Belarus sets to start kaolin mining in 2024

... is planned to start kaolin mining in Belarus in 2024 – as ... state bodies for exploration and mining, as well as use and ... in our country, and its mining will begin this year,” Mr ... only half of them are mined. For example, deposits of 13 ...

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Expert on BELAZ JSC novelties: future of mining equipment lies in new technologies

... the Director General of Sibanthracite Mining LLC, Aleksandr Stalev, on the ... sidelines of the Electrification of Mining Transport international conference, ... of the quarries of Sibanthracite Mining LLC reaches a level below ... . “Today, we are the largest mining company in the world. By ... Stalev emphasised. The Electrification of Mining Transport international conference brought together ...

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Expert explained why border mining to become starting response to military aggression against Belarus

... a minor decisive role, while mines have not lost their relevance ... . As noted by the expert, mines are not outdated at present ... short, NATO members admit that mines are effective,” he said. Mr ... of Belarus’ President: fortification and mining of the relevant border territories ... all be blown up by mines, we will get into a ...

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Ukrainian women began to be employed at coal mines due to shortage of personnel

Ukrainian coal mines employ hundreds of women due ... women currently work at its mines, which is 2.5 percent ... involvement of prisoners in the mines.

Ukraine , women , mining

Sweden wants to lift uranium mining ban

... lift the ban on uranium mining introduced five years ago – as ... government is open to uranium mining in Sweden and sees a ... a decision to ban uranium mining from August 1st of the ...

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Belarus mined 2.4m tonnes of peat in 2022

As noted by the Energy Ministry, peat is Belarusian gold, because it is not only an energy resource: it can be used for a wide range of other purposes “Belarusian enterprises have extracted 2.4m tonnes of peat [this year], and they are capable of producing about 1.3m tonnes of peat fuel. The rest of the peat will be used for the production of soil," the Energy Ministry reported. In addition, a new facility to produce peat cover soils has been launched in the Brest Region. This import- ...

peat , mining

Peat production in Belarus growing

... volumes for 2022 have been mined. “To meet the needs of ... produced as a result.” The mining season continues, and it will ...

peat , mining

Belarus ready to supply mining machinery to Murmansk Region

... of supplying machinery for the mining industry to Russia’s Murmansk ... definitely need to upgrade our mining machinery, and our enterprises are ...

machinery , mining , murmansk , council of ministers

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