Labour Ministry: more than third of Belarus’ MPs are women

... , spoke of the role of women in Belarus’ life at a ... “In the modern world, ensuring women's rights and taking measures ... poeplulation – live in Belarus now. Women make a significant contribution to ... . The economic status of a woman is growing annually, and this ... is higher than men's. Women hold more than 30 percent ... does a lot to support women in the labour market and ...

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MP: no gender inequality in Belarus

... all roads are open to women in any field – as ... the awarding ceremony of the Woman of the Year laureates, the ... MP noted that women occupy a special place in ... society. “Take France, for example. Women there have lower wages than ... really short. In other countries, women are not allowed to do ... renders a huge support for women – providing, for example, a ... recent meeting with the Belarusian Women’s Union representatives, the President ... in the country, so Belarusian women can feel protected.”

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Kochanova: Woman of the Year contest is among Belarus’ good traditions

... awarding the winners of the Woman of the Year republican ... about the contribution of Belarusian women to the country’s ... say words of gratitude to women who make a significant ... a civic stance. Our women always support initiatives aimed at ... and it’s always great when we all get together.” According ... Kochanova, representatives of the Belarusian Women's Union are still encouraged ... Lukashenko. “Our President always supports women's initiatives,” she stated. “By ... the way, the Woman of the Year contest was ...

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Kochanova: women must advocate Belarusian traditions and values more loudly

... . The growing number of women among deputies at various levels ... in the world, “Therefore, women must advocate more loudly that ... our mission, the mission of women. When we are together, we ... how scary it is when children die, when cities and villages ... are destroyed and when your country practically no ... longer exists. Those women who live with their minds ... Kochanova also spoke about militant women in world politics, whose ... tears are unacceptable. How can women today, who consider themselves ...

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Lukashenko congratulated Belarusian ladies: your soul is amazing world of love

... ladies of the country on Women's Day “With special warmth ... on a sweet spring holiday: Women's Day,” the Belarusian leader ... reads. “The soul of a woman is an amazing world of ... harmony,” Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed Belarusian women. “We – men – feel confident in ... in society.” Aleksandr Lukashenko wished women good health, prosperity and success ...

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Turchin: state pays respect with Order of Mother to ladies with many children

... solemn event dedicated to the women's holiday and the presentation ... in their homework, provided care when they are ill, but the ... to educate children. Therefore, these women deserve the utmost respect, and ... would like to wish all women good health, optimism and well ... 2011 to 2024, 2,626 women were awarded the Order of ... to be presented with the women’s main award by Aleksandr ...

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Minsk traffic police officers presented flowers to female drivers on Women’s Day Eve

... Youth Union (BRSM), traditionally congratulated women drivers Photo: the press service ... , the inspectors stopped cars with women drivers and, instead of checking ... city traffic police departments “Addressing women drivers, we also reminded them ... to comply with traffic rules. Women got only positive emotions, they ... , we congratulate beautiful ladies on Women's Day and present them ... became a pleasant surprise for women drivers, who smiled and thanked ...

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Two-day Belarusian-Chinese women's forum kicked off in MSLU

... education is steadily growing. Women’s professional qualities in the ... and these include respect for women and recognition of their significant ... mutual understanding between peoples. “Women are now making a special ... has been established between our women's organisations. The Chinese Federation ... of Women and the Belarusian Women’s Union enjoy ... thanks to the interaction between women's organisations, multi-level and ... helps concentrate the power of women for sustainable development of ...

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Symbolic gift made in ancient technique presented by women to Lukashenko

Representatives of the Belarusian Women’s Union presented My Ancient ... St. Yevfrosiniya Polotskaya initiated the women's movement in the Belarusian ... an example for all Belarusian women. The panel is authored by ...

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Lukashenko presented state awards to best representatives of Belarusian Women’s Union

... best representatives of the Belarusian Women’s Union today photo: www ... .by On the eve of Women’s Day, the Head of ... happy first of all! A woman's happiness is the greatest ...

