Belarus’ Defence Ministry: check of army combat readiness continues

... check continues in the Belarusian army, with involvement of units of ... near the western borders. The army clearly demonstrates that Polonaise and ... Special Operations Forces, said. The army's combat readiness check continues ...

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Estonia likely to double its army

Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur has sent for approval a bill which envisages an increase in the Defence Forces’ personnel from 26.7 thousand to 43.7 thousand soldiers in wartime, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to Ms. Pevkur, the current state defence development plan says that 26.7 thousand soldiers are involved during wartime. “It is proposed to increase this figure to 43,700,” she said. The upper limit of the number of wartime personnel now includes the Defence ...

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British Defence Minister complained about UK army’s outdated weapons

... 's military budget and the army size (which currently exceeds 72 ...

uk , army

Bogodel: Belarusian army made breakthrough in military-technical sphere in recent years

... territory of Belarus, then our army will be ready to repel ... He noted that the Belarusian army is really combat-ready, mobile ... if we compare how our army looked, maybe a year or ...

Belarus , Armed Forces , army

Sri Lanka to cut its army due to economic crisis

... reducing the size of the army in the future – cutting it ...

Sri Lanka , army

Netherlands, Germany plan to merge their land combat units

... spokesperson of the Royal Netherlands Army, Major Mark van de Beek ... Brigade of the Netherlands Army into the German Army’s 10th Panzer ... do not include the Dutch Army’s special forces units. According ...

NATo , EU , army , Germany , the Netherlands

Flight tactical exercises of armies of Belarus and Russia entered active phase

The presence of aviation has been significantly increased at all country’s airfields and every day dozens of aircraft and helicopters take to the skies to perform tasks Photo by Aleksandr Sots ‘An aircraft is flying near the state border, presumably a reconnaissance aircraft’, is a fragment of one of the regular reports that are daily received by the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence. There are no exercises here. For those who follow the actions of NATO aviation over the past few years, ...

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Finnish army to attract more female volunteers

... volunteers to serve in the army starting from 2023, Helsingin Sanomat ...

Finland , army

Expert outlines the Belarusian army by 2030

... comments on what the Belarusian army should become by 2030. “Since ... necessary, so that the Belarusian army could determine the preparation for ... . Chibisov believes, by 2030, Belarus’ army will become even more mobile ...

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Weapons transfer to Ukraine led to weakening of British army, media report

By transferring weapons to Ukraine, Britain has weakened its own armed forces – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to British Times Photo: According to the source of the publication, the British government is monitoring to prevent a decrease in the number of critical advanced weapons. However, many experts express the opinion that the armed forces of Britain are no longer as powerful as they used to be. The reason was the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. The ...

UK , Ukraine , weapons , army

Belarus ready to respond in case of western aggression

... Council, Aleksandr Volfovich, said Belarus’ army is ready to respond to ...

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Lukashenko: Belarusian army is mobile and equipped with latest weapons

... “The modern Belarusian army is mobile, compact and equipped ...

Lukashenko , army

Belarusian servicemen propose new contests for Army Games

The Results of 2021 International Army Games international conference has been ... the results of 2021 International Army Games, the conference participants discussed ...

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Khrenin: Belarusian servicemen are reliable pillar of state security

Belarus’ Defence Minister, Lieutenant-General Viktor Khrenin, has presented state awards and colonel's shoulder straps to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Belarus – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel “You and the teams you head have withstood the test of strength with honour – demonstrating courage, steadfastness, loyalty to the oath and our people. By your example of selfless service to the Motherland, you have proved that servicemen of the Belarusian Armed ...

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Best rocket division to be named in Belarus

Competitions for the title of the best rocket (rocket artillery) division of missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces have been launched under the leadership of Major General Gennady Kozlovsky, the Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery – Chief of the Armed Forces Directorate for Rocket Troops and Artillery of the General Staff, as reported by the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo: The best rocket and rocket artillery divisions of the Armed Forces will take part ...

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Armoured BTR-82A vehicles already in Minsk

... model are also used by armies of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. photos ...

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