Lukashenko: EAEU ready to consider establishment of free trade zone with any state

... free trade zones and the EAEU, we are considering all applications ... free trade zone as the EAEU, to borrow this practice?” At ... , according to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the EAEU has something to pay attention ... in the Union State. “The EAEU should, in turn, borrow from ... regard. I think that the EAEU should follow this path. Moreover ... our Union State, which the EAEU lacks. I think these are ... to be seen by the EAEU and adopted from the Union ...

Lukashenko , President , EAEU

Kochanova: Belarus will promote SDGs at SCO, BRICS, EAEU and CIS platforms

... consolidating through the SCO, BRICS, EAEU, and CIS. “Many countries are ...

kochanova , Belarus , SDGs , SCO , BRICS , EAEU , CIS

In 2023, Belarus saw EAEU’s biggest growth in industrial production

... ,” noted the EEC. In general, EAEU’s industrial production last year ...


Belarus’ PM on EAEU digital development priorities

... noted by Mr. Golovchenko, the EAEU member states are aware of ...

Golovchenko , eaeu , digital development

Petrishenko: conditions for EAEU Court’s work created in Belarus, and their improvement will continue

... of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), and their improvement will continue ... swearing-in ceremony of the EAEU Court judges “We have ... to the positions of the EAEU Court judges. Aleksei Dronov ... was elected Chair of the EAEU Court at its plenary ... , the development of the EAEU and full implementation of the ... adopted by states within the EAEU are strictly observed, thus contributing ... serve the interests of the EAEU and strengthening Eurasian integration. I ... for the benefit of the EAEU, as well as at protecting ...

EAEU , court , Petrishenko , swearing-in ceremony

Lavrov: Union State is flagship of Eurasian Economic Union

... is being done in the EAEU to ensure the security of ... for further work of the EAEU," the Russian Foreign Minister ...

lavrov , Union State , EAEU

Belarus saw EAEU’s biggest growth in industrial production

... year, the volume of the EAEU industrial production stood at 103 ... January-November 2023 in the EAEU across farms of all categories ... milk was recorded in all EAEU member states (excluding data for ...

EAEU , Belarus , industrial production , EEC

Opinion: no clear-headed politician will withdraw a country from EAEU

... withdraw their countries from the EAEU, because they take into ... main point that makes the EAEU attractive to the participating ... countries, “The EAEU is also about politics, but ... from the participation in the EAEU. No clear-headed politician ... withdraw his country from the EAEU. All countries have benefited, ... state of all the EAEU countries in general and ... to Mr. Belyaev, the EAEU also faces problems – and this ... digitalisation of trade, “The EAEU is a flexible association that ...

eaeu , Belyaev , opinion

Shpilevskaya: Lukashenko’s entire presidency is a story of peace and creation

... single economic space within the EAEU. The trade turnover of the ... EAEU member states is growing, with ... , it is clear that the EAEU is the future. The CIS ...

Shpilevskaya , President , Belarus , CIS , EAEU

‘The EAEU should become one of the global poles of economic attraction’

... Pavel Bednyakov/TASS During the EAEU summit, the Presidents of Belarus ... extent significant. Next year the EAEU will celebrate its tenth anniversary ... . The EAEU has already proven its effectiveness ... about the prospects of the EAEU as follows, “Very good. ... the summit, noting that the EAEU has much more opportunities, since ... the integration potentials of the EAEU, SCO, BRICS. It is necessary ... the competitiveness of goods from EAEU member states and thereby increase ...

Lukashenko , EAEU , CIS , summit

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade: EAEU-Iran agreement will create huge synergies for all our countries

... trade agreement signed between the EAEU and Iran on December 25 ... in the light of the EAEU agreement signed with Iran, “I ... presidents and officials of the EAEU member states and to congratulate ... of co-operation between the EAEU member states will guarantee this ...

iran , EAEU

Aleinik: EAEU becoming increasingly attractive for many regions of Global South and Global East

... Aleinik told reporters following the EAEU summit in St. Petersburg When ... the documents signed following the EAEU summit, the Foreign Minister noted ... the interim results of the EAEU’s activities over ten years ... industrial and agricultural goods. The EAEU has become absolutely self-sufficient ... Therefore, in every sense, the EAEU is demonstrating positive trends in ... technological sovereignty of both the EAEU as a whole and its ... and develop our integration. The EAEU is becoming today increasingly attractive ...

Aleinik , EAEU

Cuban President: development of relations with all EAEU states is a priority for us

... and partnership relations with the EAEU countries. In the same way ... .” Addressing the presidents of the EAEU countries, the Cuban leader said ...

cuba , EAEU

EAEU leaders adopted declaration on union further development until 2030 and for the period until 2045

... active international positioning of the EAEU,” the President of Belarus said ... range of sceptics regarding the EAEU prospects, since the adopted document ... sci-tech potential of the EAEU; the strengthening of the production ... ; the development of the EAEU’s internal market and expansion ... of export opportunities. The EAEU leaders discussed the main directions ... of the EAEU’s international activities for ... competitiveness of goods from the EAEU member states and thereby increase ...

Lukashenko , EAEU , declaration

Lukashenko advocates giving dynamics to North-South transport corridor project

... the transport connectivity of the EAEU with actively developing markets of ... of special importance within the EAEU Photo: www.president.gov.by ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko on financial support for co-operation in EAEU: criteria for selection of projects developed and approved

... considers it important that the EAEU countries are guided not only ... active international positioning of the EAEU,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. According to ... at the expense of the EAEU budget. “It's a good ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko believes EAEU could become one of global poles of economic attraction

... the declaration – which determines the EAEU development goals until 2030 and ... Belarus noted that comparing the EAEU with such large associations as ... our member states in the EAEU have more opportunities, since the ... the Main Directions for the EAEU International Activities for 2024 approved ... of international positioning of the EAEU and international activities of the ... an observer state under the EAEU, making more efforts towards the ... the integration potentials of the EAEU, SCO, and BRICS. Moreover, it ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko named EAEU main achievement at summit in St. Petersburg

... of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) over the past years photo ... Russian side, presiding over the EAEU bodies this year, maintained a ... on the results of the EAEU’s work over the ... with all its drawbacks). The EAEU’s trade turnover with external ... According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, the EAEU maintains a high level of ... types of food products, “The EAEU member states are ranked second ... the very beginning of the EAEU’s functioning, there was a ... co-ordinated work within the EAEU, the imbalance has been eliminated ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko is confident that EAEU is capable of becoming centre of economic attraction for other countries

... before the start of the EAEU summit in St. Petersburg today ... he is confident that the EAEU is capable of becoming a ... countries When asked about the EAEU prospects, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted, “They ... the trade turnover in the EAEU, and its GDP now makes ... own policy. “Here [in the EAEU], there is more unity. There ... free trade zone with the EAEU. “We should also be such ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

Lukashenko taking part in EAEU summit in St. Petersburg

... of integration processes in the EAEU, international activities, macroeconomic policy, work ... exemptions and restrictions on the EAEU internal market. Also among the ... Commission, the chairmanship in the EAEU bodies. In accordance with the ... EAEU Treaty, the chairmanship is carried ... of the goods of the EAEU member states and thereby increase ...

Lukashenko , EAEU

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