Aviation security body initiated for EAEU

... ;International air traffic in the EAEU should be as safe as ...

eec , EAEU

Eurasian system of environmental and climate regulation for EAEU

... with green transformation of the EAEU states’ economies – not only state ... to supplement and develop the EAEU Treaty in terms of the ... of natural absorbing capabilities, the EAEU occupies one of the leading ... world. This means that the EAEU – as an integration association – boasts ... can be guaranteed to all EAEU states only in the format ... of development institutions of all EAEU states, the Eurasian Development Bank ...

EAEU , climate

Aviation Department proposes to create joint EAEU administration

... within the framework of the EAEU or the Union State," ...

Union State , EAEU , aviation

Myasnikovich: EAEU economy recovering after the pandemic

... Myasnikovich, took part in the EAEU business forum – Integration: New Opportunities ... stable horizontal ties in the EAEU and enjoy a sufficient capacity ...

eaeu , eec , integration

Federico Sboarina: Verona forum likely to give impetus to Italy-EAEU trade turnover

... ties between Italy and the EAEU member states – as stated by ...

eaeu , economy , forum

Unified customs transit system for EAEU

... a draft agreement for the EAEU unified customs transit system – as ...


Integration initiatives by Belarus

... Common digital space of the EAEU. What other topics were tackled ... the financial infrastructure of the EAEU, “To increase the number ... our countries. Therefore, the EAEU should step up efforts to ... economic co-operation between the EAEU member states within the ... through the territory of the EAEU countries.” Igor Petrishenko explained ... by third countries on the EAEU states. From now on, ... has resumed in almost all EAEU states. In January-June, ... trade between the EAEU member states increased by almost ...

EAEU , Belarus , Integration , summit

EAEU common oil and gas markets start work in 2025

The common markets for oil and gas will start their functioning on January 1 st , 2025 – as informed by the official representative of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Iya Malkina, during an online briefing Photo: facebook account "To date, concepts and programmes envisaging formation of common markets for gas, oil and petroleum products have been approved, while measures necessary to implement them are being realised,” Ms. Malkina stated. She recalled that, during the Supreme Council ...

economy , eec , EAEU , gas

Climate and digital initiatives bank for EAEU

... present the technologies which the EAEU states have developed to use ... harmonisation and support of the EAEU member states’ national measures in ...


EAEU to jointly respond to sanctions

The EAEU countries have agreed to jointly ... and Russia but concerns all EAEU members.

eaeu , petrishenko

EAEU ready to stand against new challenges

... within the Commission and the EAEU,” Mr. Myasnikovich said. According to ... COVID-19 pandemic on the EAEU economies has been minimised due ... that the use of the EAEU member states’ domestic and integration ... position in the world: the EAEU share in global GDP may ...

EAEU , economy , Myasnikovich

Lukashenko to take part in EAEU online summit

... its work online, gathering the EAEU heads of state, presidents of ... global climate agenda of the EAEU. In turn, transition to the ... and petroleum products of the EAEU and personnel issues will be ...

eaeu , summit

Myasnikovich: unmanned technologies are a promising avenue

... for co-operation within the EAEU and BelAZ has become a ...

EEC , EAEU , Myasnikovich

EAEU mutual trade up

... of mutual trade in the EAEU total turnover amounted to 14 ... informed. She added that all EAEU member states have registered a ... ). Armenia’s supplies to the EAEU market have increased by almost ...

economy , EEC , EAEU

Supreme Eurasian Economic Council to meet online

... online, with participation of the EAEU heads of state, presidents of ... are on the agenda. “The EAEU heads of state will be ... tariff formation in the common EAEU gas market and establishment of ... me remind you that the EAEU common energy markets should be ... focus on issues of the EAEU global climate agenda. They plan ...

EEC , economy , EAEU

Slepnev: EAEU summit in Minsk to focus on climate agenda

... : www.eurasiancommission.org "The EAEU summit will take place in ...

eaeu , climate

Eurasian Reinsurance Company to be created in EAEU

... and foreign trade in the EAEU,” she said, adding that the ...

eaeu , insurance

Eurasian Economic Commission Council adopted technical regulation on safety of products intended for civil defence

... EEC Council has adopted the EAEU Technical Regulation: On Safety of ... the first time in the EAEU, the technical regulation establishes uniform ... on the territory of the EAEU member states. “Implementation of the ...

EAEU , emergency

Passenger transportation within EAEU to be soon resumed

One of the EAEU priority tasks is to fully ... of the Population of the EAEU, the issue of COVID-19 ...

EAEU , transport

Energy markets to be unified

... .eec.eaeunion.org Previously, the EAEU heads of state agreed on ... and petroleum products in the EAEU will become a new important ... by the Treaty on the EAEU. It is planned that the ...

EAEU , energy

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