Zas: threats to security of the state and society are still topical

... burning – as stated by the CSTO Secretary General, Stanislav Zas, at ... remain relevant, including for the CSTO member states. “Among them are ...

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CSTO to discuss measures for neutralisation of threats to its members

A session of the CSTO Committee of Secretaries of Security ... – will be attended by the CSTO Secretary General, Stanislav Zas. Measures ... challenges and threats for the CSTO member states will be discussed ... forces and means of the CSTO collective security system for 2023 ... Secretaries of Security Councils,” the CSTO message reads. Earlier, Stanislav Zas ... that the situation around the CSTO perimeter remains tense.

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Makei: CSTO needs to be able to respond to daily challenges and threats

... post-Soviet space, including the CSTO members. These include global challenges ... Mr. Makei stressed that the CSTO foreign ministers believe the organisation ... among other things, against the CSTO. The number of NATO troops ... plan of consultations of the CSTO representatives on foreign policy, defence ... issues was adopted by the CSTO foreign ministers. It expresses deep ... the expense of others. The CSTO foreign ministers advocate further strengthening ... , the meeting of the CSTO Council of Foreign Ministers in ...

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Andreichenko: degree of threats to CSTO increased significantly

... degree of threats to the CSTO member states has increased significantly ... of Representatives, Vladimir Andreichenko, at CSTO PA Council meeting in Yerevan ... present. “A meeting of the CSTO member states’ heads was held ... degree of threats to the CSTO member states has increased significantly ... collective efforts to strengthen the CSTO mechanisms, as well as mutual ...

Andreichenko , CSTO

CSTO enjoys tremendous opportunities, its Secretary General says

... TV channel, Stanislav Zas, the CSTO Secretary General, noted the organisation ... come a long way. The CSTO is now an established, international ... well,” Mr. Zas said. The CSTO Secretary General stressed, “Actually, we ...

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While implementing its strategy, NATO will try to find gaps in CSTO defence, expert believes

... the entire perimeter of the CSTO borders. “While implementing its strategy ... perimeter of the borders [of CSTO member states]. In the long ... potential pressure points on the CSTO, including Belarus and Russia, are ... is extremely important that we [CSTO members] can stop these threats ...

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Strength in unity

... the summit to strengthen the CSTO. “A time for redividing the ... that the members of the CSTO are together and are still ... national air carriers of other CSTO member states to them comes ... organisation. In their statement, the CSTO leaders reaffirmed their determination to ... the side-lines of the CSTO summit in Moscow, the presidents ...

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Rachkov: it’s important to support Syrian Parliament’s desire to obtain observer status at CSTO PA

... of Belarus, member of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly’s Standing Commission ... a joint meeting of the CSTO PA Standing Commission. The members ... an observer status at the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly. Expressing the position ... obtain observer status at the CSTO PA, “The Syrian Parliament declares ...

Rachkov , CSTO

Belarus’ military official explains difference between CSTO and NATO

... the main advantage of the CSTO is that it fully meets ... towards both China and the CSTO states. The defensive component is ... . Revenko added, “As regards the CSTO, it is true – simply look ... an essential difference between the CSTO and the NATO bloc.”

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Avdonin: CSTO protects financial, economic and industrial interests of our states

... TV channel, saying that the CSTO should be viewed not only ... clash between NATO and the CSTO, they are usually viewed as ... realise their interests.” Speaking about CSTO prospects, Avdonin decided to focus ... out through such military blocs. CSTO is the core of this ...

Avdonin , CSTO , NATO

CSTO confirmed readiness to co-operate with NATO

... a statement adopted by the CSTO Collective Security Council at Moscow ... . At the same time, the CSTO Collective Security Council stated that ... , hatred and intolerance," the CSTO leaders stressed in their statement.


Zas: attempts to drive a wedge between CSTO states will fail

... drive a wedge between the CSTO member states will lead nowhere ... only strengthen – as stated by CSTO Secretary General Stanislav Zas after ... after this meeting,” underlined the CSTO Secretary General.

Zas , CSTO

Putin named CSTO primary task

During the meeting of the CSTO heads of state in Moscow, ... intensifying the activities of the CSTO and its governing structures. We ... the issues of equipping the CSTO collective forces with modern weapons ... operation in Kazakhstan testifies to CSTO’s maturity.

Putin , CSTO

Lukashenko: Ukraine fully subordinate to West

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, during today’s CSTO meeting in Moscow, BelTA reports ...

Lukashenko , csto , Ukraine

CSTO lacks unity, Belarus’ President believes

... leader noted during today’s CSTO summit in Moscow, “In conditions ... people are especially important. The CSTO member states showed solidarity of ... to assert now that the CSTO members are together and are ... over a ban of certain CSTO partners on flights of national ... is being exerted on the CSTO allies. “But collective mutual support ...

Lukashenko , CSTO

Belarus’ President suggests CSTO to follow Chinese path in information struggle

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, proposed the CSTO member states to follow the ... at a meeting of the CSTO leaders in Russia today, BelTA ... the potential of the 2017 CSTO agreement on co-operation in ... security and actively promote the CSTO in social networks, which are ... ministries, special services and the CSTO secretariat.

Lukashenko , CSTO

Lukashenko: West and US want to prolong conflict in Ukraine as much as possible

... today’s meeting of the CSTO leaders, BelTA reports “We expected ...

Lukashenko , CSTO

Lukashenko: external forces aim to undermine stability in post-Soviet space

... , during a meeting of the CSTO leaders today, BelTA reports “Back ...

Lukashenko , CSTO

Lukashenko: unipolar system of world order is becoming thing of the past

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, at today’s CSTO summit in Moscow, BelTA reports ... and peaceful position of the CSTO looks like a contrast," ...

Lukashenko , CSTO

Lukashenko to take part in CSTO summit today

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, will take part in the Meeting of Leaders of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation member states in Moscow today, BelTA reports Photo: www.belta.by The event is timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Collective Security Treaty and the 20th anniversary of the association itself. As previously reported by the Belarusian leader’s press service, apart from the anniversary-related aspects, the heads of state will ...

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