Posted: 29.09.2022 10:19:00

Russia signed deal with the Taliban on supplies of fuel and grain to Afghanistan

A deal between Russia and Afghanistan on the supply of fuel, petrol, liquified natural gas and grain has been approved, details are currently being discussed – as informed by the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Afghanistan, the Director of the Foreign Ministry’s Second Asian Department, Zamir Kabulov, RIA Novosti reports


Answering the relevant question of the agency, Mr. Kabulov said, “Yes.”

Earlier, the Reuters news agency – with reference to the Acting Minister of Trade and Industry of Afghanistan, Haji Nuruddin Azizi – said the Taliban had signed a preliminary deal with the Russian Federation for the supply of petrol, diesel fuel, gas and grain.

Haji Nuruddin Azizi said then that, under the deal, Russia will supply about one million tonnes of petrol, the same amount of diesel fuel, as well as 500,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas and two million tonnes of wheat annually. He did not disclose details about prices and payment methods.