Lukashenko , women , President

Lukashenko: state will support motherhood and childhood under all conditions and circumstances

... the activists of the Belarusian Women’s Union public association photo ... no less importance for every woman. The President clarified, “This is ...

Lukashenko , women , President

Lukashenko to women: you are our most effective diplomatic weapon

Women play an important role in ... the activists of the Belarusian Women’s Union public association As ... impossible for men to surpass women. “It would be simply ... active involvement,” he said. “Our women-creators not only solve everyday ... initiate and implement new ideas. Women play an important role in ... he is proud that many women in Belarus hold high positions ... . “I respect and rejoice when a woman runs an organisation… Therefore, all ... us. The position of a woman in Belarusian society is determined ...

Lukashenko , women , President

Belarusian Women's Union member: President of Belarus supports women like no other

... entrepreneurship wing of the Belarusian Women's Union, Yelena Prokhorova, ... calls himself ‘the most pro-woman President’, in her talk ... President has never infringed on women. Look at what is ... 5 years there, while our women have three years. There ... to support motherhood and childhood. Women are given the opportunity to ... the Head of State differently when we understand that he ... supports women like no other?” When asked by the ... host, Marat Markov, why women took to the streets and ...

Women , Belarusian Women’s Union

Shpilevskaya: Belarusian Women's Union is becoming increasingly recognisable public organisation with growing authority

The Belarusian Women's Union (BWU) is becoming ... its authority is growing among women and men alike – as stated ... , continuity of generations, care for women's health, and a web ... effective connections with like-minded women from different spheres in the ... credibility is growing among both women and men and that our ...

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Ukrainian women began to be employed at coal mines due to shortage of personnel

... coal mines employ hundreds of women due to lack of personnel ... Holding says that approximately 400 women currently work at its mines ... in Ukraine. Before the conflict, women were not allowed to work ...

Ukraine , women , mining

LADY Expo-2023 international specialised trade fair of goods and services for women kicked off in Minsk

... it to become a traditional women’s forum attracting the attention ... of not only women, but also men – as ... of goods and services for women She noted that the event ... pleasant souvenirs that make us, women, so happy,” noted Olga Chupris ... These include a forum of women’s leadership and career opportunities ... , organised by the Belarusian Women’s Union and Belinvestbank (on ... the first day), and Women’s Health medical conference (on ... state enterprise and the Belarusian Women’s Union.

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Kochanova: increasing number of women engaged in entrepreneurship in Belarus

... and Creation Republican Forum of Women Entrepreneurs “You are creating economic ... forum organised by the Belarusian Women's Union jointly with the ... regulate some business issues. The women who have gathered here today ... in our country’s history when well-known events began to ... take place in 2020, and women gathered for a large-scale ...

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Women urge to unite in the name of Belarus’ development

Following 2 nd Republican Women's Forum, a resolution – urging ... all Belarusian women and all compatriots to show ... has chosen us. We, the women of Belarus, participants of the ... 2 nd Republican Women's Forum, are determined to ... countries and peoples’. The Republican Women's Forum has become a ... . An increasing number of Belarusian women are now participating in creative ...

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Women support prosperous Belarus

... once again publicly declare that women are united, adding that ladies ... attention to women: a mother-woman, a worker-woman, a creator-woman… As the ... we – ladies – are united. We – women – stand for our native and ... prosperous Belarus. We – women – stand for peace and harmony ... . We – women – stand for kind attitude to ... .” Ms. Kochanova also emphasised the women’s contribution to amending the ...

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Women account for 40% of scientists in Belarus

... Sociology has shared interesting data: women account for 40 percent of ... that, in our modern times, women demonstrate a creative potential and ... of the NAS scientific organisations, women here make up 48.9 ... sciences, 44.5 percent are women; this figure is also higher ... two academicians are represented by women in Belarus,” Ms. Solovey commented ... NAS researchers under 35 are women and around 50 percent of ... . Regardless of the degree, most women view scientific activity as their ...

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