Malkina: shortage of vital goods does not threaten EAEU

... ensure food security in the EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC ... of agricultural products outside the EAEU. “I would like to note ... within the framework of the EAEU, the industrial block and agro ...

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EAEU working over new export logistics routes

... Belarus suffer – but also the EAEU partner states. Ms. Malkina commented ... to enhance sustainability of the EAEU economies’. In particular, measures aimed ... and logistics centres within the EAEU will be adopted, and a ...

malkina , EAEU , logistics

In January 2022, EAEU foreign trade was 62.6% up

... with the states outside the EAEU made $76.3bn – or 62 ... .6 percent. Exports to non-EAEU countries from Kazakhstan (by 94 ...

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EAEU countries are the core of new economic model, expert asserts

... Photo: www.ctv.by “The EAEU and the CSTO are quite ... political expert emphasised that the EAEU member states are the core ...


EEC to speed up EAEU response measures to external challenges

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) plans to consider the initiatives on the Eurasian Economic Union response measures to external challenges on a fast-tracked basis – as reported by BelTA with reference to the EEC trade bloc Photo: www.belta.by “In order to promptly respond to external challenges and ensure the stability of the economic situation in the Eurasian Economic Union, the EEC is preparing its proposals and collecting the initiatives of the parties. The final documents will be ...


High-level working group to be established in EAEU

... of the economy of the EAEU member states, including ensuring macroeconomic ... and financial markets of the EAEU countries and the backbone sectors ...


Golovchenko: new era of EAEU development coming

... create added value for all EAEU member states,” Mr. Golovchenko said ... creating a new product. “All EAEU members are not protected against ...

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EAEU prime ministers to meet on February 24th-25th in Nur-Sultan

... of government of the EAEU member states, the EAEU observer states (Cuba ... Photo: www.belta.by “The EAEU heads of government will discuss ... of goods imported into the EAEU customs territory and the agreement ... of navigation seals in the EAEU for tracking shipments,” informed the ... civil aircraft manufacturing in the EAEU member states in 2022-2023 ... prospects of development of the EAEU’s integrated information system.” Moreover ... the joint project of the EAEU member states – Eurasian Agroexpress – dealing ...


Belarus boasts greatest progress in Economic Freedom Rating among EAEU states

Almost all EAEU member states have improved their ... 2021, rating agencies updated the EAEU sovereign credit rating to register ... the Global Innovation Index. “The EAEU countries have also demonstrated a ... the highest position among the EAEU member states,” the EEC official ... representative noted. In general, the EAEU boasts good potential in the ... a rating agency in the EAEU.

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EAEU stock markets continued growing in 2021

The 2021 results indicate that stock markets of the Eurasian Economic Union continued to grow last year – as informed by the official representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Iya Malkina, during an online briefing PHOTO: FACEBOOK ACCOUNT “The total trading volume reached $14.4 trillion – to increase by 8 percent against 2020,” Ms. Malkina said, adding that trading volumes at the major commodity exchanges reached $27.5bn (a 50 percent rise). Petroleum products topped the trades. “Let ...

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Belarus enjoys highest growth rate of citizens’ income in the EAEU

... among the highest among the EAEU countries – as stated by Mikhail ... the basic laws of each EAEU member. The state for the ... for Working Population of the EAEU Member States – which envisages equal ... contribute to formation of the EAEU common labour market. “Migrant workers ...

Myasnikovich , EAEU

Belarus enjoyed largest increase in EAEU industrial production

From January-November 2021, the EAEU industrial production increased by more ...

malkina , EAEU

Japarov proposed to form a pool of infrastructure projects

... 's presidency in the EAEU bodies in 2022 posted ... the topical directions of the EAEU development this year. In ... ensuring food security in the EAEU member states remains topical, ... and principles for supporting the EAEU national economies, “We propose ... convergence of approaches of the EAEU member states within the ... the Kyrgyz leader, the EAEU development is connected with the ... , medical assistance to the EAEU workers and their family members ... establish and annually hold the EAEU Youth Forum. “In 2022, ...

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EAEU ready to resolve sensitive issues of gas supply

... 23 rd , heads of the EAEU authorised bodies in the energy ... international treaty on establishing the EAEU common gas market and uniform ...

gas , EEC , EAEU

GDP of EAEU exceeded $1,425bn in nine months

The volume of EAEU gross domestic product exceeded $1, ... goods and services in the EAEU made 100.9 percent in ...

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Self-sufficient union

... in the economies of the EAEU countries, the implementation of the ... of navigation seals in the EAEU for tracking shipments, the President ... customs transit system of the EAEU being formed, “Digitalisation of ... the transit attractiveness of the EAEU.” Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to ... introduction of amendments to the EAEU Treaty had been prepared for ... of international activities in the EAEU for 2022, Aleksandr Lukashenko proposed ... the Russian Federation outside the EAEU perimeter. At the same time ...

Lukashenko , EAEU , economy

Lukashenko: protection of EAEU economic interests to become an integral element of international activity

... the major priorities of the EAEU international activities in 2022 which ... of plans to develop the EAEU, the Belt and Road initiative ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko calls on EAEU to step up industrial co-operation in 2022

... support of industry in the EAEU member countries is another element ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko appreciates EAEU good results in foreign and mutual trade

... internal borders, and enhance the EAEU transit attractiveness.

Lukashenko , EAEU

Unemployment rate down in Belarus

... of unemployed registered at the EAEU employment services in late October ... registered in Belarus among the EAEU member states: 6,500 people ... in Belarus. As for other EAEU countries, there are 830,400 ...

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