Tasmagambetov: CSTO stands for independent, unified and peaceful Afghanistan

... of the United Nations for Afghanistan, Head of the UN Assistance ... Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) at the Secretariat of ... and for the reintegration of Afghanistan into an international community. She ... states advocate the establishment of Afghanistan as an independent, unified and ...

csto , Afghanistan , Tasmagambetov

Expert said US started Ukraine conflict so that its shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan would fade into background

... of the United States from Afghanistan – as noted by political scientist ... . After its shameful failure in Afghanistan and disgraceful withdrawal, the US ...

US , Ukraine , Afghanistan , Biden , politics

Prince Harry admits he killed 25 people in Afghanistan

... during his military service in Afghanistan, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... Harry served two terms in Afghanistan. “I could always tell exactly ...

Celebrities , uk , Afghanistan , Prince Harry

China urged the US to take responsibility for Afghanistan’s reconstruction

... should take full responsibility for Afghanistan’s reconstruction after the failure ... Moscow format of consultations on Afghanistan. He said that the United ... the source of difficulties that Afghanistan is facing today. “It is ... the strengthening and reconstruction of Afghanistan," the Chinese diplomat noted ... to stop unilateral sanctions against Afghanistan and return all the funds ...

china , usa , Afghanistan

Russia signed deal with the Taliban on supplies of fuel and grain to Afghanistan

A deal between Russia and Afghanistan on the supply of fuel, ... of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan, the Director of the Foreign ... of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan, Haji Nuruddin Azizi – said the ...

Afghanistan , russia , taliban

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry expressed condolences to relatives and friends of Russian diplomats killed in Kabul

In its official Twitter account, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry has expressed sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the Russian diplomats killed as a result of a terrorist attack in Kabul "We grieve with you," the message reads. As a result of today’s explosion near the building of the Russian diplomatic mission in Kabul, two embassy employees were killed. Details of the incident are being clarified.

foreign ministry , belarus , russia , Afghanistan , terrorist attack

The Taliban banned mining and circulation of cryptocurrencies in Afghanistan

The Central Bank of Afghanistan – which is controlled by the ...

Afghanistan , cryptocurrency

Shoigu: Russia increases combat readiness of its bases in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan due to situation in Afghanistan

... with the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan – as stated by Russian Defence ... , the situation currently observed in Afghanistan is still a serious challenge ... at resolving the situation in Afghanistan. Moreover, the Russian Federation is ...

Russia , Afghanistan , Shoigu

Lukashenko sent condolences to people of Afghanistan over earthquake victims

... condolences to the people of Afghanistan in connection with numerous human ...

Lukashenko , Afghanistan , condolences

Solve problems through kindness

... equals. We need to help Afghanistan... The problem should be solved ... are interested in a stable Afghanistan. With this in view, Aleksandr ... the problems that exist in Afghanistan today are to be solved ... to solve the problems in Afghanistan by force for 30 years ... equals. We need to help Afghanistan.” The President added, “However, we ... , offering various ways of helping Afghanistan. We should not impose our ...

SCO-CSTO , Lukashenko , Afghanistan

To run away from horror — to end up in a nightmare

Poles have left Afghanistan’s citizens to slowly die ... his companions in misfortune fled Afghanistan about a month ago. They ... planes in the airspace of Afghanistan. Back at home these future ... go next? TO ACT PROACTIVELY Afghanistan and the possible threats associated ...


CSTO: responding to challenges together

... to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Here the position of ... are practically all concentrated around Afghanistan, and there are their ... of the future authorities of Afghanistan. It will be impossible ... an inclusive peace dialogue in Afghanistan. This is stated in ... deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan. They stressed the importance ... restoration of state power in Afghanistan through inclusive peaceful dialogue, taking ... sustainability of any government in Afghanistan’. By Dmitry Kryat, Dmitry ...

Lukashenko , President , CSTO , Afghanistan

Lukashenko: on situation in Afghanistan

... commented on the situation in Afghanistan, stating, “It’s a topical ... on what is happening in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the situation must be ... the President, the situation in Afghanistan, at first glance, is a ... not see the situation in Afghanistan so deeply. Therefore, it is ... to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. "In this respect, the ...

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