Myasnikovich discussed with Rosatom Director General implementation of co-operation projects in EAEU

... can be used by the EAEU countries’. Earlier, the EEC determined ... to develop interaction in the EAEU in the field of hydrogen ...

Myasnikovich , EAEU , EEC

EAEU internal trade increased by almost 13 percent

... of mutual trade of the EAEU member states from January-November ... 31.2 percent (from the EAEU countries) against the background of ... countries with supplies from the EAEU states, including through parallel import ...

economy , EAEU , EDB , trade

EAEU plans to create Eurasian industrial zone in South Africa

... yet been mastered by the EAEU producers. Mr. Kamalyan noted that ... the private sector of the EAEU countries and South Africa under ... markets of integration economic associations (EAEU and the African Union), including ... the effective functioning of the EAEU free trade zones with a ...

eaeu , eec , South Africa

EDB predicts improvement in Belarus' GDP dynamics

Eurasian Development Bank analysts note that, in 2022, the country’s GDP decreased by 4.7 percent According to the EDB conclusions, the domestic demand remained restrained last year, since the volume of retail trade and investments in fixed assets decreased in December. “In the coming months, the rate of GDP reduction in Belarus may remain close to the December value and will begin to slow down in the spring. In turn, by summer, GDP may move to growth in the absence of new shocks,” experts added ...

economy , EAEU , EDB , GDP

EAEU industrial production reached almost $1.5tr

The figure has been announced by Eurasian Economic Commission’s press service: in January-November 2022, industrial production in the Eurasian Economic Union amounted to almost $1.5 trillion, or 99.8 percent against the same period in 2021 Photo: www.E-CIS.INFO Industrial production growth was recorded in Kyrgyzstan — by 14 percent, Armenia — by 8.4 percent, and Kazakhstan — by 1.4 percent.

EAEU , industrial production

EAEU, Iran agreed on almost all parameters of free trade zone

... , the trade turnover between the EAEU and Iran increased by 74 ... of economic collaboration between the EAEU and Iran were discussed. Moreover ...

EAEU , Iran , co-operation , trade

EAEU agricultural production totalled $154.8bn in 11 months of 2022

... was observed across all five EAEU member states: Kazakhstan – by 8 ...

EAEU , production , agriculture

EAEU-China trade volumes likely to exceed $200bn in 2022

... of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) with China may exceed $200bn ... main trading partner of the EAEU, and its position in trade ... informed by the EEC, the EAEU-China trade turnover increased by ... small trade deficit of the EAEU in trade with China for ... imports from China among the EAEU members: more than 80 percent ...

EAEU , china , trade

Malkina: mutual trade in EAEU rose by 11.9%, investments increased

... the macroeconomic situation in the EAEU – as noted by the official ... increase the stability of the EAEU economies. Today we can state ... . According to Iya Malkina, the EAEU has a great adaptive potential ... . “The existing difficulties of the EAEU largely compensate for the growth ... of mutual trade in the EAEU amounted to 11.9 percent ... increased. In January-October 2022, EAEU industrial production totalled $1.3 ...

EAEU , Malkina

On Merkel’s statements, the conflict in Ukraine and gas prices

... were also raised at the EAEU summit. All parties expressed their ... recalled that in 2025 the EAEU partners should enter these single ...

Lukashenko , Bishkek , EAEU

Strategic objectives for the EAEU

... important thing is that the EAEU prevented deterioration of the ... to strategic areas of the EAEU development along with accomplishing ... industrial co-operation from the EAEU budget. The possibility of ... removing barriers in the EAEU domestic market I believe ... The presidency in the EAEU is transferred from Kyrgyzstan ... Petersburg. The Heads of the EAEU States signed a protocol amending ... the International Activities of the EAEU for 2023, a list ... a subsidiary body — the EAEU council of heads of authorised ...

Lukashenko , bishkek , EAEU

Putin agreed with Lukashenko on need to remove customs barriers

This year, the EAEU has adopted a number of ... .belta.by “This year, the EAEU has adopted a number of ... currently being implemented in the EAEU, aiming at creation and effective ...

putin , Lukashenko , EAEU

EEC commented on decision to start negotiations with the UAE on free trade zone

... a large number of the EAEU companies, including innovative ones, in ... strengthening the positions of the EAEU exporters in the Persian Gulf ... free trade agreement between the EAEU and the UAE was established ... , from 2015 to 2021, the EAEU-UAE mutual trade increased 4 ... $6.3bn: exports from the EAEU rose 4.7-fold, and ...

eec , eaeu , uae

Putin: EAEU worked effectively this year and continued to develop consistently

... unfavourable world political situation, the EAEU took timely and effective measures ... economic sectors and supporting the EAEU economic ties.” In particular, the ... dropped very noticeably in the EAEU member states – by 18 percent ... completed construction works within the EAEU: by 4.7 percent, “It ...

EAEU , summit , Putin , Bishkek

Lukashenko proposed joint summit for EAEU, SCO and BRICS

The EAEU should give priority attention to ... hold a summit of the EAEU, SCO and BRICS member states ... United Arab Emirates, “For the EAEU, this is primarily a landmark ... , which the baton of the EAEU chairmanship is passing to.

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko announced EAEU strategic goals

... the international positioning of the EAEU are paramount today – as stated ... the strategic tasks for the EAEU, the Belarusian Head of State ... the issue of empowering the EAEU bodies with the authority to ... at the expense of the EAEU budget.” The President of Belarus ... removal of obstacles in the EAEU internal market. Aleksandr Lukashenko shared ... of the establishment of our EAEU. This will solve the two ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko explained what helped EAEU to cope with sanctions and what crisis the West will face

... ensure the stability of the EAEU national economies – as stated by ... ensure the stability of the EAEU national economies. The decisions taken ... the strategic directions of the EAEU development – along with solving the ...

EAEU , Lukashenko

In January-October, trade turnover of Belarus’ industrial enterprises with EAEU organisations up by almost 40%

... of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) member states increased by almost ... with their partners from the EAEU countries. This year is marked ... basis of deliveries to the EAEU countries are tractors, harvesters, agricultural ...

EAEU , Industry Ministry , Belarus

Japarov at EAEU summit in a narrow format: commitment to integration and formation of bridges between markets

... , opening the meeting of the EAEU summit in a narrow format ... on the economies of the EAEU member states. In these difficult ... and strengthening interaction within the EAEU, building bridges between the Eurasian ... and relevant issues for the EAEU.


Lukashenko taking part in EAEU summit in Bishkek

... person took place at the EAEU summit in 2019. Since 2020 ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

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