Women urge to unite in the name of Belarus’ development

Following 2 nd Republican Women's Forum, a resolution – urging ... all Belarusian women and all compatriots to show ... has chosen us. We, the women of Belarus, participants of the ... 2 nd Republican Women's Forum, are determined to ... countries and peoples’. The Republican Women's Forum has become a ... . An increasing number of Belarusian women are now participating in creative ...

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Women support prosperous Belarus

... once again publicly declare that women are united, adding that ladies ... attention to women: a mother-woman, a worker-woman, a creator-woman… As the ... we – ladies – are united. We – women – stand for our native and ... prosperous Belarus. We – women – stand for peace and harmony ... . We – women – stand for kind attitude to ... .” Ms. Kochanova also emphasised the women’s contribution to amending the ...

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Women account for 40% of scientists in Belarus

... Sociology has shared interesting data: women account for 40 percent of ... that, in our modern times, women demonstrate a creative potential and ... of the NAS scientific organisations, women here make up 48.9 ... sciences, 44.5 percent are women; this figure is also higher ... two academicians are represented by women in Belarus,” Ms. Solovey commented ... NAS researchers under 35 are women and around 50 percent of ... . Regardless of the degree, most women view scientific activity as their ...

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Women's Union appeals to European officials

... regional organisation of the Belarusian Women’s Union has posted its ... you keeping silence, dear gentlemen, when Polish security forces are using ... tear gas against defenceless children, women and families of refugees from ... of rights of children and women.

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Kochanova addressed Eurasian Women's Forum

... in the 3 rd Eurasian Women's Forum in St. ... on a global mission of women in the new reality PHOTO ... that the global mission of women is to prevent conflicts, reconcile ... . Our modern world needs such women – diplomats and peace-makers – ... in live human communication. When united, women of goodwill can do a ... of humanity depends on us, women.” The Chairperson of the Council ... political games. She stressed, “Some women are the outright disappointment and ... the nature of a Belarusian woman – to be the guardian ...

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Kochanova to take part in Eurasian Women's Forum

... in the 3 rd Eurasian Women's Forum in St. Petersburg ... CIS) – will focus on the Women: A Global Mission in a ... . Held since 2015, the Eurasian Women's Forum is a high ... agenda and the role of women in its implementation.

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Nazism and Nazi accomplices will never be rehabilitated on Belarusian land

... Belarusian Union of Women, Russia’s Union of Women, ministries and departments ... of the Belarusian Union of Women, focused on the topic of ... . Belarusian society understands this. We – women – are a responsible, creative force ...

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Marianna Shchetkina: women of Belarus and Russia to jointly resist destructive information attacks

... Belarusian Union of Women, Russia’s Union of Women, ministries and departments ... brought together activists of the women's movement to discuss topical ... Belarusian and Russian unions of women discussed the events taken place ... of the Belarusian Union of Women, the Head of the Representative ... was also discussed in Mir. “Women’s participation in state decision ... of Russia’s Union of Women – Women’s Alliance, a Candidate of ... Professor, Yelena Kalinina, stressed, adding, “Women are the most active electorate ...

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Belarusian Union of Women and Russia’s Union of Women to prepare a project to train women leaders

... of the Belarusian Union of Women, the First Deputy Healthcare Minister ... Bogdan, has informed that the women's associations of Belarus and ... create a system for training women leaders – as reported by the ... State “The Belarusian Union of Women once had such an initiative ... ’ve launched our school of women's leadership and its first ... remarkable experience in development of women in all spheres. We want ... launch a joint project on women's leadership,” Ms. Bogdan said ...

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Kochanova: women of Belarus and Russia need to unite to jointly solve global problems

... of Russia’s Union of Women Active women of Russia have come ... of the 3 rd Eurasian Women's Forum scheduled to be ... important that co-operation between women of our countries is developing ... tasks which our countries and women face now,” she said. The ... then and need it now – when roadmaps are being signed and ... of Russia’s Union of Women – Women’s Alliance, expressed solidarity with ... signed with the Union of Women of Belarus and a range ... Russian and Belarusian women. We have brought our Women of Russia and ...

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Economy Ministry willing to support women's entrepreneurship

... the main barriers that hinder women's involvement in entrepreneurship. Among ... “There is no institute of women's entrepreneurship in our country ... viewed as conditional obstacles to women’s joining business activity. These ... all categories of business entities. Women are more motivated to start ... often refuses to borrow money. “Women account for only 10 percent ... issues,” the expert noted, adding, “When we talk about stimulating business ... the fore in development of women's entrepreneurship. “The Economy ...

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Belarusian women concerned

Belarusian Union of Women has posted a statement in ... reads: ‘The Belarusian Union of Women cannot remain indifferent to the ... . The death of an unfortunate woman, a mother of three children ... the European media keep silent when politicians and governments ignore the ... people fleeing from war, unhappy women and children become a tool ... of the Belarusian Union of Women. We should be strong and ...

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Belarusian women against sanctions

The Belarusian Women's Union appeal on countering ... of Elders of the Belarusian Women’s Union to inform that ... rights and legitimate interests of women, families and children, ensuring the ... decent position of women in society, increasing their role ... 30th anniversary of the Belarusian Women’s Union were outlined. According ...


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