Expert explains why Lithuanian and Latvian authorities dislike their citizens’ visits to Belarus

... Belarus – as noted by Olga Shpilevskaya, the Director of the Mir ... Radio As noted by Ms. Shpilevskaya, Belarus’ path is like a ... country has,” she said. Ms. Shpilevskaya added that Belarus still copes ... regime. “Propaganda is failing,” Ms. Shpilevskaya agreed. “Any mass media is ... come and to see,” Ms. Shpilevskaya stated.

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Nazism will once again ruin Europeans, expert says

... aid to Ukraine, and Olga Shpilevskaya – the Director of the Mir ... this as well," Ms. Shpilevskaya stressed.

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Shpilevskaya comments on Western sanctions against Russia and Belarus

... and the United States, Olga Shpilevskaya, the Director of the Mir ... ,” she noted. According to Olga Shpilevskaya, the more the standard of ... sooner or later,” explained Ms. Shpilevskaya. Speaking about the response of ...

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Journalists of state media to defend Belarus’ information field with a pen

... TV and Radio Company, Olga Shpilevskaya, in her talk with Alfa ... figure everything out,” said Olga Shpilevskaya. The Director of Belarus’ office ... struggle for the truth, Ms. Shpilevskaya noted that Belarusians certainly trust ... communicate with them live.” Olga Shpilevskaya is sure that we cannot ...

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