Posted: 10.04.2024 09:54:00

The Telegraph: UK would be unable to stand ground for more than two months in case of conflict with Russia

The British army will be able to fight for no more than two months in the event of a conflict with Russia, RIA Novosti reports with reference to The Telegraph


“When put to him by Mark Francois, the former Armed Forces Minister, that the UK ‘couldn’t fight Russia for more than a couple of months in a full-on shooting war because we don’t have the ammunition and the reserves of equipment to do it, that’s true, isn’t it?’, Sir Rob [Magowan, the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff] acknowledged that was true,” the publication reads, referring to the British military officials.

According to the source, other representatives of the British Armed Forces also state that London will not be able to fight in a possible conflict for a long time – due to cost cuts and a shortage of fighters.