Media: Japan, China, S. Korea to hold trilateral summit in late May

... economic co-operation at the summit.

Japan , China , South Korea , summit

NATO presented plans for summer summit in US in 2024

At the upcoming summer summit in the United States, NATO ... peoples. “At this year's summit in Washington, we will make ...

nato , summit

‘The EAEU should become one of the global poles of economic attraction’

... of CIS leaders Before the summit, Russian President Vladimir Putin warmly ... Bednyakov/TASS During the EAEU summit, the Presidents of Belarus, Russia ... Yeltsin Presidential Library, where the summit took place. Media representatives were ... , Yerevan has recently distanced itself somewhat from its allies. Nikol Pashinyan ... participate in the November CSTO summit in Minsk, and in October ... he missed the CIS summit in Bishkek. Until recently, it ... belta Main results of the summit ► The Heads of State ...

Lukashenko , EAEU , CIS , summit

EAEU and CIS summits in St. Petersburg: possible results

... St. Petersburg. This historic Synod building on Senate Square is ... intrigue of the St. Petersburg summit was whether Armenian Prime Minister ... and he missed the CIS summit in Bishkek in October. Meanwhile ... Lukashenko said at the May summit in Moscow. More than ... be discussed at today's summit in St. Petersburg, and ... the results of today’s summit, several important decisions and documents ... the Commonwealth at the CIS summit in Bishkek this year. ... his speech at the CIS summit in Bishkek, Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

EAEU , cis , summit , President

Lukashenko arrived in Russia on working visit

... Council in St. Petersburg. The summit agenda includes more than two ... and investment liaisons. The EAEU summit will be held at the ... of St. Petersburg. This historic Synod building on Senate Square is ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , President , summit

Kochanova on Lukashenko's speech at World Climate Action Summit: he did something that others would never have dared to

... at the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai did not leave ... of the World Climate Action Summit. Actually, in his appeal to ... in the World Climate Action Summit is fundamentally important: it demonstrates ...

kochanova , Lukashenko , climate , summit

MP: it’s time for the world to hear Belarus’ President and stop financing wars

... , at the Word Climate Action Summit in the UAE is actually ...

Lukashenko , summit , opinion

Date of summit of EU heads and China announced

... Ministry has announced that the summit of the European Union and ... ask Xi Jinping at the summit to influence the thirteen Chinese ...

china , eu , summit

MP: Lukashenko proposed mechanisms at CSTO Summit to create civilised balance of power on the planet

... recently held CSTO Summit “Speaking about the CSTO Summit held in Minsk ... understands the reasons of the summit perfectly well, as well as ... proposed mechanisms at the CSTO Summit in Minsk for creating a ... .” Mr. Utkin summarised, “The CSTO Summit effectively coped with current tasks ...

utkin , Lukashenko , summit , CSTO

Lukashenko calmly reacted to Pashinyan's refusal to attend CSTO Summit in Minsk

... agenda of the upcoming CSTO Summit. It is not the first ... October, he missed the CIS Summit in Bishkek. Ms. Eismont said ...

Lukashenko , pashinyan , summit , csto

Belarusian diplomat taking part in first ever African Climate Summit

... the first ever African Climate Summit held under the patronage of ...

summit , Belarus , africa

The world is changing

... again confirmed by the BRICS summit. From August 22nd to ... Republic, hosted the 15th summit of one of the largest ... the guests at the current summit is the Belarusian delegation ... during his speech at the summit. The President of South ... the eve and during the summit, the problems of settlements ... Belarusian delegation went to the summit in South Africa led ... platforms, “Participation in the BRICS summit solves several problems. Belarusian diplomacy ... The economic agenda of the summit fully meets the goals of ...

BRICS , summit , world , Belarus , G7 , economy , politics

NATO: fight to the last...

... guarantees for itself The NATO summit in Vilnius, a month before ... NATO The fatefulness of the summit in Vilnius, about which the ... on the results of the summit as ‘a trade in Ukraine ... the second day of the summit, the Senior Director of the ... interpret the fact that the summit included a separate line mentioning ... the statement of the Vilnius summit, one can state that there ... channels of communication. The NATO summit declared a new cold war ... Belarus, the results of the summit demonstrated the correctness of the ...

nato , summit , Vilnius , arms supplies , security guarantees , Ukraine

Almost fifty countries ready to participate in Russia-Africa Summit

... participation in the Russia-Africa Summit from forty-nine countries – as ... confirmed their participation in the summit, more than half of African ... West’. The 2nd Russia-Africa summit and economic forum are scheduled ...

Russia , Africa , summit

Estonian PM: EU should use frozen Russian assets to restore Ukraine

... , upon arrival at the EU summit, said that EU taxpayers should ... her arrival at the EU summit, which was supposed to discuss ... media that by the EU summit, the European Commission and the ...

EU , Estonia , Russia , Ukraine , assets , summit

Putin: EAEU worked effectively this year and continued to develop consistently

In the context of global market volatility and the unfavourable world political situation, the Eurasian Economic Union took timely and effective measures to stabilise the macroeconomic situation in our countries and to improve a number of important development indicators – as stated by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, at a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, held today in Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) Photo: The Russian leader noted, “This year, ...

EAEU , summit , Putin , Bishkek

Putin: world is becoming truly multipolar, and Asia’s role is significant

... Vladimir Putin at the sixth summit of the Conference on Interaction ...

putin , astana , summit

‘Do not worry, everything will be all right’

... , took part in an informal summit of the Heads of State ... . Aleksandr Lukashenko arrived at the summit in a Russian AURUS car ... it was emphasised, the current summit in St. Petersburg is a ... an hour after an informal summit in St. Petersburg. Based on ...

CIS , summit

G7 summit in Germany the most unsuccessful in recent years, media report

The G7 summit, chaired by Germany, was the ... between the participants of the summit. Moreover, after the meeting it ... in Ukraine. The next G7 summit will be held in May ...

G7 , summit

Integration initiatives by Belarus

... . Photo by BELTA The online summit focused on the economic aspects ... .” At the end of the summit, the participants approved a statement ... the gas issue after the summit at the request of journalists ...

EAEU , Belarus , Integration , summit

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