Belarusian servicemen propose new contests for Army Games

The Results of 2021 International Army Games international conference has been ... the results of 2021 International Army Games, the conference participants discussed ...

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Khrenin: Belarusian servicemen are reliable pillar of state security

Belarus’ Defence Minister, Lieutenant-General Viktor Khrenin, has presented state awards and colonel's shoulder straps to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Belarus – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel “You and the teams you head have withstood the test of strength with honour – demonstrating courage, steadfastness, loyalty to the oath and our people. By your example of selfless service to the Motherland, you have proved that servicemen of the Belarusian Armed ...

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Best rocket division to be named in Belarus

Competitions for the title of the best rocket (rocket artillery) division of missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces have been launched under the leadership of Major General Gennady Kozlovsky, the Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery – Chief of the Armed Forces Directorate for Rocket Troops and Artillery of the General Staff, as reported by the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo: The best rocket and rocket artillery divisions of the Armed Forces will take part ...

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Armoured BTR-82A vehicles already in Minsk

... model are also used by armies of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. photos ...

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