligations, since it lacks funds for this.”